May 2011

Career Advice on Cosmic Variance

by Kelle May 27, 2011

A couple weeks ago on Cosmic Variance, Sean asked his readers for advice for scientists interested in pursuing a non-academic track: Soliciting Advice: Non-Academic Careers for Ph.D.’s The comments are chock-full of great ideas. The couple things I take away are: The need for science policy folks is greater than I thought. (But are all […]


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Python Tutorial for Astronomers

by Tom May 25, 2011

On Monday, a group of CfA astronomers (Tom Aldcroft, Brian Refsdal, Gus Muench, and myself) announced the availability of a web tutorial aimed at teaching Python to astronomers through a series of interactive workshops: Practical Python for Astronomers is a series of hands-on workshops to explore the Python language and the analysis tools it […]


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How to delete entire words and lines in OS X

by Kelle May 24, 2011

I’m a big keyboard shortcut kinda gal. In both X11 and Aqua apps like Mailplane, TextMate, and Firefox, I regularly use: ctrl-k to “kill” an entire line ctrl-y to “yank” it back ctrl-a to move to the beginning of a line ctrl-e to move to the end of a line. I’ve been in the market […]


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LaTeX/BibTeX Tools Worth Knowing

by saurav May 23, 2011

A couple weeks ago, I was looking around the web for a script that would create a small bib file for just the references cited in a certain TeX manuscript. It took me a while to find the right one (aux2bib), which prompted me to write this post on LaTeX/BibTeX tools that are available but not […]


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Roundup: Communicating Science

by Jane May 20, 2011

Three loosely-related links about science communication: Jeff Masters’ (Wunder Blog) synopsis of flood control along the Mississippi is fascinating, and perfectly illustrated by the diagram below, one of the best scientific illustrations I’ve yet seen.  It’s a typical “before-and-after” two-part figure, but each is so detailed, and so fundamentally different in world-view, that it conveys […]


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Keynote’s Export to PDF Saved My Talk

by Kelle May 18, 2011

I gave a colloquium at a Physics Department yesterday. I was ready and confident. My host saw my Mac and said, “um, er is there any way I can convince you to put your presentation on a stick and present from our computer?” I said, “Does the computer have Keynote?” No, of course it doesn’t. […]


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Study on Interactive Lecture in Physics Courses Slammed by NY Times

by Kelle May 13, 2011

I’m turning into an interactive lecture evangelist. I’m not the best advocate since I was raised in the faith, rather than converting, but I’ve still been seriously trying to convince my physics colleagues and the adjuncts who teach our evening and summer Astro101 to add just at least a bit of student-centered learning to each […]


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[Link] Recovering from End-of-the-Semester Burnout

by Kelle May 12, 2011

Recovering from End-of-the-Semester Burnout | acadmiblog Great advice here for recovering from a busy semester but also applicable for post thesis defense, coming off the job market, or finishing a big project. My favorite nugget is about making realistic goals for the summer: Think through what your top priorities are for the summer, making sure […]


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Post-doc self-organizing [Ask AstroBetter]

by Jane May 11, 2011

“Could someone please summarize activities the postdocs have in your own institute, and ask the community to share their own initiatives?” Jane:  Sure!  At my institution, the postdocs run an astro-postdoc email list, a semi-regular lunch outing, and a new career seminar with speakers ranging from the deputy administrator of NASA to humble junior faculty […]

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Search ADS, SIMBAD, and astro-ph with Quicksilver

by Kelle May 10, 2011

Since it turns out that Quicksilver will continue to be developed—and now that I’ve managed to get some breathing room from teaching, researching, and advising—I’ve been spending some time rekindling and honing my Quicksilver ninja skills. (If you need an intro, check out: Introducing Quicksilver.) In particular, I’ve got mine setup to perform searches of […]


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