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Postdoc or term positions

Place/Institution (alphabetical) People (in boldface if accepted)
SAAO Director Headhunted: Gary Hill (06/11)
AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellowships (ad) Interviews scheduled. Finalists notified (03/11).
Academia Sinica (ad) Invited for interview: David Atlee, David Murphy. Offer made to Chang-Goo Kim (1/5, declined), Roberto Galvan-Madrid (1/5, declined), Satej Khedekar (3/5, declined)
AIP Potsdam (Karl Schwarzschild Fellowship) (ad)  
AIP Potsdam (Astrophysics) (ad) Offer made to Adi Zolotov (2/14), Ugur Ural
AIP Potsdam (Solar Physics) (ad)  
AIP Potsdam (MHD simulations) (ad)  
University of Alberta (Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Postdoctoral Fellowship) (ad)  
University of Alberta (Banting Fellowship in Stellar and High Energy Astrophysics) (ad)  
American Museum of Natural History (nearby and low-mass stars) (ad) Offer made to Bárbara Rojas-Ayala
Argelander Fellowship (Bonn) (ad) 120 Applications. Shortlist made: Erminia Calabrese, Reiko Nakajima. Offer made: Reiko Nakajima(Feb. 03)
Argonne National Laboratory Early Science Program Postdoc (Computational Cosmology) (ad) Offer made to Hal Finkel.
Argonne National Laboratory Physical Cosmology Postdoctoral positions (updated ad) Two offers made, including Cameron McBride (Feb 3, declined). Offers made to Sanghamitra Deb and Juliana Kwan.
Arizona State University (Exploration Postdoctoral Fellowship Program) (ad)  
Arizona State University (6 positions in cosmology, classical and quantum gravity, and particle-astrophysics) (ad) Offer made to Thomas Jacques.
University of Arizona (Theory Fellowship) (ad) Offer made to Craig Booth (declined). Offer made to Charlotte Christensen
University of Arizona (w/Apai) (ad) 22 applications, shortlist made, some phone interviews. Offer made and accepted.
University of Arizona (w/Marrone) (ad) Shortlist includes Guilin Liu. Offer made to Matthew Bothwell.
University of Arizona (w/Ozel) (ad)  
University of Arizona (w/Pascucci at LPL)(ad)  
University of Arizona (w/Smith)(ad)  
ASTRON (Dwingeloo, the Netherlands) (ad)  
Australian Astronomical Observatory (Super Science Fellow) (ad) Interviews scheduled. Some offers made, including Michelle Cluver (12/15), Stephanie Juneau (declined), Maritza A. Lara-Lopez, Matt Owers, Michelle Cluver
Australian National University (Super Science Fellow) (ad) Some interviews scheduled. One offer made to Michelle Collins (Dec. 24, declined). Phone interviews (Feb 17). Offer made to Alan Alves-Brito (accepted).
UC President's Fellowship (ad) Finalists notified (2/18)
UC Berkeley (CARMA Postdoc) (ad) Offer made to: Guillermo Blanc (1/27, declined)
UC Berkeley Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellowship (ad) Offer made to: Javiera Guedes (declined)
UC Berkeley (Computational astrophysics) (ad) Offer made to: Julian Merten (declined)
UC Berkeley CIPS Fellowship (ad) Offer made and accepted
UC Berkeley Theoretical Astrophysics Fellowship (ad) Shortlist made. Offers made: Lorenzo Sironi (1/19), Jason Dexter (joint w/ LBNL) (1/26).
UC Berkeley Prize Fellowship in Astrophysics (ad) Shortlist made (1/14); offer made to Jonathan Pritchard (declined)
UC Berkeley Miller Fellowship (ad) Offer made to: Mansi Kasliwal (Dec. 16), Lorenzo Sironi (1/24). Rejection letters sent (Dec. 22)
UC Berkeley/San Francisco State (Computational star/planet formation) (ad)  
UC San Diego (Brown dwarfs w Brugasser)(ad) Short list made. Candidates contacted
Bonn University (Theoretical Astrophysics and Cosmology) (ad) Shortlist includes Alvise Raccanelli (withdrawn), Simon Karl, Athena Stacy. Offered to Cameron McBride (Feb 5, declined Feb 10), Emilio Romano-Diaz
Bonn University (X-ray astronomy) (ad) Shortlist made, interviews conducted (11/15)
CAB-OAN (Spain) (mm-submm astronomy) (ad)  
Caltech (Experimental Fellowship) (ad) Offers made and accepted.
Caltech (Observational Fellowship) (ad) Shortlist notified. Offers made to Daniel Perley (declined), Laura Lopez (declined). Offer made and accepted.
Caltech (CARMA Postdoc) (ad) Offer made (Jan. 24) to John Tobin (declined). Shortlist includes Guilin Liu. Offer made and accepted.
Caltech (Theoretical Fellowship) (ad) Offers made 12/16/10 and 1/16/11 to Francois Foucart (declined), Kumiko Kotera, Cora Dvorkin (declined), Sam Gralla (declined).
Caltech (Numerical Relativity/Theoretical Astro) (ad) Offers made (Jan. 20)
Caltech (SSC/IPAC w/Paladini) (ad) Offer made (01/06) to Christopher Tibbs
Caltech (submm/CSO) (ad)  
Caltech (IPAC w/ Teplitz) (ad) Interviews conducted at Seattle AAS
Caltech (KISS fellowship) (ad) At least one offer made (Jan. 31).
Caltech/IPAC (w/Chary) (ad)  
Cambridge JRF (various Colleges) (ad) Shortlist includes Adrian Barker (Emmanuel)
Cambridge (UK) postdoctoral researcher (theory) Offer made and accepted
Cambridge (UK) (Kavli Fellowship, 5yr) (ad) Shortlist made (1/6), including Adam Muzzin, Jonathan Pritchard. Offer made Jonathan Pritchard (2/8).
