January 2010

Links: iPad, Effective Delegation, Job Interviews, and More

by Kelle January 29, 2010

iPad Impressions from People Who’ve Actually Used It | The iPhone Blog Looks like I’m coming down pro-iPad. Not right away, of course, but I could see myself getting a 2nd generation one…with multi-tasking and a camera. Apple iPad: Everything You Need to Know | Gizmodo 5 Tips for Effective Delegation | www.ismckenzie.com 1) Define […]

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Introducing the AstroBetter Wiki

by Jessica Lu January 27, 2010

As part of our efforts to “astro better” we have started a new wiki. This wiki was originally hosted at MacSingularity but has now been migrated over and substantially expanded.  You can get to the wiki from the menu bar above. Unlike the blog, anyone can register and edit the wiki content. We will frequently update the […]


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Are Non-Academic Jobs Worthy of the Rumor Mill?

by Kelle January 25, 2010

There’s been lots of shenanigans on the Astrophysics Job Rumor Mill recently. The comments on the revisions are beginning to sound like an existentialist debate. The curfuffle of the moment is whether or not there should be a section for non-academic jobs; the section has been appearing, disappearing, and modified all evening. After attending (parts […]


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Evernote: Organize notes, emails, photos, and more all in one place.

by Guest January 25, 2010

This is a guest post by Sarah Kendrew (blog, Twitter) a postdoc in infrared astronomy at Leiden Observatory working on instrumentation for the European Extremely Large Telescope and the James Webb Space Telescope. The tag line of note-taking application Evernote reads “Remember Everything”. The great thing is, with Evernote, you don’t need to remember. If […]


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Links: Negotiating Tenure Track Jobs, Unclutter Your Office, Collaboration Tools Compared, and more.

by Kelle January 22, 2010

AAS Twitter Stream Graph by Nathan Bergey. Stuff new/prospective TT faculty need to know. Part 1: Money | Professor in Training Discussion of startup funds and salary issues for those about to start negotiating academic tenure track positions. Stuff new/prospective TT faculty need to know. Part 2: Negotiating | Professor in Training Putting together a […]


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Links: AAS Tweets Rundown, Screen Sharing, Wave FAQ, and more.

by Kelle January 15, 2010

MacBook Generations, alternate view, by Robert S. Donovan. via TUAW. Tweets from the 215th meeting of the AAS | Douglas Burke Word clouds from the tweets. Fine, just #aas next time. MIT Pledges to Improve Conditions for Minority Faculty Members | ScienceInsider Mac OS X’s application switcher does not go both ways | Finer Things […]


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MarcoPolo – Context-aware computing for Mac

by Tom January 11, 2010

MarcoPolo is a very cool (free) application for MacOS X that uses information about the current state of your computer, or evidence, to automatically perform actions. For example, one can use MarcoPolo to automatically change the Network Location if an ethernet cable is plugged in or a specific Wi-Fi network is present (useful if you […]


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Links: Interview Practice, Key Remap, and Nexus One/Android 2.1

by Kelle January 8, 2010

I’ve been basically iPhone-only while at the AAS but here’s what caught my eye this afternoon while Marking All as Read the ~1000 unread items in my feed reader. Better Talking Lets You Practice And Review for Interviews | Lifehacker KeyRemap4MacBook: the utility keyboard lovers have dreamed of | The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) Nexus […]


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Links: Dark Matter, AstroPy, Writing, and More

by Kelle January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! Dark Matter Tools Website | dmtools.brown.edu Via Cosmic Variance US LHC Blog » Who will pay for the arXiv? | blogs.uslhc.us Cornell to ask for voluntary donations from heaviest user institutions. BetterTouchTool Customizes Your Mac’s Multitouch Gestures | Lifehacker AstroPy Info Page | mail.scipy.org Mailing list for Astronomers interested in Python. It’s […]

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