Hack Day 2016 at  AAS 227 in Kissimmee, Florida


When:  Friday , Jan 8 2016 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Where: Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center

Register: http://goo.gl/forms/dQ0bCjneEW


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We are asking and expecting all Hack Day participants to plan on staying for most of the day.


Registration is encouraged to facilitate pre-meeting coordination, but if you didn't register you're still more than welcome to participate in the Hack Day.


What is a hack day?

We are going to get together to write code or work on some other project, fast. The idea is to design a do-able project and fully execute it in one day. Or at least go down trying. Come with a project, or come with deployable skills, ready to deploy.

Examples of hacks from DotAstro conferences: DotAstro 6 Hack Day SummaryDotAstro 2012 Hacks, .Astro 4 unconference proceedings

Examples of hacks from years past:  astro4astroSummary of AAS 223 Hack Day,  last year's AAS Hack Day project pitch page, Astrotweeps, Fund me Maybe? video, Astrobetter airline guide, Summary of AAS 221 Hack Day,

Project ideas

Idea (proposer)

Participant skills and interests

  • Kelle Cruz (Hunter College & AMNH): information sharing
  • David W. Hogg (NYU): Python, SDSS data, Kepler data, probabilistic inference

Twitter Lists and Hashtags

We're using #hackAAS tag for all tweets related to the Hack Day

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