Quicksilver, Quick Search Box, and now Alfred!

by Kelle on October 4, 2010

Quick Search Box or Quicksilver? | The Apple Blog

Now today, we have access to a community-supported version of Quicksilver that runs smoothly on OS X 10.6, as well as the Google-backed Quick Search Box which also works well enough. So which is the better choice for daily use?

Whether you’re a current user of Google’s Quick Search Box, a past user of Quicksilver or new to both, I’d highly recommend taking a look at the latest build of Quicksilver. It’s been a happy homecoming for me, and I’m confident that the great functionality, speed, and extensibility that the app offers will make it of great use to you, too.

I switched from Quicksilver to Quick Search Box several months ago and am quite happy. I can do the basic things that I want: adjust iTunes (not system) volume, rate songs, search my address book, etc. The one thing I can’t do is add items to Things. I also can’t make calls using Google Voice to people in my address book. I might try out the Google Voice plugin in Quicksilver and see if it’s worth switching back. Oh geez, and now there’s another one: Alfred! Is anybody else playing ping-pong between these apps?

If you’re not using a launcher yet, just pick one and go for it—you’ll never look back. Don’t believe the naysayers, these apps are way more powerful than Spotlight.

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1 Mike Cushing October 5, 2010 at 6:32 pm

When Quicksilver started to break on Snow Leopard (or was it Leopard?) I switched to QSB and found it to be a reasonable replacement, although it was slightly slower. I had to download some plugins in order access things that I used all the time with Quicksilver (e.g., email and bookmarks). I definitely missed things like the ‘comma trick’ as I email multiple people with Quicksilver all the time. I am also very partial to the bezel look of Quicksilver. When Quicksilver was fixed, I switched back and haven’t had a problem since.

When Alfred came out I downloaded it and gave it a try. At that time it was definitely not at Quicksilver’s level but it did have promise. Haven’t tried it since I went back to Quicksilver.


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