September 2012

Is emulateapj worth the trouble?

by saurav September 19, 2012

Do you use the emulateapj style file when submitting to astro-ph or circulating drafts to your co-authors? Or do you find it to be a nuisance? I have been informally asking this question at conferences (and otherwise) for a few months now and have encountered a mixed response.  A plurality seems to prefer papers in […]


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Parental Leave Wiki Here on AstroBetter

by Laura Trouille September 17, 2012

Nick Murphy (CfA), Laura Trouille (Northwestern University & Adler Planetarium), and Emily Freeland (Oskar Klein Centre) have a new post on the parental leave wiki they created within the AstroBetter resource pages. Parental Leave Wiki on AstroBetter  –   Women in Astronomy For additional information on parental leave policies, also see previous CSWA* blog posts on the upcoming winter AAS […]


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Permanent Jobs Elusive for Recent PhDs [Link]

by Jessica Lu September 13, 2012

Jessica Kirkpatrick (UC Berkeley) has an interesting post on a recent study by the American Institute of Physics analyzing the types of employment obtained for new physics/astro PhDs: Permanent Jobs Elusive for Recent PhDs – Women in Astronomy


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