August 2012

The Brown Dwarf Converter App for iOS

by Guest August 20, 2012

This is a guest post by Jonathan Gagné at Université de Montréal. Jonathan is a graduate student under direction of René Doyon and David Lafrenière. His research topics include the search for young brown dwarfs in the solar neighborhood and the development of methods for direct exoplanet imaging. When working with low-mass stars and brown […]


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Let’s Discuss the NSF Portfolio Review Report

by Kelle August 17, 2012

In short, there’s not enough money allocated to the US National Science Foundation (NSF) to do everything the US astronomical community wants to do so some things need to go. In order to figure out what to cut, the NSF commissioned a “Portfolio Review” committee to take a good hard look. Yesterday, the result of […]


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OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: What Has Changed?

by saurav August 13, 2012

We are almost three weeks into the era of Mountain Lion, so it is a good time to talk about the new cat and what changes it has brought about for us. Which of the 200+ features that Apple talked about are actually useful? What has been made easier? Or which software no longer works? […]


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Practicing for phone interviews

by Jane August 8, 2012

Let’s talk about phone interviews. Whether you’re to be interviewed by a reporter about your recent press release or by a prospective employer, you can employ the same preparation strategy. I learned this strategy in a media training class*, so I’ll talk first about media interviews, then how to adapt the method for job interviews. Here’s […]


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The Road Less Traveled: Organizing Discussions of Non-Academic Career Paths

by Guest August 6, 2012

Johanna Teske is finishing her fourth year as an Astronomy graduate student at the University of Arizona, Steward Observatory. Her science research focuses on observing and modeling exoplanet atmospheres, studying in particular their (compositional) relationship to the atmospheres of their host-star. She also dabbles in education research, studying on how science fits into the worldview […]


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What discoveries are worthy of a press release? [Ask Astrobetter]

by Jane August 1, 2012

What sorts of discoveries do y’all think are worth writing a press release? Sometimes it’s obvious — an earth-mass planet in the habitable zone with spectral signatures of water and chlorine (sorry, watching too much Olympic swimming). But what about most of the time? What rises to the level of a press release? Just pretty […]


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