Apple Notes: a look at the revamped electronic notebook

Apple Notes on MacBook, iPad, and iPhone

Looking for a good, simple electronic notebook but not convinced that Evernote is right for you? If you’re a Mac user, have you taken a recent look at the updated Apple Notes? ┬áThe MacObserver has a great article on how to get the most out of this revamped note-taking application:


The Notes app has now done a one-eighty with the introduction of Mountain Lion, iOS 6 and iCloud. All of a sudden I find the Notes ecosystem to be simple, yet immensely useful…[It]┬áreally works quite well and is all you need if you want a simple, built-in solution for synchronizing notes among all your devices as well as some rudimentary storage and organization features.

Read the rest here.

Are you an Apple Notes user? What’s your take? What ninja tricks have you discovered? How does it compare to Evernote or other note-taking apps? Let’s hear it in the comments!


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