Below is a list of blogs written by professional astronomers on astronomy content. Please feel free to edit this page to add or remove your blog. Or leave a comment. And maybe help with the organization into categories.


News, views and personal blogs:

Research, with a more technical bent:

Research groups and collaborations

Astronomy for a general audience:


  • AstroCompute - topics in Astronomical Computing
  • Astrophysicist at Work - Dr. Matt Pitkin (Glasgow), good Matlab and Unix tips
  • AstroPython - resources for Python users in Astronomy (tutorials, packages, snippets)
  • AstroStat - Weaving together Astronomy, Statistics, Computer Science, Engineering, and Intrumentation
  • .py in the sky - Python in Astronomy, Open Science


  • Gemini Planet Imager - Integration & testing updates on Facebook - PI Bruce Macintosh et al., Center for Adaptive Optics
  • MagAO/VisAO - Development of the Magellan AO system and its diffraction-limited visible-light science camera - PI Laird Close et al., Steward Observatory

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