November 2012

Fostering a Deeply Fulfilling Professional and Personal Life for Yourself and Those You Lead

by Kelle November 21, 2012

Lots of nuggets of wisdom in this article about leadership, productivity, and striving for a deeply fulfilling professional and personal life. Here’s just a few: Value and acknowledge our lives outside of work: We have to encourage people to set boundaries around their work and respect them when they hold them. And I think as […]


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Updating Physics Education

by Kelle November 14, 2012

So, it seems physics education in America includes nothing new since 1865, unlike any other field of study, even geology. This is an open letter to Obama asking him to do something about it. All faculty in Physics and Astro Departments need to start chipping away at this problem. (College has to change before high […]


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Negotiation is a Dialogue: Compiled Advice

by Laura Trouille November 11, 2012

Laura Trouille (Northwestern University & The Adler Planetarium) has provided a useful resource of compiled advice for those entering the negotiation phase for a new job: Negotiating is a Dialogue: Compiled Advice – Women in Astronomy


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Should astronomy journals accept PDF figures for publication?

by Eli November 6, 2012

PS and EPS figures have been the bread and butter of astronomy for decades. In turn, the astronomy journals accepted the PS and EPS figures for publication. Recently, plotting packages are supporting PDF files more than the EPS and PS formats. An EPS file was originally developed as a language to tell a program how […]


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