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Postdoc or Term positions

Place/Institution (alphabetical)

People (in boldface if accepted)

Brinson Postdoctoral Fellowship in Experimental Quantum Cosmology at Caltech (ad) Application deadline November 15, 2023

ESA (European Space Agency) Independent Research Fellowship at ESAC (Spain), ESTEC (Netherlands), and STScI (USA) ad

Application deadline Sep 18, 2023. 
Jaynes Fellowships (3-4, 3 year positions), Dept. of Physics, Washington University in Saint Louis (ad)

Application deadline November 15, 2023

Postdoc positions in multi-messenger astrophysics (ad)

Application deadline Sep 26, 2023
Assistant/Associate Professor in Astrophysics at Bielefeld (ad) Application deadline Sep 30, 2023
Assistant Professor in Experimental astroparticle physics (ad) Application deadline Aug 17, 2023
Research Associate at Cambridge (ad) Application deadline May 10, 2023
Postdoctoral researcher in Massive Stars, National Observatory of Athens, Greece (ad) Application deadline May 31, 2023
Postdoctoral researcher in Extragalactic Astrophysics, Newcastle, UK (ad)

Application deadline May 15. 2023. Interviews taken place.

Postdoctoral researcher in Exoplanets, Louisiana State University, USA, (ad) Application deadline April 30, 2023 
Postdoc at ETH with Refregier

Application deadline May 16, 2023 ; at least one rejection sent on 2023-11-20 :-(

ISSI (Berne) postdoc Application deadline May 30, 2023; some rejections sent on 18 July
Lecturer (faculty) in Solar and Stellar Physics, University of Newcastle (Australia) (ad) Application deadline 20 April 2023. Tom Evans accepted offer.

Research Assistant in Radio Cosmology,
University of Manchester (ad)

Application deadline Jan. 4, Any update ?
Postdoctoral Researcher in Nearby Galaxies and Resolved Stellar Populations at the University of Tampa (ad) Application deadline Jan. 31. One offer made
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Position in Extra-galactic Astronomy and Cosmology at KIAS (ad) Application deadline Dec. 31. Interview invitation sent 11th Jan. Any news?
Postdoctoral Research Associate in galaxy formation, high redshift and near-field cosmology, at Texas A&M (ad) Application deadline Jan 3. Interview invitation sent Jan 23. Offer made on Feb 10. Any news?
Postdoctoral position in Galaxy Formation (NYUAD w. Macciò) (ad) Application deadline Jan. 15. Interview invitation sent 6th Feb. one offer made.
Postdoc position in nearby galaxies and resolved stellar populations, Dartmouth College (with Dr. Mutlu-Pakdil) (ad Application deadline Feb 1st. Offer is made. 
Postdoctoral Researcher position in Exoplanetary Systems at Trinity College Dublin (TCD), Ireland (ad) Application deadline Jan 30. Any updates?
LMU-Cambridge joint cosmology fellowship (ad)

Application deadline Jan 30. Any news?

12th Feb: I asked for an update, they are currently making the shortlist. Any news? (Feb 20) Any updates? (Mar 7)

Postdoctoral positions on the Origin and Fate of Dust in the Universe, Chalmers University, Gothenburg (ad) Application deadline Dec 1. Any updates? 
Postdoctoral positions in Astrophysics & Cosmology, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (ad) At least one offer made. Any update?
A postdoctoral position with Prof. David J. E. Marsh (TPPC) at King’s College London (ad) At least one offer made.
Postdoctoral positions at ICTP, Trieste At least one offer made.
Postdoctoral positions at SISSA, Trieste Offers made.
Two postdoctoral positions at UPV/EHU at Bilbao (ad) At least one offer made.
Postdoctoral Fellowship in the High Energy Physics, Cosmology & Astrophysics Theory
(HEPCAT) Group at the University of Cape Town (UCT) (ad)
Application deadline 24 February 2023. 
TCCAP postdoc fellowships at UT Austin with Kimberly Boddy and Julian Muñoz (ad) Application deadline Dec 1. Two offers made and accepted.
KASI Postdoc Positions (ad) Application Deadline Nov 11. At least some interviews were conducted in the first week of December. Rejections sent 5 Jan.
Post-doctoral positions in Cosmology with Vivian Poulin, Montpellier U (ad) Application deadline Dec 19, 2022. Interview invitations sent 30th December. Offers made 6th Jan and accepted.
University of North Carolina: computational/multimessenger astrophysics (w/ Rodriguez) (ad)

Application deadline Jan 15th, 2023. Offer made and accepted.

