Equal Opportunity Astronomy: Articles & Resources

Below are resources that Astronomers might find useful to learn more about the topic of Diversity and Equity in STEM.  This includes resources geared towards a general audience as well as scientists, and astronomers specifically.  Just like astronomy, a great deal of research has been done in this area of social science and social justice, and self-motivated education and literature research are essential to being an educated colleague and ally.  This page can be a great resource for you to learn about some of that research, and share research you've found enlightening.  The page highlights some scholarly and some popular resources but of course cannot be exhaustive.  These resources should act as an entry point into a rich body of discourse.  Below we have split various links into categories, from the basics to topical discussions.

Note: Many of the links below are written by and for a US-based audience, but it is not the intent of this page to focus on US-only Equal Opportunity efforts.  We welcome diverse perspectives and contributions on equal opportunity topics from anywhere in the world.

Diversity 101: The Basics

Why is this topic important and relevent to astronomy? What are some of the basic terms I'll encounter as I learn about equal opportunity efforts in general?

Show me the Data: Statistics & Studies on Under-Representation

On Race & White Privilege

On Gender Disparity & Sexism

On Intersectionality


On Ableism and Disability Justice

On Classism

On Being Privileged and how to be a good Ally

On Education

What to do!


Teaching Equity Concepts in the Astro|Physics Classroom

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