Carnegie - DTM Fellowship (ad) Offer made (1/20). Joleen Carlberg (2/7). Brian Jackson (2/7).
Carnegie Fellowship (ad) Mediumlist made (1/3). Interviews scheduled, including Guillermo Blanc, Javiera Guedes. Shortlist made (1/15), including Javiera Guedes, Laura Lopez (withdrawn), Guillermo Blanc, Michael McDonald, Olivera Rakic, Alyson Brooks. Offer made to Guillermo Blanc
Carnegie - Princeton Fellowship (ad) Shortlist includes Michael McDonald; offer made: Mansi Kasliwal.
Carnegie Supernova Project (ad)  
Carnegie Mellon University (McWilliams Fellowship) (ad) Offers made to Nicholas Battaglia(1/18), Courtney Peterson (1/27, declined), Nishant Agarwal (2/17)
Carnegie Mellon University (w/ Trac) (ad)  
CEA Saclay (w/ Bournaud)(ad) Offers made and accepted; rejection emails sent (2/15)
CEA Saclay (w/ Chieze)(ad)  
CEA Saclay (w/ Daddi)(ad)  
CEA Saclay (w/ Duc)(ad) Offer made and waiting for candidate decision
CEA Saclay (w/ Foglizzo)(ad)  
CEA Saclay (w/ Fromang)(ad) Offers made to Adrian Barker (1/26, declined), Wladimir Lyra (1/26, declined), Mario Flock.
CEA Saclay (theory, cosmology)(ad)  
Center for Particle Cosmology, University of Pennsylvania Offered to: Yi-Zen Chu
CERN Member state fellowship (deadline September)(ad) Offer to: Diego Blas, Christian Byrnes
University of Chicago (Simons Fellowship) (ad) Offer made to Yacine Ali-Haimoud (12/3; declined) Offer made and accepted; position filled (1/25).
University of Chicago (EFI) (ad) Offer made and accepted, position filled (Feb. 1).
University of Chicago (KICP) (ad) Offer made to Olivera Rakic (12/17; declined). Some rejections sent (2/12).
University of Chicago (w/ Gnedin) (ad) Offer made to Craig Booth(1/24)
Universidad de Chile (ALMA Science) (ad) Offer made to Javiera Guedes (declined), Linda Watson (declined), David Rodriguez (1/19)
CIFAR Junior Fellowship (ad): Cosmology and Gravity Junior Fellowship Position (ad) – deadline Dec. 1st, 2010 Offer made to Cora Dvorkin (declined), Gurtina Besla (1/12, declined)
CITA Postdoctoral Fellowship (ad) Shortlist includes Ivan Zalamea (Jan. 26), Craig Booth (Jan. 30). Offers made (Dec. 17) to Francois Foucart, Cora Dvorkin (declined), James Owen, Takeshi Kobayashi, Min-Kai Lin,Tony Chu, Shy Genel (declined), Gurtina Besla (declined), and Brian Lacki (declined). Offers made (Jan. 10) to Diederik Kruijssen (declined), Smadar Naoz (declined), and Alyson Brooks (declined). Offers made (Jan. 27) to Roman Shcherbakov (declined), and Robert Marcus (declined). Offers made (Feb. 1) to Ji-hoon Kim (declined), Krzysztof Nalewajko (declined), Linda Strubbe. Offer made (Feb 3) to FabioAntonini and Adrian Barker (Feb. 7, declined)
CITA Senior Researcher (ad) Offer made (Dec. 17): Eric Switzer, Jonathan Pritchard (declined), Lorenzo Sironi (declined)
CITA National Fellowship (ad) Some offers made. Fabio Antonini (to UofA w/Ivanova, declined), Chang-Goo Kim(to UWO w/Basu), Yin-Zhe Ma (17th, Feb)
Columbia University (Postdoctoral Position) (ad) Shortlist includes Jason Dexter, Ji-hoon Kim, Roman Shcherbakov; Offer made
CTIO Fellowship/Director of Student Programs (ad) 30 applicants. Interviews being conducted, including Eric Hilton.  Offer made, accepted.
Dark Cosmology Centre, Copenhagen DARK Fellows (ad) 202 Applications. Shorlist includes: Erminia Calabrese, Silvia Galli, Stefania Pandolfi, David Sobral, Takamitsu Tanaka, Adam Muzzin, Rafael S. de Souza, Cameron McBride, Paolo Cassata, Alvise Raccanelli, Gisella De Rosa, Daniel Perley, Olivera Rakic, Patricia Schady. Offers made to: Daniel Perley (declined), David Sobral (1/25, declined), Silvia Galli (1/31, declined), Stefania Pandolfi(2/9)
Dark Cosmology Centre, Copenhagen Sophie and Tycho Brahe Fellow, joint with Texas Cosmology Center (UT-Austin) (ad) 140 Applications. Offer made (1/24) to Jennifer Siegal-Gaskins (declined), David Sobral (2/8, declined)
UC Davis EXES Postdoc at Ames (with Richter) (ad)  
Dunlap Postdoctoral Fellowships (ad) Shortlist formed (Dec. 16). Offers made: two declined, two accepted (David Law and one other).