16 INFN Theory fellowships - a few of them cosmology and astro related (ad) Deadline Nov 11. Any news? Names of the first ranked in each position are announced.
TCCAP postdoc fellowship for SO data analysis at UT Austin with Katherine Freese and Nicholas Galitzki (ad) Deadline Dec 1. Offered in Nov. Declined on 2 Jan. Hopefully a new offer goes out soon.
Nordita fellowships (ad) Deadline Nov 15. Any news?
IAS/IJCLab/IRAP France: 3 Postdoc position in CMB constraints on neutrinos with accurate reionisation history and gas physics (ad) Deadline Dec 15, 2022.  Interviews on Dec 21. Offer made.
RWTH Aachen and KIT: cosmological interpretation of Lyman-alpha data (ad) Deadline Dec 16, 2022. Interviews on Dec 21. Offer made and accepted.
Imperial College London. Two postdoc positions at the ICIC in Bayesian cosmology (w/Heavens, Mortlock, Jaffe) (ad1,ad2) Application deadline Jan 27th, 2023. Offers for ad1 and ad2 made and accepted.
BNL Postdoc in Rubin/LSST DESC Science (ad) Application deadline Jan 15th, 2023. Interview invitations sent (Jan 19)
BNL Postdoc position in Lunar Radio Astronomy (ad) Review of applications will start in December, 2022, Any update (March 9) ?
MIT Postdoc position in computational astrophysics (w/ Vogelsberger) (ad) Application deadline Jan 15th, 2023. Shortlisted applicants have been invited for interview (Jan 18). Initial offer made and waitlist notified (Jan 30). 2 offers made and accepted.
Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics (ASIAA), Multiple Distinguished Postdoc Fellowship and Postdoc Associate Positions (ad)

Application deadline Nov. 15, 2022. Some offers sent on Dec 23. At least one offer accepted.

Postdoc position in observational Astrophysics & Exoplanets, Ariel University, Department of Physics w/ Tal-Or (ad) Application deadline Dec. 03, 2022
Arizona State University, Beus Prize Postdoctoral Fellowship

Application deadline Nov. 21, 2022.  

Offer made.  

Arizona State University, Postdoctoral position in cosmology (LSS/21cm) (ad) Application deadline Dec. 23, 2022. Offer made and accepted.
Arizona State University, Postdoctoral Research Scholar or Assistant Research Scientist in 21cm Observing and Analysis (ad Application deadline Dec. 16, 2022. Interviews were going on. Is there any updates about offer?
Two Postdoctoral Positions in stellar and Galactic astronomy, Australian National University (ad) Application deadline Dec 16, 2022
Senior Research Fellow in Instrument Development for Simons Observatory at Cardiff (ad) Application deadline Dec. 23 2022
Carnegie-Princeton Fellowship (ad) Application deadline Nov. 1, 2022. Any news (feb 15)? Offer made to Grace Telford.

Postdoctoral Researcher in AGN/Galaxy Evolution in Newcastle University (w/ Costa & Harrison) (ad)

Application deadline Dec. 18, 2022
University of Milan Bicocca, COSMIB Group two ERC-funded postdoctoral positions in CGM/IGM studies (ad) Deadline Dec. 15, 2022
University of Michigan, Departments of Physics and Statistics (ad) Application deadline Dec. 9, 2022. Interviews in the week of Jan 16.

Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute), "Astrophysical and Cosmological Relativity" department (ad)

Application deadline Nov. 13, 2022. Any news? Shortlist notification (Nov 28). Interview invitation (Dec 2). Offers made and accepted.
Institute of Astronomy/KICC, University of Cambridge (w/ Sijacki) (ad) Application deadline Dec. 5, 2022. Shortlisted candidates invited to interviews in December. Offer made. 
EACOA (East Asia Core Observatories Association) Fellowship (ad) Application deadline Nov. 15, 2022. Interview invitations sent on Jan 4. At least two rejections sent (Feb 18). 
Caltech postdoctoral position in UV astrophysics with Chris Martin's Space Astrophysics Lab (ad) Application due Dec. 9, 2022
Center for AstroPhysical Surveys (CAPS) Fellowship (U. Illinois / NCSA, USA ad ) Applications due Feb. 15, 2023. Offer Made, and accepted.
Center for Theoretical Physics, Seoul National University (Computational Astrophysics and Cosmology, ad1 or ad2) Applications due Jan. 5, 2023.  Email inquiries welcome.
CITA national fellowship (ad)

 Deadline Nov 7, 2022. Any more updates? I emailed and received no reply.

It looks like each "host" will do recruitment separately. At least one interview scheduled (Jan 4).

At least one offer made (Jan 24). Offer made (9 Feb) and declined. 

Offer made to Labani Mallick

CITA Postdoctoral Fellowship Deadline Nov 7, 2022. Offers sent to at least some candidates (Dec 12). Some rejections sent (Jan 18). Any more updates? I emailed and received no reply. One offer accepted (Feb 14).
Clemson University, Postdoctoral position in gamma-ray astronomy (ad)

Applications due Dec. 1, 2022.

Clemson University, Postdoctoral position in gamma-ray imagingin (ad) Applications due April. 1, 2023
Haverford College, Postdoctoral position in dark matter properties/first galaxies with D. Grin and A. Lidz (U Penn) (ad) Applications due Feb 28, 2023. Review of applications starts on the due date.
UMBC, Postdoctoral position in multi-wavelength AGN studies (ad) Applications due Dec 9, 2022. Shortlist invited to interview, waitlist notified. Rejections sent. (12/28)

THEA Fellowship in Theoretical Astrophysics (Columbia U, ad )


Applications Due Nov. 04, 2022. Any news?

Monash University, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Gravitational-Wave Cosmology (ad) Due August 19, 2022. Short-list notified (on Aug. 29). 
Research Fellow in Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics, University of Leeds, UK (with Adrian Barker, ad) Deadline Thursday 15 September 2022. Informal email inquiries are welcome.
"MPA Independent Fellowships" at the
Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics, Garching near Munich, Germany (ad)
Deadline 14 Nov 2022.  Online interviews take place in December, with possible further interviews in January. Offer made to at least one candidate. Rejections sent, "Dear Postdoctoral Fellowship applicant" (16 Jan)
McGill Space Institute Fellowships (ad)

Deadline Dec 1, 2022. Committee will meet a few weeks later and first-round offers will be made before the new year.

