How to improve the AAS meeting?

by Jane on January 11, 2013

Two thousand astronomers are dragging themselves home from an exciting but exhausting 221st meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) in Long Beach.  After we’ve gotten a good night’s sleep and some strong coffee, how about we discuss what we thought worked, what didn’t and how we can improve the “Super Bowl of Astronomy”?   If we don’t capture it now, it’ll leak out of our brains…

What did the Society do well and what they can improve?  How can we as attendees improve the meeting?  Did Hack Day work?  What should we do about the last day of the meeting?  (I felt sorry for students with Thursday posters.)  What’s the right balance of career development, networking, and science?  Is the AAS meeting a respectful place that doesn’t tolerate harassment (as it aspires to be)?  If not, how do we make it one?  Are students finding the meeting enjoyable and rewarding?  Are they connecting with recruiters?  How could the exhibitor booths be improved?  What plenary talks were brilliant, and why?  Did the meeting this year have enough public visibility?

Okay, go.

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