Publishing in the AAS Journals: A Video Series

by Joanna Bridge May 15, 2019

Publishing a scholarly journal article, particularly if it is the first time you are doing it, can feel overwhelming. In order to demystify the process, the American Astronomical Society has recently released a set of videos on YouTube to guide you through the process of publishing in the AAS Journals. These ~5-minute videos provide insight […]


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Are we publishing unreliable research?

by Chris Crockett December 6, 2013

Publish or perish. Like it or not, prolific paper publishing dictates academic career success.  The quest to get the grant, land that postdoc, achieve tenure means that the necessary dirty work of science—replication—often gets brushed under the carpet. The Economist recently published an article—Unreliable research: Trouble at the lab—that looks at just how bad scientists […]


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