Some offers made December 21. At least one offer accepted (in Feb).

McWilliams Postdoctoral Fellowship, Carnegie Mellon University (ad) Deadline Nov 10, 2022. Shortlist notified (Dec 18). Some candidates invited for interviews. Several offers made. all offers accepted (Feb 14).
Planet Formation Postdoc at Iowa State University (with Jake Simon) (ad) Deadline: Dec 15, 2022
Postdoctoral Position in time domain astronomy / gravitational waves / galaxy surveys, Carnegie Mellon University (ad)

Deadline Nov 22, 2022. Some rejections sent, shortlist notified (Jan 7). Offer made (Jan 24).

Margaret Burbidge Prize Fellowship, University of Chicago (ad) Deadline Oct 31, 2022, shortlist invited for interviews on 12/3. Rejection email received (Feb. 20)
KICP Fellowship, University of Chicago (ad) Deadline Oct 31, 2022. Some offers made Dec 16th. one offer accepted, see HEP rumor mill
Kavli Fellow, University of Cambridge (ad)

 Deadline Oct 24, 2022

 Reference letters requested. Interview calls made.

 Rejection letters sent (Dec 14).

KIPAC, Stanford University (ad)

 Deadline Nov 4, 2022

Invitations for talks sent to at least some candidates (11/30)

Some offers made Dec 20.

Did anyone receive rejections (Jan 18)? Rejections sent (Jan 27).

Are all offers sent out? Any updates (Jan 30)? 

One offer rejected.

Are all the offers accepted? Will they send out the rest of the rejections? (Feb 22) -- all applicants should now have been contacted whether successful or not. -- (Feb 23) I haven't received any emails from them till now. I also haven't heard anything from KIPAC.

Stanford Science Fellows, Stanford University (ad)

Deadline Oct 14, 2022

Invitations for interviews to at least some candidates (Nov. 17)

Offers for at least some candidates (Dec. 12)

Kyoto University - Program specific researcher in observational cosmology (JSPS KAKENHI Grant on "Dark matter physics from structure formation") at Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (w/ Taruya and Nishimichi, ad) Deadline Jan 22, 2023 (11:59 p.m. JST)
MCSS Postdoctoral Fellowship at Washington University in St. Louis (ad) Deadline January 15, 2023
Brinson Prize Fellowship (ad) Deadline Nov 3, 2022. Rejections sent (23 Jan). Offers made. Was the waitlist notified?
CDF in Astrophysics, Christ Church, Oxford (ad)

Deadline Aug 18, 2022. Shortlisted candidates interviewed (29 Sept). Offer made (6 Oct).

NTNU Trondheim, Norway. Postdoctoral Research Fellows in Astroparticle physics (ad) and Astrophysical fluid dynamics (ad) Deadline Nov 15, 2022
NAOJ project research fellow (ad) Due Nov 1, 2022. Some rejections sent on Dec 7.
NAOJ project research fellow in collaboration with Dr. P. Behroozi and Dr. J. Zavala (ad) Due Dec 26, 2022 (Tokyo time). Interview invitation sent on Jan 16.
Postdoctoral position in planet formation theory, MPS Göttingen, Germany (ad) Deadline Nov 1, 2022. Reference letters requested for the shortlisted candidates. 
Postdoctoral position in UV & X-ray instrumentation, University of Iowa (ad) Deadline Jan 27, 2023
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Theoretical Astroparticle
Physics/Cosmology, Princeton University (ad)
Deadline Dec 1, 2022
Postdoctoral Research Position at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Galaxy Evolution using COSMOS-Web JWST Observations (ad) Applications will be reviewed until position is filled. Interview invitiation sent to at least one candidate (Dec 13).
LMU Munich Astrophysics Fraunhofer-Schwarzschild Postdoctoral Fellowship (ad

Deadline Nov 6, 2022. Any news? Interview invitations sent to at least some candidates (Dec 15).

some rejections sent (Jan 20)

Offer made (declined Jan 26) in cosmology. Note that interview and offer timelines are different depending on (sub)-field, but all applicants have been informed of the latest status as of Feb 1.

Rising Scholars Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Virginia (ad) Deadline Jan 15, 2023
Schramm Experimental Fellowship in Experimental Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology, Fermilab (ad) Deadline Nov 15, 2022. Interview invitations sent to at least some candidates (Dec 12). Interview(s) early January 2023.
Samuel P. Langley Postdoctoral Fellowship in Cosmology and Astrophysics at The University of Pittsburgh. Up to two offers will be made. Those interested in astrophysical constraints on particle dark matter and/or theoretical cosmology should contact Andrew Zentner (zentner@pitt.edu) with questions. Applicants with interests in computational astrophysics with a focus on galaxy evolution, the ISM, CGM, or outflows should contact Evan Schneider with questions (eschneider@pitt.edu). (ad) January 7, 2023. Shortlist made. One offer made and accepted
Giacconi & Lasker Prize Fellowships, STScI Deadline 30th September 2022. References requested for long-listed candidates (Dec 7). Some rejections sent (Dec 16). Any updates? Both Giacconi (accepted) and Lasker offers made via phone call (Jan 30).
University of Delaware, Postdoctoral position in time-domain astronomy, machine learning, Rubin LSST with Prof. Federica Bianco (fbianco@udel.edu) (ad) Deadline january 20th, 2023
University of Oslo, 4-year postdoctoral fellowship in computational astrophysics (ad) (ad2) Deadline 30th Nov. Interview scheduled (19 Dec).
University of Cologne (ad) w/ Dominik Reichers Deadline Oct 30, 2022
University of Southampton (ad) w/ Manda Banerji Deadline 22nd January 2023
University of Texas - Austin, 

