Rumor Mill 2014-2015 Is Now Open!

I have started the new rumor mill pages for 2014-2015 (YIKES, already?!?) and I have relegated the 2013-2014 pages to the archives. All links to “Rumor Mill” will still work and point to the postdoc rumor mill page for the new year. Remember, we have a page for postdoc/term positions and a page for faculty/staff positions. Here are all the relevant links:

If you have signed up to monitor last year’s pages, you will need to need to sign up again to monitor the new pages (see bullet #3 below). As a reminder, here are guidelines for the rumor mill pages:

  • You can edit the page anonymously simply by not being logged in.
  • Recent revisions can be seen by clicking the History button at the bottom of the page.
  • If you are registered, you can sign up to Monitor the page via email notifications. We recommend monitoring changes via email since manually refreshing the page every 10 minutes results in poor performance for everyone.
  • Despite our continued efforts, the RSS feed is still broken. We are continuing to troubleshoot the issue.
  • Old revisions should not be restored at any time! Unless, of course, you manage to make so many errors while editing the page that you can’t fix them all one by one. Then you can go back by one revision. If you go back by more you’ve also erased other people’s rumors inadvertently.
  • We have chosen to adopt a hands-off policy for the Rumor Mill; however, you may contact admin at for technical difficulties.
  • If a rumor you put on keeps getting removed by someone else (and that rumor is not about you), please respect that person’s wishes—they might have reasons to keep it private and/or the rumor might be wrong.
  • Please include a link to the job ad when adding it to the list.
  • If possible, include names and dates when offers are made and accepted, since this helps to differentiate wrong, outdated rumors from true ones.
  • Use boldface to indicate when a job has been accepted.

Happy hunting!

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