Quicksilver Lives

by Kelle on October 27, 2011

quicksilver logoThe wait is over: Quicksilver has been updated for 10.7 Lion and now, I don’t think there’s any reason for me not to upgrade from 10.6.

Quicksilver is a launcher, like Spotlight, but, oh. so. much more. It can do pretty much anything except reduce the data and write the paper, and all without leaving the keyboard. Check out the About Quicksilver for a rundown of what it can do and my original post, Introducing Quicksilver, that demos the basics (but has old links). Here’s a list of the current plugins.

The new version of Quicksilver has lots of new features including auto-plugin update, plugin improvements, and a new interface. It’s all spelled out on the new official blog of Quicksilver: LoveQuicksilver Blog | Quicksilver Roars. I’m psyched about the update to the Calculator plugin, which I use all the time and now displays the results in real time (just like Google calculator)!

One of my favorite, and most oft used features, is instantaneous access to all my contacts info via the Address Book plugin. What’s your favorite Quicksilver ninja trick?

Quicksilver, free

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