Postdoctoral Fellow in Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Instrumentation and Observation (ad)

Deadline 31st January 2023
University of Texas - Austin (Weinberg Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship in Gravitation) (ad) Deadline 17 December. Committee is still in the process as of Feb 13.
University of Texas-San Antonio, Postdoctoral Fellowship in Exoplanet Direct Imaging with Currie (ad) Deadline 28 November 2022, Shortlist made. Interviews completed.  Offer made and accepted, Mona El-Morsy (2/19).
University of Warwick, Postdoctoral Position in Stellar Astrophysics and White Dwarfs (ad)

Deadline 31 October 2022 -> Shortlisted candidates invited for interview (29th November). Rejection sent (6th February)

51 Pegasi b Fellowship in Planetary Astronomy (ad)

Deadline 10 October 2022. Any news? At least one offer made (26 Jan, declined). Oversubscription rate of 16 to 1.

At least 3 wait list notified. Any waitlist people later got an offer? "Nope," - one waitlisted person (+ three other). Any news. Offer last week (Feb 17th) to waitlisted person was declined. One waitlisted person accepted (Feb 24th).
Waitlist rejections sent (Feb 28th)

Congratulations to Juliana García-Mejía, Huazhi Ge, Akash Gupta, Rixin Li, Ben Pearce, Maria Steinrueck, Samuel Yee, and Yapeng Zhang! (press release here)

Simons Society of Fellows (ad) Deadline 15 September 2022, -> shortlist candidates invited for interview (7 Oct). At least a few offers made (Dec 9).

Dunlap Postdoctoral Fellowships in Astronomical Observation/Computation (ad) and Instrumentation/Experimentation (ad)

Deadline Nov 1, 2022: 77 applications received.
Nov 21: Shortlist of 26 applications formed
Dec 5: First round of rejection emails sent 
Dec 18: 3 offers made, waitlist notifications made, second round of rejection emails sent.

Feb 13: All offers accepted.

Postdoctoral position in radio polarimetry, Dunlap Institute, University of Toronto (ad)

Deadline Dec 1, 2022.
Dec 18: Some waitlist and rejection emails sent
Jan 22: Offer made, additional waitlist notifications sent
Mar 8: Offer accepted

Postdoctoral position in radio transients, University of Toronto and Hebrew University of Jerusalem (ad)

Deadline Dec 1, 2022
Jan 19: Offer made, some waitlist notifications sent
Jan 25: Some rejection emails sent

University of Trento, expressions of interest for Caritro postdoctoral fellowship (theoretical/observational cosmology and gravitation, w/ Vagnozzi & Rinaldi) (ad) (ad2 only in Italian) Due March 24, 2022.

Jansky Fellowship

Deadline 1 November 2022

Cosima Eibensteiner, David Monasterio, Hendrik Müller, and Samantha Scibelli (press release here)

NRC Herzberg Plaskett Fellowship (ad)

Deadline 30 November 2022. Interviews were conducted in early January. Any news? Rejections sent (Feb 9th).  Offer made and accepted.

NCfA (Nevada Center for Astrophysics) Fellowship (ad Deadline 17 Dec 2022. Shortlist candidates notified on Jan 28th.
UC Berkeley Miller Research Fellowship (ad) Deadline 7 October 2022. Some offers made Dec 16th. Rejections sent 17 Dec.
UC Berkeley Stellar Pops Postdocs, 2 positions w/ Weisz (ad)

Deadline 15 December 2022. Shortlist candidates invited to interview on 31 January 2023. One offer made and accepted.

University of Oxford, Postdoctoral Researchers in Galaxy Evolution with MIGHTEE w/ Matt Jarvis (ad)

Deadline 14 October 2022
Shortlisted candidates interviewed.
Banting Prize Fellowship (ad)

Deadline 21 September 2022. Offers made on 15 February 2023. Offers accepted.

Congratulations to Jacqueline Antwi-Danso, Joshua Foo, Leonid Olifer, Aaron Pearlman, and Ian Roberts! (press release here)

Harvard CfA Fellowship (ad) Deadline 28 October 2022. Waitlist notified (Jan 5) x 2. Rejection sent (Jan 6). Over 300 applications.
NSF Astronomy & Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellowship (ad)

Deadline 24 October 2022. Offers coming in a few days, notified via phone call. Waitlist notified. Offers made and rejections sent (Jan 31).

Congratulations to Devontae Baxter, Kaley Brauer, Colin Burke, Ruby Byrne, Sanjana Curtis, Matthew De Furio, Josh Forer, Steven Giacalone, Ronald Lopez, Madeline Lucey, Daniel Rybarczyk, Darryl Seligman, and Nora Shipp! (press release here)

NASA Hubble Fellowship Program (ad)

Deadline 3 November 2022. Oversubscription rate this year is 19 to 1. Offers and rejections sent on Jan 27. 

NASA asked all offer receipients to not share any news on public platforms before their press release come out.