Durham University (ad) Long shortlist made (Jan. 20), includes: Silvia Galli, Adi Zolotov, Vimal Simha, Matthew Bothwell, Cameron McBride, Wojciech Hellwing, Alexander Karim, Chia-Hsun Chuang, Tomas Tecce. Offers made to: David Sobral (Jan 22, declined), Vimal Simha (Jan 25), Cameron McBride (Jan 26, declined), Adi Zolotov (Jan 25), Wojciech Hellwing (Feb 10), Ben Lowing (Feb 15)
University of Edinburgh (ad) Shortlist made, applicants notified. Interviews being conducted. Shortlist includes: Stefania Pandolfi, Guillermo Blanc, Adam Christopherson, David Sobral, Samantha Penny, Diego Capozzi, Paolo Cassata, Michelle Collins. Offer made to Christian Knobel (declined). Rejection emails sent, positions filled.
Einstein Fellowship (ad) 178 Applications. 10 offers made to: Akos Bogdan (-> SAO), Sam Gralla (-> UMD), Phil Hopkins (-> UCB), Jennifer Siegal-Gaskins (-> Caltech), Kumiko Kotera (declined), Matthew Kunz (-> Princeton), Laura Lopez (-> MIT, +1 yr Pappalardo), Daniel Perley (declined), Amy Reines (-> NRAO), Rubens Reis (-> Michigan), Ken Shen (-> LBNL), and Lorenzo Sironi (-> ITC, Harvard, +2 yr ITC). Successful candidates and those on the waitlist have been notified (1/21).
EPFL - 5-year Euclid Fellowship (ad) Shortlist made, includes Anais Rassat
ESA Postdoctoral Fellowships (ad) Shortlist made, applicants notified. Interviews held.
ESO fellowship (Chile) (ad) About 70 applications. Shortlist made. Candidates invited for phone interviews. Shortlist includes: Javiera Guedes, Guillermo Blanc, David Sobral, Stefan Uttenthaler, David Jones. 5 offers made to: Guillermo Blanc (12/20, declined), David Jones (12/20), Roger Wesson (12/20), David Sobral (2/2, declined). All offers made and accepted.
ESO fellowship (Garching) (ad) About 140 applications. Shortlist made. Candidates invited for phone interviews. Some rejection emails sent (11/29). Shortlist includes: Javiera Guedes, Pedro Lacerda, Wesley Fraser, Michelle Collins, Grant Tremblay, Daniel Perley, Timothy A. Davis. Offers made to: Grant Tremblay (12/17), Timothy A. Davis (12/17), Roberto Galvan-Madrid (12/17). All offers made and accepted.
ETH (w/ Carollo & w/ Lilly)(ad) Interviews conducted. Offer made to David Sobral (2/8, declined)
ETH Zwicky Fellowship (ad) Not offered this year.
ETH Infrared Instrumentation/Exoplanet Science Short-list made and phone interviews conducted. Offer made and accepted.
Fermilab Theoretical Astrophysics (ad) Offer made and accepted (Feb. 1).
Fermilab Center for Particle Astrophysics (experiment)(ad) Interviews being conducted. Shortlist includes Chaz Shapiro (11/25). Offers include: Eric Switzer (declined) (1/14)
Gemini Observatory - North (Scientist) (ad) Shortlist made. Candidates invited for interviews, including David Sobral. Offer made and accepted.
Gemini Observatory - South (Science Fellow) (ad) Shortlist made.
Greece - GSRT Action "Support of Postdoctoral Researchers," Thematic Area PE 09 (Universe Sciences) Danai Polychroni, Elias Koulouridis, Eleni Vardoulaki,  Piero Ranalli
Institut fuer Astrophysik, Goettingen (stars and exoplanets w Reiners)(ad) Interviews being scheduled
Harvard College Observatory (exoplanets w Charbonneau) (ad)  
Harvard-Smithsonian (CfA Fellowship) (ad) Some rejection emails sent (12/28). Shortlist includes Yacine Ali-Haimoud, Tilman Birnstiel, Michelle Collins, Ivana Damjanov, Cora Dvorkin, James Owen, Rubens Reis, Zhaohuan Zhu. Offer made to: Bryce Croll (declined) (12/16)
Harvard-ITC Fellowships (ad) Offers made (Nov 29) to: Jo Bovy (declined), Shy Genel, Smadar Naoz, Lorenzo Sironi (w/ Einstein + 2yr ITC)
Harvard University (CMB) (ad)  
Harvard University (Menzel Fellowship) (ad) Some rejection emails sent (12/28). Offer made to: David Kipping (deferred) (12/16); Michelle Collins (2/7, declined)
Harvard University (Supernovae) (ad) 31 Applications. Offer made to Dan Milisavljevic (Feb 7).
Harvard University (Postdoctoral Fellowship in Galaxy Cluster Cosmology) (ad)  
Harvard University (Postdoctoral position in precision astrophysics) (ad)  
Harvard University (Postdoctoral Fellowship in Cosmology and Galaxy Formation) (ad) Offer made to Cameron McBride (Jan 20, accepted Feb 9)
University of Hawaii (Parrent Fellowship) (ad) Offer made to Roderik Overzier (declined). Naveen Reddy (declined).
University of Hawaii (Pan-STARRS)  
University of Hawaii (w/ Liu) (ad)  
University of Hawaii (w/ Gaidos) (ad) Offer made to Eric Hilton
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Astrophysics) (ad) Accepted: Rodolfo Barniol Duran, Norita Kawanaka, Adi Zolotov.
Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (w/ Springel) (ad) Offer made to Chris Hayward (1/27)
Heidelberg University (Gliese Fellowship) (ad) Extended shortlist includes: Diederik Kruijssen (12/21)
Heidelberg University (ITP) (ad) Shortlist formed (12/23)
Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics (Covington Fellowship) (ad) Shortlist formed, offer made
Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics (Plaskett Fellowship) (ad) 92 Applications, Shortlist formed (Dec. 21), includes John Tobin, Michelle Collins, Adam Muzzin, Michael McDonald, Stephanie Juneau (withdrawn), Sarah Martell. Offer made to Michael McDonald (declined).
