Hack Together Day 2018 at AAS 231 at the National Harbor


When:  January 12, 2018 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Where: Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center

Register:  Link to registration form


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We are asking and expecting all participants to plan on staying for most of the day.

Registration is encouraged to facilitate pre-meeting coordination, but if you didn't register you're still more than welcome to participate in the Hack Together Day.


What is a hack day?

We are going to get together to write code or work on some other project, fast. The idea is to design a do-able project and fully execute it in one day. Or at least go down trying! Come with a project, or come with deployable skills, ready to deploy.

Hack Together Day is a day to work intensively on collaborative projects of interest to the Astronomical community. A wide variety of projects will be undertaken, spanning everything from software development to creative outreach projects. Projects that take advantage of the unique gathering of enthusiasm and expertise at the AAS Meeting are particularly encouraged. Hack day or programming experience is not required; newcomers are extremely welcome! Participants can lead or join a project. Project ideas and participants will be solicited before and during the meeting.


Examples of hacks from DotAstro conferences: DotAstro 6 Hack Day Summary, DotAstro 2012 Hacks, .Astro 4 unconference proceedings

Examples of hacks from years past:  astro4astro, Outcomes from AAS 227 Hack DaySummary of AAS 223 Hack Day, last year's AAS Hack Day project pitch page, Astrotweeps, Fund me Maybe? video, Astrobetter airline guide, Summary of AAS 221 Hack Day.

Project ideas

  • Gender in Astronomy Questions survey: analysis of 5 years of data! Volunteers of all skill levels needed to clean/analyze the data, and sort survey reponses into topical catagories (J. Davenport)
  • Make Vlog of #HackAAS. Have some camera/mic gear, but need people to help with shooting/editing, and gathering B-roll in days before. (J. Davenport)
  • We are designing data carpentry lessons to be useful to the Astronomy community as well as extendable to other communities. But what does “useful” mean in this context? Hack idea: Help us design a survey for AAS membership to answer this question. (Phil Rosenfield, Azalee Bostroem, Rudy Montez)
  • Edit this wiki page to add your project ideas

Participant skills and interests

  • Kelle Cruz (Hunter College & AMNH): information sharing
  • James Davenport (WWU & UW): surveys, python, IDL, twitter, wacky ideas 
  • Peter Teuben (UMD): python, C, astropy, casa/alma
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Twitter lists and hashtag

We're using #hackAAS for all tweets related to the AAS Hack Together Day.


You can also join our Slack channel!

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