What postscript-viewers are available for iPad? [Ask AstroBetter]

by saurav November 9, 2011

Cameron M. recently got an iPad and is frustrated by the lack of a postscript (PS) viewer: I recently got an iPad that I’m trying to use for research (e.g., paper reading / annotations, outlining, etc).  It looks like it can be useful, but a major annoyance is no PS viewer.  I’ve even jailbroken my iPad. If anyone […]


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Solid state drives – a geekout

by Jane November 7, 2011

Today I’m going to geek out about solid-state drives. I recently purchased a 120 GB solid-state drive for a desktop.  It doesn’t hold my data; just the operating system and frequently-used programs.  It cost about $200. The speed difference is striking.  The computer boots in only a few seconds, but the biggest difference is the […]


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Professional Development at AAS 219 in Austin

by Kelle September 15, 2011

Updated Oct 10, 2011 with additional workshops and more details. The 219th AAS Meeting in Austin, TX from January 8-12, 2012 is coming up, and as a continued tradition, thanks to growing community involvement and NSF funding, professional development workshops, seminars, and special sessions will once again be offered. This year, more than ever! The […]

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Custom Search Engine for ADS BibTeX

by saurav June 7, 2011

We have previously talked about how to use Quicksilver to do custom ADS searches on Macs, and the Alfred version is pretty slick as well. However, such custom searches can also be done from straight from the web browser, independent of the OS you are using. Benoit Thiell, a developer at ADS, has sent along […]

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[Link] Recovering from End-of-the-Semester Burnout

by Kelle May 12, 2011

Recovering from End-of-the-Semester Burnout | acadmiblog Great advice here for recovering from a busy semester but also applicable for post thesis defense, coming off the job market, or finishing a big project. My favorite nugget is about making realistic goals for the summer: Think through what your top priorities are for the summer, making sure […]


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What are the best iphone apps for astronomers?

by Jane April 4, 2011

I got my first iphone yesterday and am playing catch-up.  Please laugh at me.  In the meantime, let’s compile a list of the best smartphone applications for astronomers, shall we? The AstroBetter Wiki has a stubby page on iphone apps for astronomers. What’s missing? Obviously astro-ph tools and APOD are missing — what else? Also, […]


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What’s the best tool to annotate PDFs?

by Jane March 23, 2011

We all know the workflow:  a collaborator sends a draft proposal or paper; we carefully read it; bleed all over it; and send it back.  I admit that until last year, I used a Big Red Pen on hardcopy, which I then returned to the lead author by scanning with the xerox machine. Recently I […]


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Mute noisy conversations in GMail

by Tom February 14, 2011

I occasionally get added to endless email conversations which I have no time to read and/or contribute to. If I archive the message, it will pop back into the inbox every time someone replies and sets off the GMail notifier. However, I recently discovered that GMail has a nice ‘mute’ feature, which archives the message […]


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To-Do Lists with Things [From the Archives]

by Kelle February 2, 2011

While I deal with the first week of classes and my 230 Astro 101 students, 2 lab instructors, 4 undergrad researchers, and 2 grad students, take a look at this classic post on the to-do app Things (Mac only): Better To-Do Lists with Things. It’s been over a year since I wrote this post and […]


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Telescope and Grant Proposal Calendar [Wiki]

by Kelle January 25, 2011

Upon the excellent suggestion of Angelle Tanner, we’ve created a shared Google Calendar for common telescope and grant proposal deadlines. The calendar is embedded below and also has its own wiki page: Telescope and Grant Proposal Calendar. We’ve already added a lot of deadlines and programs, but I’m sure we’re missing some. Please comment on […]


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