High Altitude Observatory Fellowships (ad) Shortlist: Chandran, Chatterjee, de la Cruz, Dogan, Guerrero, Hunana, Jones, Pedatella, Schunker, Stangalini. Offers made: Piyali Chatterjee, Gulnur Dogan, Nicholas Pedatella.
Hubble Fellowship (ad) 269 Applications. Offers being made (starting 01/26): Gurtina Besl(-> Columbia), Jo Bovy (-> IAS), Sean Couch (-> Chicago), Nathalie Degenaar (-> U. Mich.), Steven Finkelstein (-> UT Austin), Evghenii Gaburov (-> Northwestern), Markus Janson (-> Princeton), Linhua Jiang (-> ASU), Stephanie Juneau (declined), Jeyhan Kartaltepe (-> NOAO), Mansi Kasliwal (-> Carnegie), Brian Lacki (declined), Laura Lopez (declined), Jessica Lu (declined), Chris Ormel (-> Berkeley), Josh Peek (-> Columbia), Daniel Perley (-> Caltech), Ralph Schoenrich (-> OSU), Roman Shcherbakov(-> UMD), Daniel Stark (-> Arizona), John Tobin (-> NRAO). Rejections sent via e-mail (2/4).
University of Hertfordshire (ad) Rejection emails sent Oct 5. Offers made to John Barnes, Nicola Brassington, David Kipping (declined), Dan Smith
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Illinois-Paris Fellow) (ad) Offer made to Cameron McBride (1/18, declined)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (CARMA Postdoc) (ad) Shortlist includes Matthew Bothwell (withdrawn), Guilin Liu. Offer made to Guilin Liu (declined, 2/10), Linda Watson (2/11, declined)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Fellow in Computational/Theoretical Cosmology) (ad)  
Imperial College London (Research Associate in Astrophysics x 2) (ad)  
Imperial College London (Space Physics) (ad)  
Imperial College London (cosmology, 9mth position) (ad) Offer made and accepted.
INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Trieste (Galaxy formation & evolution)(ad) Shortlist made.
INAF - Postdoctoral Fellowships Botticella Maria Teresa, Schreiber Laura, Bongiorno Angela, Nagai Hiroshi, Sacco Giuseppe, Caballero Garcia Maria, Carbone Carmelita, Ysard Nathalie
INFN - Postdoctoral Fellowships for Non-Italian Citizens Offer made (2/1) to Jennifer Siegal-Gaskins (declined)
Institute for Advanced Study (ad) Offers made: Yacine Ali-Haimoud, Jo Bovy (12/6, w/ Hubble), Brian Lacki (w/ Jansky+1yr IAS), Dave Spiegel, Simeon Bird, Cora Dvorkin, Lorenzo Sironi (declined), Gurtina Besla (declined).
Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh (Institute for Astronomy, Cosmology with Photometric Redshifts) (ad) Interviews scheduled, including Alvise Raccanelli (withdrawn), Pablo Arnalte-Mur, Cameron McBride, at least one offer made
Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh (w/ Dunlop)  
Institut d’astrophysique de Paris (Theoretical Cosmology International Chair Postdoc) (ad) Interviews being conducted. Offer made to Silvia Galli.
Institut d’astrophysique de Paris (Excellence Chair Postdoc) (ad)  
Institut d’astrophysique de Paris (Dark Matter Project) (ad) Offer made (12/22) to Jennifer Siegal-Gaskins (declined), Alexander Belikov
Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale (Planck postdocs) (ad) Shortlist made.
Institut de Ciencies de l'Espai (CSIC-IEEC) Barcelona (Observational and Computational Cosmology) (ad) Interviews scheduled, including Alvise Raccanelli (withdrawn), Renée Hlozek. Position filled.
Institute for the Early Universe at Ewha University in Seoul, Korea (ad) Shortlist includes Stefania Pandolfi, Alvise Raccanelli. Offer made to Alvise Raccanelli (declined)
Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (IPMU), U Tokyo (ad) About 110 applications. Some informal interviews conducted at AAS. Offers made to Alvise Raccanelli (01/27), Takamitsu Tanaka (01/27, declined)
Institute for Space Sciences (Nuclear Astrophysics) (ad)  
Instituto de Fisica de Cantabria (IFCA), Santander (ad)  
Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA, ad) Offers made (12/28) to Girish Kulkarni, Janine Pforr (declined), Vimal Simha (declined)
University of Iowa (w/Kaaret) (ad)  
UC Irvine (BOSS, LSST w/Kirkby) (ad) Offer made to Eyal Kazin (Feb 24th, declined).
UC Irvine (Herschel, CANDELS w/Cooray) (ad) Short list made; Offer made to Hai Fu, accepted.
Jacobs University (ad) Offer made to Ivan Zalamea (Jan. 6).
Jansky Fellowship (ad) Shortlist made. Offers made to: Daniel Perley (declined), Arielle Moullet (12/29), Sui Ann Mao (-> UW Madison), Brian Lacki (-> IAS+1yr), Michael Busch (-> UCLA). All offers made (01/10). Rejections sent (01/11). Members of wait-list notified (01/11).
Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech (Cosmology, w/ Doré) (ad) About 100 applications. Some interviews conducted, including Silvia Galli, Alvise Raccanelli, Marisa March, Lucas Lombriser, Nishant Agarwal. Offer made to Alvise Raccanelli (01/27).
Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech (Weak Lensing, w/ Bartlett) (ad)  
Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech (Weak Lensing, w/ Rhodes) (ad) Shortlist made and some interviews conducted.
