December 2012

Remote display in python? [Ask Astrobetter]

by Jane December 31, 2012

The question:  “How can I remotely display python graphics windows?” The backstory:  I’m gotten used to the nifty interactive graphics of matplotlib in ipython.  But here it is New Year’s Eve and I’m working from home.  I need to ssh in to my desktop, run python, and remotely display the python graphics windows to my […]


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AstroBetter is Hiring

by Kelle December 29, 2012

With funding from the Sloan Foundation, AstroBetter is hiring for three part-time consulting positions! No Astro experience is technically necessary for these positions, but I’m hoping to find folks with some familiarity with science research and I’m thinking one of you might know somebody who is just right! (And if anyone knows where else I […]


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Spotlight on Careers – Request for Feedback on Interview Questions

by Laura Trouille December 19, 2012

In 2013-14, we plan to provide a series of ~50 weekly blog posts highlighting the full range of career routes that astronomers pursue after their degree. Thanks to those who already provided recommendations for people we should contact. If you have additional recommendations, please email me at l-trouille [at] with the person’s name and email address. We are […]

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‘Tis the Season: Job Interview Resources & Advice

by Laura Trouille December 14, 2012

For job interview resources and advice and to help us build our set of quality resources for our community, check out the new post from Laura Trouille (Northwestern University & The Adler Planetarium): ‘Tis the Season: Job Interview Advice  –  Women in Astronomy  


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Endorse the System Roadmap Commitee’s Statement on the NSF Portfolio Review

by Kelle December 3, 2012

Bottom line: Please consider endorsing the System Roadmap Committee’s Statement with several recommendations regarding the implementation of the NSF/AST Portfolio Review that are intended to reflect the views of the broad community by submitting your name and affiliation on this Google Form.  The deadline to endorse is this Friday, December 7, 2012. As I’ve described […]


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