Congratulations to Danica Adams, Sylvia Biscoveanu, Iryna Butsky, Andrei Cuceu, Tim Cunningham, Kristen Dage, Thavisha Dharmawardena, Adina Feinstein, Ward Howard, Andrés Izquierdo, Nicholas Kern, Peter Kosec, Charles Law, Calvin Leung, Matthew Liska, Cassi Lochhaas, Lia Medeiros, Ekta Patel, Justin Pierel, Jessica Spake, Katherine (Wren) Suess, Jiayi Sun, Margaret (Maggie) Thompson, and Maria Vincenzi! (press release here)

NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP) (ad)

Deadline 1 November 2022. Any news? Some offers made.

What location were offers made? At least for JPL (declined). Any update on GSFC offers? At least two three offers made for GSFC (Feb 2) and one two accepted.

At least one two pending status (Feb 8). One GSFC offer declined (Feb 17). Any updates (Feb 24)?

Center for Computational Astrophysics (CCA), Flatiron Institute, Flatiron Research Fellows (ad) Deadline 1 November 2022. Invitation for interview sent at least to some candidates (7 Dec.). Some rejections sent (4 Jan). Any news? More rejections sent (23 Jan) First round of offers sent and some in the waiting list notified (25 Jan) Any news about offers accepted or declined?
Feb 15: at least some rejections sent.
Pappalardo Fellowship (MIT, ad) Deadline 7 October 2022 Some rejections & invitations sent (Nov 14), wait-list notified (Dec 19) One offer accepted by Juliana García-Mejía
YCAA fellowship, Yale University (ad)  Deadline 4 Nov, 2022; Interview request for short list sent (Dec 15th). Any updates (Jan 30)? Offer was made. 150 applications. Rejections sent "A few weeks ago, we made a first offer and that was accepted"  (Feb 15)
NOIRLab Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship (ad)

Deadline 17 January, 2023. Offer accepted.

Which location was the offer accepted? <-- Tucson

University of Florida (UF), Post-Doctoral Associate in Galactic Star Formation (ALMA/JWST) /w Adam Ginsburg (ad)

Deadline 31 December 2022; Any news? Interviews were scheduled for some candidates. 
Johns Hopkins University (JHU) William H. Miller Fellowship (ad) Deadline 4 December 2022. Any news? Offer made Dec 22, see HEP rumor mill.  Any news (Feb. 2)?.  At least one astronomy/astrophysics target area offer made.
Perimeter Institute (ad)  Deadline 8 Nov 2022. Invitations to interview sent to at least some (early December). Some offers made 10 Dec. Additional offer(s?) made 8 Jan.
BCCP and TAC fellowships, UC Berkeley

 Deadline 20 Nov 2022. Releasing offers starting Feb. 20. Any news?

Waterloo Centre for Astrophysics (WCA) Postdoctoral Fellowships (ad) Deadline 11 Nov 2022; interview invitations sent to shortlist (Nov 30), at least one offer made (Dec 23), accepted
Canadian Rubin Fellowships (ad) Deadline 14 Nov 2022; Interview invitations sent to some candidates (Dec 16)
LSSTC Catalyst Fellowship (ad)

Deadline 15 Nov 2022; Reference letters requested; Some candidates invited for interviews. Any news (Feb. 2)? Some rejections sent (Feb 6). Any offer made?

Did only people who were offered awards get an interview? I was notified of waitlist status Feb 3 (no interview)

Offered on Feb. 3 (was not interviewed) 

at least one offer accepted

Flatiron CCA Software Research Fellow (ad) Deadline 15 Nov 2022; Interview invitations sent to some candidates (Dec 14). Some rejections sent (6 Jan).
CIERA Postdoctoral Fellowships at Northwestern (ad) Deadline 22 Nov 2022; 249 applications; several offers made 1/6. In total 12 offers made, 9 accepted. (not surprising) rejection sent on Mar. 3.
U Chicago AI in Science Postdoctoral Fellowship (ad) Deadline 15 Nov 2022. Shortlist notified Dec 29.
Caltech Prize Postdoctoral Fellowship in Observational Astro or Astroinformatics (ad) Deadline 15 Nov 2022; News? Any news as of feb 15? One rejection received 24 Feb 2023.
Postdoc Positions at MPIA (Max Planck Institute for Astronomy) in Heidelberg (ad)(ad2) Deadline 23 Nov 2022; 10 positions. Any news? Interview invitations have been sent for some positions, but not all. At least some offers made. Any other interview invitations sent as of the 23rd January? Offer made for prize fellowship, declined (early Feb). Any news for other positions? (March 3) Some rejections sent. ~140 applications. (March 24)
HITS Independent Fellowship (ad) Deadline 30 Nov 2022; Rejections sent to some candidates (Dec 20)
Postdoc Position at Max-Planck-Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics (MPE) in Garching; High-energy Group (ad) Deadline 30 Nov 2022; Some rejections sent (May 3)
DiRAC Postdoc Fellowship at the University of Washington (ad) Deadline 2 Dec 2022, Any news (Feb 1)? Rejection sent (Feb 2), Any offer/waitlist notification?
DARK Postdoc Fellowship at U of Copenhagen (ad)

Deadline 13 Dec 2022. Rejections sent (Jan 30). Assessment committee appointed (Jan 30).

Has anyone who was shortlisted received an interview invitation yet?

