8/1 Links from the Editor

by Danny Barringer August 1, 2014

Hello everyone, this is your content manager speaking. Since Fridays aren’t usually very active over here on AstroBetter, I’ve decided to try sharing some interesting links and stories that I’ve come across over the past week or so. I think I’ll try putting one of these together roughly every two weeks, unless there’s a lot […]


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Terminal bake-off

by Jane June 10, 2011

Linux and OS X users:  what terminal do you use, and why? Choices include (but are not limited to) xterm, iterm2, & Terminal. I suspect that many of use the defaults because they’re the default. I’m one of them. Please tell me what I’m missing. Update—Kelle took the liberty of adding a poll:


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iTerm2: The successor to the terminal on OSX

by Eli April 27, 2011

In the Linux environment we have the terminal program that comes packed with loads of features. For example, if you were in /home/name/to/directory and created a tab, that new tab would be in the same directory. Most Linux users would say “so what?” OSX’s terminal does not have that capability and can be quite tedious […]


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Links: CV Tips, Practice Not Using Jargon, Desk Layouts, and More.

by Kelle September 17, 2010

Creating and Maintaining Your CV | ProfHacker Added to the Job Hunting section of the AstroBetter Wiki. To tweet or not to tweet? | Research Information Network I think that, by far, the best use of Twitter that as emerged for researchers is for sharing thoughts at conferences. White Students Are Minority of Frosh at […]


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Customizing your xTerm and Terminal: I. Color

by saurav August 25, 2010

As our eyes spend most of our days looking at the xTerminal (xTerm, xgTerm, uxTerm, or Terminal.app) any relief is always welcome. Unfortunately, the default for the xTerminal (or most applications) is black text on white background which means you are staring at white, i.e., light, most of the time. In addition, your eyes have […]


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