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Postdoc or term positions

Place/Institution (alphabetical) Matches (in boldface if accepted)
Aachen (RWTH Aachen University), 1 postdoc in astroparticle physics (w/ P. Mertsch), 1 postdoc in cosmology (w/ J. Lesgourgues; ad) Due December 17, 2016.
Australian National University (up to 10 positions with Asplund, Colless, da Cunha, Kewley, Krumholz, McClure-Griffiths, link) Due December 12, 2016.  
Center for Space and Habitability (CSH) Fellows, 3-year positions (University of Bern, Switzerland; ad) Due November 30, 2016.  At least three positions available.
Bernoulli Fellows, 4-year positions (Oxford-Bern or Heidelberg-Bern; ad) Due November 30, 2016.  At least two positions available.
Columbia University, Theoretical High Energy/Transient Astrophysics (w/ Metzger; ad) Due December 1, 2016
ESO Fellowship (Garching; ad) Due October 15, 2016

Exploration Fellowship (Arizona State University; ad)

Due November 18, 2016
Harvard University, Theoretical/Numerical Cosmology (w/ Cora Dvorkin; ad)

Due December 1, 2016

Five College Astronomy Department Research and Teaching Fellow (Amherst College, ad) Due December 1, 2016

Johns Hopkins University
Multiple postdoc positions w/ Kamionkowski, Ménard, Riess, Schlaufman (ad link)

Due December 1, 2016
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (w/ Vogelsberger; ad) Due December 31, 2016
New York University Abu Dhabi (w/Macciò; ad) Due November 30, 2016
Northwestern University, CIERA Fellowships (ad) Due December 1, 2016
Northwestern University, galaxy formation positions (w/ Faucher-Giguère; ad) Due December 1, 2016
Ohio State CCAPP (ad) Due November 14, 2016

Peking University, The Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics

(many positions available; ad)

Due November 30, 2016
Penn State, Center for Exoplanets and Habitable Worlds (w/ Fabienne Bastien, Eric Ford and/or Suvrath Mahadevan; ad) Due January 15, 2017
Penn State, Center for theoretical and observational cosmology (w/ Sarah Shandera and Donghui Jeong; ad) Due December 15, 2016

University of Bern (exoplanets, w/ Demory; ad)

Due October 31, 2016
Western Washington University (w/ Covey; ad) Due December 1, 2016
McGill Space Institute (several positions available; ad) Due November 30, 2016
University of Oklahoma (star formation, w/Tobin; ad) Due December 16, 2016
University of Zürich (Cosmology; w/Yoo; AJO#8264) Due January 1, 2017
Los Alamos National Lab - T-2 Theoretical Division (neutrinos and nuclei in the early universe; AJO#7806) Due November 21, 2016



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