What Operating Systems Do AstroBetter Readers Use?

Following our post on how Hubble users’ operating system choices have evolved with time

Here’s a summary of the operating systems used to access AstroBetter since May 2011:

Grabbed from Google Analytics.

Our readers are considerably Mackier and less Linuxy than I would have thought. Comments? And Kelle points out the small-but-growing fraction of y’all that are squinting at AstroBetter on your handheld device.

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  • Ken Dere Jan 12, 2012 @ 10:51

    The statistics for visitors to our website, by OS, are the following:

    Windows 55%
    Macintosh 22%
    Linux 18.5%

    we probably have a more international selection of visitors which could explain the difference from what the Hubble folk find

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