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    Commentary from Europe

  • The Next Decade of Astronomy? | In the Dark
    Great comments on this one. “On a more general level, it’s not obvious how we should react when the US gives a high priority to a given mission anyway. Of course, it gives us confidence that we’re not being silly when very smart people across the Pond endorse missions and facilities similar to ones we are considering over here. However, generally speaking the Americans tend to be able to bring missions from the drawing board to completion much faster than we can in Europe.”
  • Report charts new course for US astronomy | Nature News
    “The decision to prioritize WFIRST will probably have a significant impact on a similar project, called Euclid, that is being developed by the European Space Agency. Astronomers working on Euclid were expecting some US participation, but the decadal survey now calls on the United States to play a leading part in a potential collaboration that would combine Euclid with WFIRST.
  • The Culture of Science (Thoughts on the Decadal Survey) | SarahAskew
    “Big Data got a huge vote of confidence in the Decadal Survey, with large-scale surveys topping the priority rankings for both ground- and space-based future facilities. Why are we convinced that the answer lies in the collection of more photons, the generation of more data, than we can ever dream to inspect, let alone analyse or sensibly interpret, by the current cohort of scientists? The idea that we should collect more data just because we can seems a little simplistic. Have we lost faith in imagination and creativity?”

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