JILA, University of Colorado (ad) Offers made to Krzysztof Nalewajko (2/15), Bruno Giacomazzo (2/15)
Johns Hopkins University (ad) 225 applications. Offers made, including Guilin Liu (1/20), Olivera Rakic (1/17), Eric Switzer (declined) (1/28). All offers made, five offers accepted, all positions filled.
Johns Hopkins University (w/ Krolik) (ad) Offer made to Jason Dexter (declined), Josh Dolence (declined), Chang-Goo Kim (2/14, declined)
IRAM (ALMA regional center) (ad) Shortlist made, applicants notified. Interviews being conducted.
Kapteyn Astronomical Institute (ad) Offer made to Adi Zolotov (2/1)
KIPAC (ad) More than 260 applications. Rejection emails sent (01/10); shortlist notified (1/11); offers made including Gurtina Besla (1/12) (declined)
KITP - Associate specialist (ad) offers made: Smadar Naoz (declined), Matteo Cantiello, Javiera Guedes
KIAA Fellowship (ad) Shortlist drawn, offers made (01/28), Yin-Zhe Ma(22,Feb), Sakurako Okamoto
KIAA at Peking University (Plasma/high energy astrophysics w/Yan) (ad)  
KIAA at Peking University w/ Smith (ad) Offer made and accepted, Lorenzo Faccioli
KIAA at Peking University w/ de Grijs Shortlist drawn up, offer made (01/06); Peter Anders
Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS) (ad) Offers made (Feb. 1): Nate Bode (declined)
University of Kwazulu-Natal (ad)  
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Chamberlain Fellowship) (ad)  
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Computational Cosmology w/Nugent) (ad) Shortlist made (1/19)
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (w/ Kasen) (ad) Offer made to Jason Dexter (joint w/ TAC)
Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Grenoble (Stellar Cluster Dynamics) (ad) Shortlist includes: Richard Allison (withdrawn)
University of Leeds (ad) Shortlist: Alessio Caratti o Garatti, Koji Murakawa, Keith Smith
Lisbon (CENTRA-CAAUL SKA fellowships) (ad)  
Los Alamos Astrophysics and Cosmology Fellowships (ad) Search suspended
UCLA (w/Ghez) (ad)  
Leiden Observatory (Instrumentation) (ad)  
Leiden Observatory (NOVA Fellowship) (ad) Shortlist made, including Guillermo Blanc (withdrawn), David Sobral, Adam Muzzin. 2 offers made: David Sobral (2/1)
Lindemann Fellowship (ad) Shortlist made and invited for interviews to be held on Apr. 12 (Mar. 22)
University College London (ad) Shortlist made; interviews held. Offer made to Paul Woods
University College London (Euclid) (ad)  
University College London (theoretical and numerical cosmology) (ad) Extended shortlist made. Includes Silvia Galli (withdrawn), Stefania Pandolfi, Rebecca Danos, Renée Hlozek and Elisa Fenu. Offer made to Jason McEwen.
Macquarie University (Super Science Fellow) (ad) Shortlist made; interviews being scheduled. All 3 offers made (including Alan Alves-Brito declined).
University of Manchester (CMB research) (ad)  
University of Manchester (ALMA Regional Center) (ad) Offers made and accepted
Marie Curie Fellowship, call FP7-PEOPLE-2010-IIF (call) Some Evaluation Summary Reports emailed (11/26), Some invitations for negotiations sent (12/8). Additional invitations sent (12/16). Ranked list posted (1/6).
Marseille (Cosmology and high-redshift Surveys) (ad)  
Marseille (Cosmology and Deep Galaxy Surveys) (ad) Shortlist made; interviews being scheduled, including Janine Pforr, David Sobral. Offer made to David Sobral (2/4, declined). Offer made to Brian Lemaux (2/24). Offer made to Janine Pforr (2/25, declined)
Marseille (Herschel position w/Boselli) (ad) Offer made to Mederic Boquien
Marseille (VIRAGE position at LAM w/Boselli) (ad) Offer made to Elysse Voyer
Marseille (Extragalactic Astronomy w/Peroux) (ad) Interviews being scheduled, including Gisella De Rosa
University of Maryland (Small bodies) (ad) Offers made to Silvia Protopapa and Dennis Bodewits
University of Maryland (Physics, w/ Buonanno) (ad)  
University of Maryland (w/ Ricotti) (ad) Shortlist includes Craig Booth, Ji-hoon Kim, Athena Stacy; Offer made
University of Maryland (High-Energy Astrophysics, w/ Reynolds) (ad) Some shortlist members notified. Some phone interviews conducted (2/15). Offer made (2/16) and accepted.
University of Massachusetts/Amherst (w/Calzetti) (ad) Offer made to Jennifer Andrews
MultiDark Postdoctoral Research Positions (ad) About 100 applications. Some offers made, including Cameron McBride (Jan 18, declined), Jennifer Siegal-Gaskins (Jan 24, declined)
Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (Galaxy and Cosmology Group) (ad) 148 applications, longlist made. Some applicants contacted for interviews, including David Atlee, Stephanie Juneau. Offer made to Roderik Overzier (declined). Offer made and accepted.
Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (w/ Bailer-Jones; Gaia group) (ad)  
Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (w/ Maccio) (ad) 48 applications. Shortlist made, includes: Javiera Guedes. Multiple offers made (18/01), including: Javiera Guedes (declined). Three offers made and accepted: Aaron Dutton, Nikos Fanidakis and Greg Stinson.
Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (w/Kaltenegger) (ad) Two offers made (week of 11/22)
Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (star and planet formation) (ad) Offer made to John Tobin (01/17, declined 01/26)
Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (high angular resolution) (ad) Shortlist made, interviews conducted (1/10 - 1/14)
Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics (theoretical astrophysics) (ad) Committee met (1/24) ~ 10 offers made including Diederik Kruijssen.
Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics (high energy astrophysics) (ad) Offer made to Takamitsu Tanaka (1/24), Satej Khedekar (3/7) and two others.
Max-Planck-Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics (eROSITA) (ad)  
Max-Planck-Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics (Infrared/Submm Group)(ad)  
Max-Planck-Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics (High Energy Group) (ad) Some shortlist candidates notified and references requested.
Max-Planck-Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics (w/Khochfar) (ad) 64 applications. Shortlist made. Candidates invited for interviews, including: Diederik Kruijssen (12/23), Mia Bovill. Two offers made and both accepted (2/3).
Max-Planck-Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics (OPINAS w/Bender) (ad) Offer made to Michael Williams (Mar. 15)
Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics, Albert Einstein Institute (ad) Shortlist made (Dec. 21). Offer made to Takamitsu Tanaka (1/12, declined).
Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy (ad)  
McGill Fellowships (ad) Offer made to Amy Bender (Dec. 19)
University of Melbourne (Theoretical Cosmology) (ad) Offer made: Luke Barnes (declined).
University of Melbourne (Observational Cosmology) (ad) Shortlist made. Interview invitations sent, including David Murphy, Kyle Willett. Initial offer made (1/23) to David Lagattuta.
University of Michigan (Extragalactic Astronomy, w/ Bell) (ad) Shortlist includes Sun Mi Chung. Offer made Feb 9.
University of Michigan (Astronomy, w/ Ruszkowski) (ad) Shortlist under construction (01/19)
University of Michigan (Physics, w/ Huterer) (ad) ~100 applications. Offer made: Heidi Wu.
University of Michigan (Star Formation, w/ Bergin) (ad) Offer made and accepted.
University of Michigan (Michigan Society of Fellows) (ad) Offer made to: Rubens Reis
University of Minnesota (nuclear astrophysics, theory/simulation) (ad) Short list made.
University of Minnesota (Galaxy Zoo w/Fortson) (ad) Offer made to Michael Williams (Mar. 2)
MIT Pappalardo Fellowship in Physics (ad) Shortlist includes Cora Dvorkin, Silvia Galli, David Kipping, Mansi Kasliwal, Laura Lopez. Rejection emails sent (11/22). Offers made (12/13) to: Mansi Kasliwal, Laura Lopez (w/ Einstein + 1 yr Pappalardo)
MIT Haystack Observatory (Event Horizon Telescope) (ad) Shortlist made. Offer made to Guilin Liu (2/15, declined 2/18), Jason Dexter (declined).
MIT/Kavli Institute (High-Resolution X-ray Astrophysics) (ad) Offers made to Daniel Castro (SNR) and Joey Neilsen (HETG)
MIT/Kavli Institute (Postdoctoral Position In Galaxy Cluster Astrophysics w/Bautz) (ad) Offer made to Phil Korngut (2/8), Michael McDonald.
Monash University (Super Science Fellow) (ad) Shortlist includes: David Murphy, Cameron McBride. Offer made to Cameron McBride (1/20, declined). Offer made to Samantha Penny (2/5), accepted.
Monash University Temporary Lectureship Shortlist made. Offer made to Heath Jones.
Montana State (2 Positions in Gravitational Physics) (ad)  
Munich Excellence Cluster Some rejection emails sent.
NASA Postdoctoral Fellowships (ad) Offers made (beginning 1/19) to: Jason Eastman (declined), Lucianne Walkowicz (declined), Chaz Shapiro, Stacy Teng (GSFC), Javiera Guedes (declined), Joey Neilsen (declined), Laura Lopez (declined), Amy Lien (GSFC). Some other members of shortlist notified, including Roman Shcherbakov. Some rejection emails sent (2/3).
NASA Postdoc Fellowships (March 1st Round) Offer made to: Anthony Pullen (JPL)
Goddard (JWST Fellowships) (ad) Offer made to:Athena Stacy
National Observatory of Athens Fellowship Opportunity (ad)  
Naval Research Lab (radio astronomy) (ad)  
University of Nevada Las Vegas (w/Nagamine) (ad) Offer made and accepted
University of Nevada Las Vegas (w/Proga) (ad) Offer made and accepted
University of Nevada Las Vegas (w/Zhang) (ad) Offer made to Brian Morsony (12/10, declined). Offers made to Massimiliano De Pasquale, Wei-Hua Lei, both accepted
Newnham College JRF (Cambridge) (ad) First Shortlist includes: Smriti Mahajan, Rebecca Danos
NOAO (Goldberg Fellowship) (ad) Interviews being scheduled, including David Atlee, Guillermo Blanc, Jason Eastman, Steven Finkelstein, Brandon Kelly, Katie Morzinski, Adam Muzzin, Gisella De Rosa. Offers made to Mansi Kasliwal (declined), Guillermo Blanc (declined), Colette Salyk
NOAO (Kepler Postdoctoral Research Associate) (ad)  
NOAO (w/ Dickinson, CANDELS) (ad) Interviews ongoing, Offer made to Janine Pforr (2/25)
NOAO (w/ Jannuzi, MAGES) (ad) Interviews ongoing, including Sun Mi Chung (withdrawn).  Offer made to David Atlee (2/28).
NOAO (w/ Lauer, Olsen & Saha, M31 Stellar Pops) (ad) Interviews being scheduled, including Kirsten Howley; offer made to Kirsten Howley (3/2)
NOAO (w/ Dey & Dickinson) (ad) Offer made (2/24)
NORDITA Fellowship (Stockholm) (ad) Offer made to Lorenzo Sironi (declined), Matteo Cantiello (declined). Offer made and accepted.
