August 2011

Python 2 to 3 transition

by Jessica Lu August 31, 2011

You can hardly be an astronomer today without knowing how to write code. As with programmers in all disciplines, we are at the mercy of the language we code with. Computer science is still a rapidly evolving field and new programming languages come along, existing programming languages get updated, and your favorite packages/routines might get […]


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Maps of Astronomy Programs

by Kelle August 29, 2011

Dimitri Veras, a postdoc at IoA-Cambridge, has created maps of Astronomy institutions in the US, Canada, and Australia. Mousing over the symbols reveals the number of majors and grad students in the department and the population of the city the department is located in. The symbol meanings are different on each map, but the primary […]


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What do you think the priorities should be for US ground-based astronomy?

by Kelle August 26, 2011

NOAO, the US national center for ground-based astronomy, is soliciting community input in advance of the NSF’s Astronomy Portfolio review. Some of the NOAO facilities included in that portfolio are the small and medium-aperture telescopes on Kitt Peak in Arizona and Cerro Tololo in Chile and Gemini-North and South. In NSF speak, “the goal of […]


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Rumor Mill 2011–2012 is now open

by Jessica Lu August 23, 2011

Astronomers are still social human creatures despite all stereotypes to the contrary. Thus the Astrophysics Job Rumor Mill is one of our most frequented pages on the AstroBetter wiki. We have started the new rumor mill for 2011–2012 and relegated the 2010–2011 page to archives. You shouldn’t need to update links as the page titled […]


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Thank You for Supporting AstroBetter!

by Kelle August 18, 2011

Thanks so much for your generous contributions! It is with great pleasure that I can report that we’ve raised enough to cover our costs for another year! The Google Ads have been removed. As a small token of our appreciation for our supporters, I’d like to send you some AstroBetter stickers. If you contributed and […]


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Giving Presentations from the iPad? [Ask Astrobetter]

by Kelle August 10, 2011

AstroBetter reader Eilat asks: One of the reasons I got the iPad was because I have heard great things about giving talks and presentations using the iPad. I understand that you can actually write on the screen during a presentation. This makes me hopeful about the end days of the laser pointer! If you or […]


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Our First Pledge Drive

by Kelle August 7, 2011

During my summer break from posting (which ends this week), I’ve been doing some administrative work for the site. I’ve decided that it’s time to start asking you, the readers, to support the costs associated with running this site. Since I want to maintain complete intellectual and creative freedom, I have decided not to request […]


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