Answering my own question: interview invitations sent 7th Feb, for later this week/early next week.

Offer made 14th Feb. Accepted.

DAWN Fellowship at U of Copenhagen (ad) Deadline 2 Dec 2022. Shortlist made. Offer made.
Postdoc Position in X-ray Spectral-timing Modeling & Software Development (with Phil Uttley) at U of Amsterdam (ad)

Deadline 22 Dec 2022

Some rejections sent.

Hintze Fellowship at U of Oxford (ad) Deadline 9 Jan 2023.
Have rejections been sent? I didn't get a rejection or an invitation for an interview.

Interview scheduled (Jan 20).

Harvard ITC Fellowship (ad)

Deadline 20 Nov 2022. Rejections sent (Dec 14).

189 applications.

Two offers made. Unable to make any further offers unless offereers decline.

University of Cambridge ("The Faint Universe made visible with Machine Learning" with Professors Vasily Belokurov and Wyn Evans) (ad) Deadline 1 Dec 2022. Letter requested. Any news?? 31 Jan. interview invitations sent. Rejections sent (Feb 9)
Karl Schwarzschild Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP) (ad) Deadline 22 Nov 2022. At least some rejections sent (15 Dec). Some rejections sent (11 Jan). Any news? Offer made. Offer accepted.
Theoretical/Computational Astrophysics and Cosmology at the Leibniz Institut for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP) (ad) Deadline 15 Nov 2022. Letter requested. Shortlist made and Interview scheduled (Dec 6). Have shortlisted applicants been contacted? Yes, some interview scheduled. Offer and waitlist made (15 Dec). Offer Accepted.
Gliese Fellowship 2023 (University of Heidelberg) (ad) Deadline 30 Nov 2022. Some rejections sent, and shortlisted candidates notified (Jan 15). More rejections sent (Jan 17).
MIT Kavli Postdoctoral Fellowship in Astrophysics (ad) Deadline 2 Dec 2022. Any news? Rejections sent "over 200 applications" (Feb 9)
Percival Lowell Postdoctoral Fellowship (ad) Deadline 30 Nov 2022. Shortlist contacted for interviews (12/22). Rejections sent out (1/27).  Offer accepted.
University of Warwick, Postdoctoral positions in Exoplanets with David Armstrong (ad) Deadline 30 November 2022. Some interviews scheduled (Dec 8). Offer accepted.
Institut de Física d'Altes Energies (IFAE, Barcelona), postdoctoral positions to work on data analysis of DESI Deadline 15 Nov 2022. First interviews in late November. Offer made. One offer accepted.
Ohio State University, OSU (CCAPP fellow) (ad) Deadline 18 Nov 2022. asked applicants to apply to their own portal (work day) besides AJO (Dec 8). Some applicants asked for final stage interview on Jan 3.  At least one offer made (Feb 10) and declined.  Two offers accepted. Rejections sent (March 31)
New York University, NYU, CCPP (James Arthur Postdoctoral Fellowship) (ad) Deadline 15 Nov 2022. arranging interviews on the AJO status page. Jan 01, 2023. Offer accepted, see HEP rumor mill The hep James Arthur was a separate job ad. Astro offer and waitlist notified (Jan 12)
New York University and Center for Computational Astrophysics (CCA) postdoc fellowship on line intensity mapping (ad) W/ Anthony Pullen and Rachel Somerville   Deadline 1 Dec, 2022. Any news? At least one offer made and accepted
Post-doctoral fellowship in computational extragalactic astrophysics in the JWST era (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris, IAP with  Clotilde Laigle (Paris), Olivier Ilbert (Marseille), Yohan Dubois (Paris), Maxime Trebitsch (Groningen)) (ad) Deadline 15 Nov 2022. Reference letters requested. Some rejections sent (Jan 10).
ESO Fellowships (ad)

Deadline 15 Oct. Interviews scheduled in Dec. Offers for the Vitacura position sent, at least one position has been already accepted. Garching: some rejections sent. Offers made, accepted.

Any other offers/waitlist left?

Beecroft Fellowship, University of Oxford (ad)

Deadline 30 Nov. Has any offer been made?

Based on previous years I expect rejections/interviews will be done after Christmas.

Offer made Dec 16 (declined Jan 4).

(Jan 6) Was any rejection sent?

Offer made Jan 6 and accepted

If the position is filled why haven't rejection emails been sent?

Research Associates in Theoretical Astrophysics (DAMTP, Cambridge) (ad) Selection Deadline 12 Dec. Recommendations requested earlier. Any news?
Harvard Junior Fellow (ad

Deadline 12 Aug. Rejection sent 12 Dec.

Cornell University Klarman Fellowships (ad

Deadline 14 Oct. 

Candidates interviewed Nov 28 - Dec 2.

Some rejections sent (Jan. 3)

Caltech Burke Fellowship (ad)

Deadline 15 Nov. Some offers made Dec 14. One offer accepted. Rejection received (Jan 26)

Institute for Advanced Study (ad)

Deadline 15 Nov. Interviews week of Dec 19. Rejections sent Jan 12.  All offers accepted.  

Princeton Spitzer Fellowship (ad)

Deadline 15 Nov. Any news? Rejections sent Feb 1. 
Anyone else that hasn't received a rejection or an interview/waitlist notification either (Feb. 2)? I have received a rejection for "Postdoctoral Research in Astrophysical Sciences in Astrophysical Sciences" yesterday (Feb 1). It doesn't mention the Sptizer though. I believe it means rejection for all positions listed on the ad page. Yes, I also think this means rejections for all the positions. But I haven't received such an email this time.