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (RESOLVE Survey, with Kannappan) More than 50 applicants; shortlist still under construction; some finalists contacted for interviews, including Matthew Bothwell, Guilin Liu; offer made (Feb 2) and accepted: Sami-Matias Niemi.
North Carolina State University (with Frohlich) (ad)  
North Carolina State University (with Kneller) (ad)  
North Carolina State University (with Lazzati) (ad) Offer Made (Jan 25)
Northwestern University - CIERA fellowships (ad) Shortlist includes Adrian Barker, Takamitsu Tanaka (withdrawn), Elizabeth Hicks (2/11), Dave Spiegel (withdrawn), Nate Bode. Offer made to Adrian Barker (2/5), to Will Farr (2/6). Shortlist includes Fabio Antonini
Northwestern University - Theoretical Astrophysics positions (ad) Shortlist includes Adrian Barker, Takamitsu Tanaka (withdrawn). Offer made to Adrian Barker (1/27). Shortlist includes Fabio Antonini. Offer made to Nate Bode (2/14)
University of Nottingham (astroparticle physics) (ad)  
University of Nottingham (particle cosmology) (ad) Shortlist made, candidates invited for (video) interview, including Adam Christopherson, Rebecca Danos
University of Nottingham (Galaxies 5-yr lectureship) (ad) Shortlist includes Chris Power, Chris Wolf (withdrawn), Francesco Shankar, Simon Dye. Offered to Chris Power (declined). Offer made to Simon Dye.
University of Nottingham (Particle theory 5-yr lectureship) (ad) Shortlist includes Antonious Avgoustides, Christian Byrnes, Andrew Frey, Eran Palti, Gabrijela Zaharijas
University of Notre Dame (ad) Offer made to Chang-Goo Kim (12/15, declined)
NRAO NAASC Postdoctoral Fellow (The North America ALMA Science Center) (ad) Shortlist includes Yuxi Chen, Alexander Karim
NRAO GBT Postdoctoral Fellow (ad) Shortlist includes Guilin Liu (withdrawn)
NSF Fellowship (ad) Rejection notices sent (2/1). All offers made: Julia Comerford (-> UT Austin), Laura Lopez (declined), Jessica Lu (-> Hawaii), Jason Nordhaus (Princeton -> RIT/CCRG), Sarah Horst ( -> Boulder)Jonelle Walsh (-> UT Austin), Brian Morsony (-> ?), Daniel Perley (declined), Neelima Sehgal (-> Princeton), Joleen Carlberg (declined). Reviewer reports available on fastlane.
NSF STS (ad) Andrew Friedman (MIT)
NSF OCI Fellowship (ad) Matthew Turk(Columbia)
NSF International Fellowship (ad)  
NSO (ad)  
NYU (CCPP) (ad) Shorlist finalized, candidates contacted.
Observatoire de la Cote d’Azur (Henri Poincare Fellowship) (ad)  
Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur (ESO-Gaia public survey) Offer made to Sarah Martell (declined)
The Ohio State University (CCAPP) (ad)  
The Ohio State University (w\ Kochanek) (ad) Offer made to Sun Mi Chung
The Ohio State University (w\ Mathur) (ad)  
The Ohio State University (w\ Peterson and Pogge) (ad) Offer made to Gisella De Rosa
University of Oslo (Cosmology) (ad)  Jostein Riiser Kristiansen
University of Oslo (Postdoc in cosmology) (ad) Shortlist consists of five candidates (Jan 19), phone interviews to be conducted. Including: Eyal Kazin. Offer made to Eyal Kazin (declined), offer made to Yashar Akrami (accepted).
University of Oslo (with Mota) (ad) Nicolaas Groeneboom (resigned), new offer mede to Claudio Llinares.
University of Oslo (Cosmology in connection with Euclid) (ad)  
University of Oxford (Beecroft fellows) (ad) Early Universe search cancelled. Galaxy formation position offered but not yet accepted.
University of Oxford (James Martin fellow) (ad) Shortlist notifications sent (Jan 3rd). Offer made and accepted.
University of Oxford (CMB) (ad) Shortlist made, including Erminia Calabrese, Silvia Galli. Offer made:Erminia Calabrese
University of Oxford (Modelling the Milky Way) (ad) Offer made and accepted.
University of Oxford and Nagoya University (w/ Bureau and Fukui) (ad) Offer made to Linda Watson (2/3, declined)
Paris and Orsay, APC-LPT (theoretical cosmology)(ad) Offered to Shuntaro Mizuno (accepted)
Paris (VIRAGE postion at GEPI) (ad) Shortlist made. Candidates invited for interviews, including: Diego Capozzi, Stephanie Juneau (withdrawn)
Peking University (w/Peng) (ad)  
University of Pennsylvania (w/Bernstein) (ad)  
Penn State University (HETDEX) (ad) Offer made (declined). Second offer made.
Penn State University (w/ Wright) (ad)  
Penn State University (w/ Li) (ad) Shortlist includes Ji-hoon Kim, Athena Stacy, Robert Wiersma; Offer made.
Penn State University (w/ Burrows) (ad)  
Perimeter Institute (ad) Offers made to: Steffen Gielen, Cora Dvorkin (declined)
University of Pittsburgh (Extragalactic) (ad) Deadline: Jan. 15, 2011. Phone interviews, including: David Atlee, Sun Mi Chung, Eyal Kazin, Janine Pforr
University of Portsmouth (ad) Offers made, including Lucas Lombriser
University of Portsmouth (2-year lectureship at ICG) (ad) Matthew Pieri
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (Catolica Fellowship) (ad) Deadline: Apr. 30, 2011. ~30 applications. Review underway (5/2). Shortlist made: Jae-Woo Kim, Marisa March, Adal Mesa-Delgado. Some rejection letters sent (6/3).
