Wiki update: interview questions

For most folks, it’s the job season is over and as you revel in finally knowing where you’re going to be in the Fall, why not spend some time preparing clear, concise responses to some of the most frequently asked interview questions?

We’ve updated the wiki page on interview advice, courtesy of Alison Coil. In addition to common questions on research, teaching, and mentoring that you should be prepared to answer, Alison has also crafted a list of questions you can ask the faculty and grad students.

Remember, an interview is not only a chance for the department to tell if you will be a good fit for them, it is also a chance for you to figure out if the department is a good fit for you. Use the opportunity to ask them questions as well. Think of it as less of an inquisition, and more of a conversation.

Share some of your interview experiences in the comments. What’s your best interview experience? Your worst? Ever been asked a question you were not at all expecting? How did you handle it?

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  • Jason T Wright Apr 16, 2013 @ 20:44

    Question I was least expecting: “What will you be famous for?” asked in absolute deadpan seriousness, with no hint of a smile or irony.

    I laughed until I composed my response in my head “I’ll tell you what I’m interested in, you tell me if it will make me famous.” Not my strongest response of the interview, but at least it got me talking about what interests me.

    I added some items to the interview wiki page; I hope that’s the right idea (are we supposed to contribute them in these comments and let a maintainer edit those pages?)

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