About AstroBetter

by Kelle on February 10, 2009

This blog is intended for professional astronomers. The goal of AstroBetter is to provide information and tips about streamlining all the things we need to do Astronomy well. In addition to mac computing, our discussions include email management, paper organization, iPhone apps, and the like. In addition, we also provide methods for increasing productivity and efficiency in our self-directed work environment. It’s just too easy to focus on proposal deadlines and upcoming observing runs (and blogging) instead of actually writing papers! We scientists are not the only people with this problem and there are some really nice, motivating resources out there worth sharing.

Our intention is for this blog to be a dialog with lots of comments and readers’ personal experiences about what works for them. We want to hear from you. Could you use some advice for choosing which software to use for something (e.g., Bibdesk vs. Papers, TextMate vs. Emacs)? Did you find a better way to browse astro-ph? Or figure out a cool IDL trick that lots of people could use? Suggest a topic or offer to guest post. Together, we can make some progress towards stopping this madness of everybody re-inventing the wheel. Together, we can AstroBetter.

Comments, requests, and guest posts are welcome!

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