Add Symbols and Equations to IDL Figures with LaTeX and PSfrag

by saurav January 4, 2011

While IDL does support math equations and symbols—often made easier by routines like and—the results are not aesthetically pleasing. One particular instance that has annoyed many of us astronomers has been the sunsymbol (⦿). The available solutions are not ideal: the dot inside the circle is off-center in, the vertical alignment is […]


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Links: AAS Tweets Rundown, Screen Sharing, Wave FAQ, and more.

by Kelle January 15, 2010

MacBook Generations, alternate view, by Robert S. Donovan. via TUAW. Tweets from the 215th meeting of the AAS | Douglas Burke Word clouds from the tweets. Fine, just #aas next time. MIT Pledges to Improve Conditions for Minority Faculty Members | ScienceInsider Mac OS X’s application switcher does not go both ways | Finer Things […]


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Making Fonts Better in IDL Postscript Output

by Kelle April 23, 2009

We’ve all seen it before, illegible labels on a figure in a paper or talk. I don’t know how to remedy this problem in SuperMongo or other popular plotting programs, but I do in IDL. I’ve addressed the topic of postscript output on my IDL figures page but in this post I’m just going to […]


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