February 2010

Links: Vertical Laptop Stands, Efficient Meetings, Poster Templates, and More.

by Kelle February 26, 2010

Vertical laptop stands save desk space | Unclutterer I love how there are no cables in the picture. No power. No DVI. For either the monitor or the laptop. Regardless of the deception, it’s still a nice setup. 9 Tips for Efficient Meetings | Productivity501 Have an agenda. Argue in meetings rather than over email. […]


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Links: Nice Smells and Fair Play, a New Task Manager, Google bits, and More.

by Kelle February 19, 2010

Dual Displays and Sparkling Skylines | Lifehacker This guy went down a difficult path to get two monitors to work with a MacBook. I’d like to see a review for this new USB-DVI option. Clean smells promote generosity and fair play; dark rooms and sunglasses promote deceit and selfishness | Not Exactly Rocket ScienceI wonder […]


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Remote Presentations

by Guest February 17, 2010

Here’s another guest post! This one is contributed by Mark Marley, a scientist at NASA Ames Research Center working on modeling the atmospheres of planets and brown dwarfs. You’ve been invited to give a talk at a workshop that will lead to a new spacecraft instrument proposal in Europe, but your spouse is leaving town […]

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Automatically Create a Webpage of Articles for Astro-ph Discussion with PHP and Python.

by Kelle February 15, 2010

Here is a guest post by Ian Crossfield, a third-year graduate student at UCLA working on the infrared characterization of exoplanet atmospheres, and Nate Ross, a first-year graduate student working on various projects relating to the history of star formation in the universe. Like many astro groups, UCLA has had an informal astro-coffee discussion for […]


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Links: Clear Distractions and Books, Google Buzz, Two Tales from the Trenches, and More.

by Kelle February 12, 2010

clear distractions | mnmlist.com Nothing we haven’t been told before, but sometimes it helps to be reminded. A minimalist approach to books | mnmlist.com Get rid of the books you never use! Get a library card. If you insist on buying books — I find the airport bookstore particularly tempting — give them away or […]

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by Jane February 5, 2010

Does everyone already know this tip, or am I about to improve your lives? Seat Guru shows airplane seating charts, specific to your airline and plane, color-coded for good and bad seats.  It’s prevented me from selecting ‘exit row’ seats that don’t recline or business class by the lavatory, and it’s found me the comfiest […]


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Links: Astronomy Culture Studied, Changing Institutions, Better Presentations, and More

by Kelle February 5, 2010

Assessing the Future Landscape of Scholarly Communication: An Exploration of Faculty Values and Needs in Seven Disciplines | UC Center for Studies in Higher Education An academic look at how astronomers communicate with each other. Also includes a basic overview of how the field works which could be useful for newbies. There’s a lot here […]


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3D Plotting in Python with matplotlib mplot3d

by Jessica Lu February 1, 2010

I recently needed to do some simple 3D plotting in python. The strongest choice as discussed on the web is Mayavi, which is part of the Enthought Python distribution. However, I have a previous python distribution already installed (via scisoft) with all of my favorite packages updated to the latest and greatest versions (e.g. matplotlib, […]


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