arXivNow (beta 0.6) - A faster way to browse Astro-ph (for Mac osx 10.6  or later)

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Developed by Dr. Jason Melbourne
with Support from the California Institute of Technology
arXivNow was built to be an efficient way to browse Astro-ph. It supports keystroke browsing, filtering of articles by your chosen keywords, saving interesting articles into your database, and it tracks the days you have visited Astro-ph.  arXivNow also produces bibtex files for easy integration with Bibdesk and Latex. 

beta 0.6 (Sept. 27, 2012)

  • fixed Keywords bug

beta 0.5 (Sept. 5, 2012)

  • Original Release


Current Capabilities

  • Quickly read today’s arXiv (astro-ph) one article at a time

                  e.g. mouse click, keystrokes, or scroll

  • Write notes and keywords on articles
  • Filter arXiv on keywords in abstract or title
  • Save interesting articles into your database
  • Display the PDF of an article
  • Track the days you’ve read arXiv
  • Revisit missed days
  • Save a bibtex file of your database
  • Import an existing bibtex file 

                   e.g. put all of your articles into the database

  • Update article information from ADS 

                   e.g. update the bibtex, abstracts etc 

Future Capabilities

  • Pull arXiv for a range of days
  • Search ADS
  • Vote on VoxCharta
  • Drag and drop bibtex text into your database


Known Issues
  • Bibtex data is obtained from ADS. There is a brief period each day when the new astro-ph is posted, but ADS does not have the new articles.  During this time, arXivNow will not save the bibtex information or a citeKey.  You can update these articles later with proper bibtex information, and again a month or so later to get the journal updates.
  • Author institutions are not reported.
  • Let me know if you find something else!
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