8/1 Links from the Editor

Hello everyone, this is your content manager speaking. Since Fridays aren’t usually very active over here on AstroBetter, I’ve decided to try sharing some interesting links and stories that I’ve come across over the past week or so. I think I’ll try putting one of these together roughly every two weeks, unless there’s a lot of good reading material in a given week, or something more important comes up. I hope you find these stories entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking. Enjoy!

  • Eight Terminal Utilities Every OS X Command Line User Should Know: Fairly straightforward title. If you’re an OS X Terminal user, these could come in handy whether you know you need them or not!
  • How to Craft a Well-Argued Proposal: Many academics spend a lot of time writing proposals. Here are some pointers from the Cosmic Variance blog about how to argue that, yes, your project deserves X amount of money from Z agency.
  • How to Get Ahead as a Woman in Tech: Interrupt Men: I’ve personally been aware of the gender-based interrupting studies for a few years now, so it’s something I personally try to avoid doing. Fellow men especially, pay attention to this if you can. You’ll probably be surprised.
  • The US Neglects Its Best Science Students: Education is one of those things that is very important to me. While I personally concern myself mostly with the undergraduate-level, the most important years in a person’s education come much earlier in their lives, which is where many of the larger problems in science education lie.
  • The Importance of Stupidity in Scientific Research: I know I’ve felt stupid plenty of times while doing research of some sort. Of course, no one really likes to feel stupid, so we prefer not to talk about it. This article makes the good point that feeling stupid in the face of research isn’t actually a bad thing, nor it it a feeling we should be ashamed of.
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