Astronomy graduate fellowship and gap year resources [Links][Wiki]

Recently, the graduate-student run blog Astrobites posted some great information about graduate research fellowships, authored by Avery Schiff. Although it is not currently fellowship application season, this will be an excellent resource for graduate students looking for funding in the future. The Astrobites post complements the information we have on the AstroBetter wiki graduate funding page. We have recently updated this list of fellowships to reflect current information and links. If you have any other graduate funding sources that are not listed on the wiki, please update it with new information or leave a comment below.

We have also recently added other resources to the wiki. Some students may choose to take a gap year between their undergraduate and graduate studies, and are often looking for information about how to make the most of this year. Leah Fulmer, Marina Dunn, and Alex Gagliano have compiled advice on taking a gap year, including networking tips and how to find post-baccelaureate research positions. Astrobites also has some useful advice on how to take advantage of taking an extra year before starting grad school. Additionally, we have added a new document on what questions you should consider when choosing your graduate program. This advice was contributed by Nicole Cabrera Salazar and Nadirah Farah Foley and compiled by Leah Fulmer.

We hope that those of you who are undergraduate and graduate students will find all of this information useful. As a reminder, the AstroBetter wiki is an open source resource and you are encouraged to add new information that you think would be useful for the astronomy community!

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