STARtorialist BOOTH-tique at AAS 231

STARtorialist is an astronomy fashion blog (also on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook), run by by Emily Rice and Summer Ash, that curates and shares astronomy and science-themed clothing, accessories, decor, and more. This is one of the projects supported by ScienceBetter Consulting, the business venture inspired by the success of AstroBetter. The plan is for the business activities to cover the costs of maintaining the blog and support the generation of new content.

We’re pleased to announce that for the first time ever, astronomers are going to be able to buy items directly from STARtorialist via our BOOTH-tique at AAS 231 in National Harbor, MD, featuring hundreds of items from our favorite designers. Conference attendees will be able to see items in person before purchasing them and avoid shipping fees and delivery wait times, and possibly even meet the designers in person!

We have made eGift Cards available for purchase before the conference which will be redeemable at the BOOTH-tique There are six eGift Card designs to choose from, and you can load the eGift with any amount from $5–$500. These would make fabulous gifts for anyone attending AAS 231, so astronomers, it’s time to update your wish lists! This would be an excellent way to show support and appreciation for your friends and colleagues attending the meeting.

We’ve placed orders with about 20 of our favorite designers for t-shirts, ties, scarves, tote bags, jewelry, stickers, pins, and more! We are still finalizing our wares, but so far we are anticipating items from Slow Factory, Eclectic Eccentricity, Yugen Tribe, SciChic, Shadowplay NYC, Becky Queen of Frocks, Surlyramics, Pretty Little Earth, Pacalin, Astronobeads, Cyber Optix, Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild, just to name a few! If there’s anything in particular that you want to see at the booth, let us know ASAP and we’ll do our best to have it in stock.

If this goes well, we’ll be able to spend more time (and money!) on the STARtorialist blog itself, including compensating new contributors. Who knows, maybe we’ll even venture into other sales realms… In the meantime, we will continue to explore, share, and support the talented, dedicated creators of the startorial Universe!

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