Princeton Russell Fellowship (ad)

Deadline 15 Nov. Any updates? Some rejections sent (same email as discussed above for Princeton Spitzer). Any news from people who didn't receive that email? One person got an informal email from a faculty member, but not an official email.

Princeton Future Faculty Fellowship (ad Deadline 15 Nov. Any updates? Interviews conducted in mid-December. Shortlist notified and offers made in late December. Rejections sent Feb 16
Princeton research positions in astrophysical plasma theory and simulation, cosmology, machine learning, plasma astrophysics, statistical astronomy, and theoretical astrophysics. (ad)

Deadline 15 Nov. Some invitations for interviews (21 Dec.) Interviews for which of the positions?

Some rejections sent (Feb 2).

Anyone else that hasn't received a rejection or an interview/waitlist notification either (Feb. 2)?

Carnegie Fellowship (ad) Deadline 1 Nov. Rejections sent (Jan 20).
Carnegie EPL Fellowship (ad) Deadline 1 Nov. Interviews scheduled the week of Jan 16. Some rejections sent (Feb. 2).
Carnegie Theoretical Astrophysics Center Fellowship (ad) Deadline 1 Nov. Some zoom interviews week of Dec 5. Offer accepted.
Carnegie-Caltech Fellowship (ad) Deadline 1 Nov. Any news as of feb 15?
Chamberlain Postdoctoral Fellow (ad) Deadline 14 Oct. Some interviews in November. Any news?
Los Alamos National Laboratory - CTA (ad) Deadline 4 Nov.
STScI Postdoctoral Fellowships (ad) Deadline 30 Sept. Some rejections sent (15 Dec). Short-listed candidates invited for interviews (Dec 22). At least one offer made (24 Jan, accepted)
KITP scholar (ad) Deadline 15 Nov. Offer made (Dec. 17). Was this for astro or another field? KITP doesn't always offer in all fields of physics at the same time. Astro interview scheduled (Jan. 11). Rejections sent (Mar 3).
Clay Postdoctoral Fellowship (ad) Deadline 28 Oct. Offer made (15th Dec). Accepted
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics YITP fellow (ad) Deadline 15 Dec. Rejection sent March 1.
Kavli IPMU fellow (ad) Deadline Dec 1. Offers made Dec 19 (see HEP rumor mill). However, shortlist invited for video interviews Dec 20. Multiple waves of offers? (I think HEP and astro offers are on separate timescales.) Astro interviews to be held in the week of Jan 9. Offers are made. 
Chien-Shiung Wu Prize fellowship at Kavli IPMU (ad) Deadline Dec 1. At least one offer made and accepted
Black Hole Initiative (BHI) Fellowship, Harvard University

Deadline Nov 30. Offer made (Dec. 16). Rejections sent (Jan. 31).

IPI Fellowship, Sorbonne (ad)

Deadline Nov 18. Answers expected end of December.

Any news? Rejection letters sent (Dec 22).

Have all the positions been accepted? Any news?

Durham University (Fellowship and Postdoctoral Research Positions in Observational and Theoretical Cosmology and Extragalactic Astronomy and Planetary Science) (ad) (ad2)

Deadline 14 Dec. Any news? Some interview invitations sent 13th Jan. For all projects? For at least two out of the 12. Any other interview invitations sent as of the 23rd January? AFAIK, they are conducting all the interviews this week. 

At least two offers made (for positions with Richard Massey and Carlos Frenk).

U of Maryland (Prize Postdoctoral Fellowship in Theoretical Astrophysics) (ad)
Deadline 15 Dec. Any news? Rejections sent (Feb 02). "With 90 applications for a single position..." Offer made (Feb 10) and accepted.
U of Maryland / Joint Space-Science Institute (Neil Gehrels Prize Postdoctoral Fellowship) (ad) Deadline 20 December. Offer mad (end of Jan) and declined. Next offer made (Feb 14) and declined (Feb 17).
U of Toronto (Postdoctoral Position in Near-field Cosmology with Profs. Ting Li and Jo Bovy ) (ad)
Deadline 15 Dec. Offer made (Jan 24). Rejection received (Jan 26). Offer accepted (Feb 13).
Donostia International Physics Center (Postdoctoral positions in galaxy evolution and cosmology)(ad)
Deadline 15 Dec. Interview scheduled (Jan 11). At least one offer accepted (Feb 16).
Leiden University (Postdoctoral position in computational galaxy formation with Prof. Joop Schaye and Dr. Matthieu Schaller) (ad)

Deadline 19 Dec.

Interview invitation (4 Jan). Offer made 12 Jan. Rejections sent "... offer has now been accepted" (Feb 10)

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL Switzerland in the group of Dr. David Harvey.) (ad) Deadline 21 Dec.
Australian National University (Two five-year postdoc positions in computational ISM / galaxy evolution / star formation in Professor Mark Krumholz's research group) (ad)

Deadline 23 Dec. Reference letters requested.

