Is an R1 for you?

by Guest February 13, 2017

This post is from an anonymous professor who has served as the chair of a faculty hiring committee. I recently completed the experience of serving as a hiring committee chair for a research university. I hope you’ll consider advice from this hiring committee chair (to be considered in complement with many other similar pieces of […]


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Rumor Mill Update: 2016

by Danny Barringer September 7, 2016

Now that we’ve begun a new academic year, the AstroBetter Rumor Mill has been wiped clean in preparation for another year of job searching. You can find the Faculty and Staff Rumor Mill page here, and the Postdoc and Term Rumor Mill page here. Happy job hunting everyone!


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Nailing the Tech Interview

by Jess K December 2, 2013

Cross-posted from Women in Astronomy A year ago, I made the transition from astrophysicist to data scientist. One of the harder parts of making the transition was convincing a tech company (during the interview process) that I could do the job. Having now been on both sides of the interview table, I’d like to share some […]


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Astronomy vs. Data Science

by Jess K February 4, 2013

In response to my last post about the transition from Astronomer to Data Scientist many readers wanted to know the pros and cons of academia versus tech.  In the below post I outline a few of the major differences between these career paths.  Obviously, there is a lot of variety in individual companies, institutions, and experiences — […]


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