Not What We Want

by Kelle October 10, 2012

This email, supposedly sent to the grad students at a widely known Astronomy Dept, has been making the rounds and needs to be discussed. You can read for yourself the ten-point manifesto, but the most offensive points to me include, Not only should you work 80–100 hours a week, you should WANT to. If you […]


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Study on Interactive Lecture in Physics Courses Slammed by NY Times

by Kelle May 13, 2011

I’m turning into an interactive lecture evangelist. I’m not the best advocate since I was raised in the faith, rather than converting, but I’ve still been seriously trying to convince my physics colleagues and the adjuncts who teach our evening and summer Astro101 to add just at least a bit of student-centered learning to each […]


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What’s the Point of the AAS Meeting?

by Kelle October 5, 2010

Nic posted this comment on the “What’s your status?” post and I think it’s controversial enough to be its own post: “IMHO”, simply put, the AAS is the most energy (flight) intensive, least scientifically productive meeting in the the Astronomy community by, I would suggest, at least a couple of orders of magnitude. Do you, […]


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