Shortlist interview invitations (Jan 23)

Offer made and waitlist notified (Feb 06)

Kyoto University Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics: 2 x 3 year postdoc positions in "Standard model of cosmology and FRBs" (ad) Deadline Dec 27.
Two postdoctoral positions at FORTH (Crete, Greece) under an ERA Chair in AstroInformatics  (Radio WeakLensing, WeakLensing & High Order Statistics) Deadline Nov. 15 (Extended)
Kavli Institute Senior Fellowship in Exoplanets, University of Cambridge (ad) Deadline Dec 20, 2022. Some rejections sent (Jan. 17).
KIAA fellowship, Peking University (ad) Deadline Nov. 15 Invitations for interview sent (Dec 29) Interview in the week of Jan 9. Rejections were sent on 3 Jan. Offer made (Jan. 16)
Postdoctoral position in "real-time" Galactic dynamics at University of Alabama, Huntsville (w Chakrabarti) (ad Deadline: February 6th.  
2 Postdocs in SN and Time-Domain astronomy, University of Virginia (Maryam Modjaz) (ad) Application Deadline extended to Jan 15, 2023.
Harvard University (Fellowship for Future Faculty Leaders (FFL)) (ad)

Deadline 02 Dec. 

Offer made, some rejections sent (Feb 13), some applicants didn't receive rejections so are still active 

Postdoctoral positions in AI/Stats for Astrophysics and Cosmology, Peng Cheng Lab (ad) Deadline: Jan 15. Interviews scheduled for week of Feb 6.
Research associates in exoplanet atmosphere, Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge (w Nikku Madhusudhan) (ad)

Deadline Dec 15, 2022. Any News? Interviews held in the week of Jan 30 for multiple positions. At least three offers made and accepted.

Joint Rutgers/CCA Postdoctoral Fellow (ad) Deadline: Dec 03. Any News? Shortlist will be notified week of Jan 23, Some rejections sent. Offer made and accepted.
Postdoctoral positions at Geneva University (ad) Deadline: Nov 27. Any News? Offers made. For which position?
Cosmology post-doctoral position at Argonne National Laboratory (ad) Deadline: Dec 02. Interviews held week of 09 Jan. For group-wide positions or research positions?
RAS Norman Lockyer fellowship (ad)

Deadline 15th October. Any news? -- I was told (a month ago) that they will be shortlisting at the end of January.

Rejections sent 25th January. Offers made and "waiting list" notified.

Cambridge, Cosmology & gravitational post-doctoral position w/ Blake Sherwin / James Parke (ad

Deadline: Jan 8;

Feb 17: any news?

Edinburgh, Exoplanets, Brown Dwarfs, or Low-Mass Stars post-doctoral position w/ Trent Dupuy (ad) Deadline: May 26, 2023
Edinburgh, Cosmology with DESI post-doctoral position w/ Florian Beutler (ad) Deadline: Jan 20; Offer made and accepted.
Edinburgh, Cosmology post-doctoral position w/ Alkistis Pourtsidou (ad) Deadline: Jan 20; Offer made and accepted.
MPE, Observational cosmology post-doctoral position w/ Ariel Sanchez (ad) Deadline: Jan 20; some rejections sent.
Leiden, Oort Fellowship (ad) Deadline: Jan 6; interviews: Feb 8 & 9. Interview invitations Jan 30. Offer accepted
Dennis Sciama Fellowship, ICG Portsmouth (ad) Deadline 30th January. Interviews invitations sent. Offer made and accepted.
Junior Research Fellowship at St. John's College, University of Oxford (ad Deadline October 15th. Any news?
Arizona Cosmology Lab Fellowship (ad) Deadline: December 15; Interviews held.
Postdoctoral Research fellow in Exoplanet atmospheres or Radial velocities with Mercedes Lopez-Morales at Harvard-Smithsonian (ad)

Deadline 31st January. Shortlist made and interviews underway. Offer made and accepted.

Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship (MSCA)  Deadline September 14, 2022. Offers sent by email Feb 12th. Rejections sent Feb 13th. Offers made and accepted (European Fellow x 2).
3CPE Fellowship, The Caltech Center for Comparative Planetary Evolution, Caltech (ad) Deadline Jan 1. Rejections sent Feb 15th.
Peter A. Strittmatter Postdoctoral Fellowship, Univ. of Arizona (ad) Deadline Dec 19. Rejections sent Feb 17. Offer made to one candidate and accepted.
Virginia Cosmic Origins Postdoctoral Fellowships, Univ. of Virginia (ad) Deadline Dec 15. Interviews notified (jan 16). Any news? (Feb 19). Rejections sent (Mar 06).
Virginia Institute for Theoretical Astronomy Postdoctoral Fellowships (ad) Deadline Dec 15. Rejections sent (Mar 06).
Postdoctoral Researcher - CHANDRA X-ray Astronomy (ad)

Deadline Nov 30. At least one offer made. Waitlist notified.

Any updates?

Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Exoplanet discovery with the PLATO mission at the University of Oxford (ad) Deadline Feb 20, 2023. Shortlist made and interviews scheduled.

TOSCA Postdoctoral position on cosmology (CosmoStat, CEA-Saclay, France): optimising the synergy between Euclid and SKA (ad)

Deadline Jan 31, 2023. Any news?
STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowship (ERF) Deadline Sep 2022. Any news? 
Interviews took place Feb 27-March 1st (3 days). Estimated results mid-March. 
Research Fellow in Galaxy Dynamics/Evolution in UCL Deadline April 5, 2023. Any news as of May 10, 2023? Shortlisted candidates contacted on May 11, 2023 for an interview the next week. Offer made and rejections sent (31st May)


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