Hidden Curriculum Resources for Teaching


In astronomy (and just college) there are many things we expect students to magically know, but which we do not teach them. That's the 'hidden curriculum'. Keeping it hidden tends to give multi-generational college students a special advantage. By making the curriculum explicit, and teaching students these skills, we can help all students to succeed (and improve equity!). This page of resources was spawned by a desire to preserve a twitter conversation--please add.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of skills:

  • How to manage a meeting with your mentor
  • How to read a paper
  • How to listen to a talk
  • How to give a talk
  • How to write your cv
  • Personal financial management
  • How to attend a professional party

In addition, as part of the NSF-funded AstroCom NYC program, CUNY Astro faculty have run these workshops to help make hidden curriculum topics more explicit (contact Saavik Ford for more info):

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