Search ADS, SIMBAD, and astro-ph with Quicksilver

Since it turns out that Quicksilver will continue to be developed—and now that I’ve managed to get some breathing room from teaching, researching, and advising—I’ve been spending some time rekindling and honing my Quicksilver ninja skills. (If you need an intro, check out: Introducing Quicksilver.) In particular, I’ve got mine setup to perform searches of ADS, SIMBAD, and astro-ph. I find the ADS and SIMBAD queries to be very intuitive, astro-ph, not so much. The following actions will launch the query in your default web browser.

Search ADS for articles in 2009 that include “Cruz, K. L.”. This uses the Basic Search and all the tricks will work, including using a “^” prefix to restrict to first author papers.
Quicksilver ADS Search Screenshot

Search SIMBAD around some coordinates. This uses the Basic Query and will also work for object names (identifiers) and bibcodes.
Quicksilver SIMBAD Search Screenshot

Search astro-ph for articles from 2009 by “K Cruz”. If you want to include a date, it must be first. The AND is also required. If you just wanted to search by author, just the name will do in arxiv search format (first initial first).
Quicksilver Astro-ph Search Screenshoot

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Install the Web Search Module Plugin

    Quicksilver Install Web Search
  2. Catalog > Custom > Add Web Search List
    Quicksilver add web Search List
  3. Add these into the Source Options of the Web Search List:

    Quicksilver Astro Searches

To get loads of other common queries (Amazon, IMBD, Yelp, etc), go to Catalog > Modules and check Web Searches (from For more details, here’s the post that inspired this one: Searching the Web with Quicksilver. And if you want to take it to a whole ‘nother level (I didn’t): Searching the Web Even Quicker with Quicksilver.

What are your astro-centric uses for Quicksilver?

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