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Conference Hashtags and Tweet Archives


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IAU General Assembly, Beijing, August 2012

  • #IAUGA: IAU General Assembly. Twitter feed, Twitter stats
  • #IAUS288: Astrophysics from Antarctica
  • #IAUS289: Advancing the physics of cosmic distances
  • #IAUS290: Feeding compact objects: Accretion on all scales
  • #IAUS291: Neutron stars and pulsars: Challenges and opportunities after 80 years
  • #IAUS292: Molecular gas, dust, and star formation in galaxies
  • #IAUS293: Formation, detection, and characterization of extrasolar habitable planets
  • #IAUS294: Solar and astrophysical dynamos and magnetic activity
  • #IAUS295: The intriguing life of massive galaxies
  • #SpS1: Origin and complexity of massive star clusters
  • #SpS2: Cosmic evolution of groups and clusters of galaxies
  • #SpS3: Galaxy evolution through secular processes
  • #SpS4: New era for studying interstellar and intergalactic magnetic fields
  • #SpS5: The IR view of massive stars: The main sequence and beyond
  • #SpS6: Science with large solar telescopes
  • #SpS7: The impact hazard: Current activities and future plans
  • #SpS8: Calibration of star-formation rate measurements across the electromagnetic spectrum
  • #SpS9: Future large scale facilities
  • #SpS10: Dynamics of the star-planet relations
  • #SpS11: IAU Strategic Plan and the Global Office of Astronomy for Development
  • #SpS12: Modern views of the interstellar medium
  • #SpS13: High-precision tests of stellar physics from high-precision photometry
  • #SpS14: Communicating astronomy with the public for scientists
  • #SpS15: Data intensive astronomy
  • #SpS16: Unexplained spectral phenomena in the interstellar medium
  • #SpS17: Light pollution: Protecting astronomical sites and increasing global awareness through education
  • #SpS18: Hot topics
  • #JD1: The highest-energy gamma-ray universe observed with Cherenkov telescope arrays
  • #JD2: Very massive stars in the local universe
  • #JD3: 3-D views of the cycling Sun in stellar context
  • #JD4: Ultraviolet emission in early-type galaxies
  • #JD5: From meteors and metories to their parent bodies: Current status and future developments
  • #JD6: The connection between radio properties and high-energy emission in AGNs
  • #JD7: Space-time reference systems for future research


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