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We’ve covered this topic of iPad presentations before, but with an emphasis on Keynote for iPad pros and cons. While Keynote for the iPad now supports actions and is probably still the best app for creating presentations on the iPad, it’s not the best solution if you create presentations in PowerPoint or want to make live annotations. Below, prompted by two reader questions, we highlight 2Screens.

Emily asked on FaceBook:

Hivemind: I want to annotate lecture slides on the go, with a tablet-like device (i.e. from on stage in front of the screen, not at a podium). Is there a app/device that I can buy for this, or do I have to convert everything to Keynote and play the slides from an iPad? “

Orsola asked via email:

I would like to be ale to present/view my PowerPoint presentations from/in the iPad…I am not interested in keynote for now.”

I think the best answer to both of these questions is 2Screens ($5). Check out theĀ demo video and the feature list.

2Screens converts all the slides (PPT, Keynote, or what have you) to PDFs but preserves builds and presentation notes. It supports on-screen annotations and having multiple tabs (i.e., can alternate between whiteboard, slides, and web browser). I used the annotations feature extensively while teaching first year mechanics.

I think the only way to do wireless annotations as Emily wants to do would be to Airplay the presentation rather than connecting to the cable. The iPhone Remote app does not currently support annotations. I think un-wired live annotations would work best with an iPad remote app connected to a laptop via WiFi or bluetooth. It sounds like AirSketch ($10) is probably the best app for this.

Other thoughts? What are the awesome things people are doing these days with their iPads, iPhones, and presentations?

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