How to Make Awesome Latex Tables

by Jess K September 13, 2013

Sometimes the normal tables in LaTeX just don’t do it for you.  You want to do something fancier or customize the table in a way that you just can’t do using the normal tabular environment.  This is why I like using the Deluxetable style in latex.  Deluxetable makes tables that are more flexible, and overall […]


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How to easily create, read, write and manipulate tables and databases in Python with ATpy and asciitable

by Tom September 6, 2010

With the release of ATpy 0.9.4 and asciitable 0.2.4, it’s about time we told our readers how incredibly easy it is to create, read, write, and manipulate tables and databases of data in Python!   Most, if not all of us have to manage tabular data at one point or another, and it is safe […]


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