Suggestions for Note-Taking Applications for iPad

A recent discussion on Twitter spawned some suggestions for the best iPad apps for taking notes and using an iPad as an integral part of your workflow. We wanted to point people towards some of the suggestions other scientists had.

GoodNotes received several recommendations, particularly for making hand-written notes. If you are interested in using graph paper for your note-taking but find the native GoodNotes graph templates too thick, Dr. Robert McNees provided a number of templates you can use. He made these using LaTeX and pgf/TikZ, and you can find the code to make your own on his GitHub page.

In addition, Evernote, along with the Evernote app for hand-writing, Penultimate, came highly-recommended.

Dr. Julianna Dacalnton suggested several apps for augmenting the use of an iPad:

Other apps worth checking out include:

What are your favorite note-taking apps for tablets? Leave a comment below if you have any additional suggestions or tips!

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