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (NGVS-IR postdoc; w/ Puzia) (ad Shortlist made including: Roberto Munoz, Maren Hempel, Paul Eigenthaler, offer made (6/3) and accepted (6/6) by Roberto Munoz.
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (ALMA related; w/ Bauer) (ad) Deadline: Apr. 30, 2011. Review underway (5/2). Shortlist made: Laura Bonavera, Nurur Rahman (6/3).
Princeton University (cosmology) (ad) Renée Hlozek
Princeton University (Henry Norris Russell Fellowship) (ad) Offers made: Lucianne Walkowicz, Markus Janson. Rejections sent (2/18).
Princeton University (Protoplanetary disks) (ad) Offer made: Zhaohuan Zhu.
Princeton University (Lyman Spitzer, Jr. Fellowship) (ad) Offered (1/6) to Smadar Naoz (declined), Cora Dvorkin (declined). Rejections sent (2/18).
Princeton University (supernova, w/Burrows) (ad) Offer made to Josh Dolence, Jeremiah Murphy
Queen Mary U of London (cosmology) (ad) Offer made and accepted.
Queens University Belfast (Michael West Fellowship) (ad)  
Queens university Belfast (Solar/Stellar Flares) (ad)  
University of Rochester (computational) (ad) Shortlist made.
University of Rochester (w/Mamajek) (ad) Shortlist made.
Royal Astronomical Society U.K. (RAS 2011, Sir Norman Lockyer) (ad) Shortlisted candidates invited for interview, including Diederik Kruijssen. Sir Norman Lockyer offered to Adam Christopherson
Sagan Fellowship (ad) Some rejection notices sent. Offers made to (1/14):Bryce Croll (-> MIT), David Kipping (-> CfA), Katie Morzinski (-> U. AZ), Sloane Wiktorowicz (-> UCSC), Wladimir Lyra (-> JPL).
UC Santa Barbara/Las Cumbres Observatory (ad) Offer made to Jason Eastman(1/28)
UC Santa Barbara (Extragalactic Astrophysics, w/ Treu) (ad) Shortlist made. Some rejection letters sent (1/7).
UC Santa Cruz (CANDELS) (ad) Offer made to Guillermo Barro (accepted).
UC Santa Cruz (IMPS) (ad) Shortlist made (1/17). Applicants notified. Shortlist includes Guillermo Blanc, Craig Booth, Charlotte Christensen, Ji-hoon Kim, Olivera Rakic. Two offers made including Ji-hoon Kim (1/25)
Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (SHAO) (ad) Offers made to (2/14) Danny Pan, (2/15) Sanjaya Paudel (declined), Janine Pforr (declined), Carolin Villforth (declined), Ugur Ural, (2/16) Yan Wang (declined), (2/19) Yinzhe Ma, Bernardo Cervantes-Sodi, Zhaoyu Li, (3/1) Aquib Moin, Floyd Jackson. More offers being considered.
SISSA (Astroparticle) Matteo Martinelli
SISSA (Astrophysics) (ad) Offer made to Sourish Dutta
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (Observational Cosmology w/ Geller) (ad) Offer made and accepted.
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (Kepler w/Dupree) (ad) Filled in Nov 2010
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (Clay Fellowship) (ad) Not offered this year.
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SMA Fellowship) (ad) Offer made to Matthew Bothwell (declined), John Tobin (02/01, declined 02/04), Linda Watson(02/10)
South African Astronomical Observatory (SALT Fellowships) (ad) Shortlist includes Pascale Hibon. Offer made to Michelle Edwards.
Southern California Center for Galaxy Evolution (ad) Shortlist made (1/17). Applicants notified. Shortlist includes: Guillermo Blanc, David Sobral, Steven Finkelstein, Adam Muzzin, Adi Zolotov, Linhua Jiang, Stephanie Juneau, Brandon Kelly. Offers made to Brandon Kelly (Feb. 1), Guillermo Blanc (Feb. 5, declined), Brian Siana
Space Telescope Science Institute (w/Postman) (ad)  
Space Telescope Science Institute (w/Ferguson, CANDELS) (ad) Shortlist includes Yuxi Chen. Offer made.
Stanford University (CMB polarization) (ad)  
Stanford University (Kavli Fellowship) (ad) Lorenzo Sironi (12/28), Carlos Cunha
Stanford University (Fermi w/ Ajello & Funk ad)  
Stromlo Fellow (ad) Letters of recommendation requested
University of Sussex (w/Liddle) (ad) Offer made and accepted.
Swarthmore College (Visiting Asst. Professor) (ad) Shortlist to be announced March 4
Swinburne University (CAASTRO cosmological analysis) (ad) Shortlist includes Chia-Hsun Chuang. Offer made to Eyal Kazin
Swinburne University (CAASTRO cosmological simulations)(ad) Jun Koda
Swinburne University (Cosmology) (ad) Shortlist includes Alvise Raccanelli
Swinburne University (Super Science Fellow - Galaxy Simulation) (ad) Shortlist includes Charlotte Christensen (withdrawn), interviews conducted (Feb. 6). Further interviews to be conducted late feb/early march.
Swinburne University (Super Science Fellow - Observational Galaxy Evolution) (ad) Short list made, interviews conducted (Jan. 31) including Stephanie Juneau. Offer made (Feb. 28) to Glenn Kacprzak (Mar. 4).
Swinburne University (Extragalactic Fundamental Physics w/Murphy) (ad) Shortlist made, interviews conducted (Jan. 31). Offer made (Feb. 04) and accepted (Feb. 9).
Swinburne University (Extragalactic Astrophysics w/Murphy) (ad) Shortlist to be made by Jun. 14th. Initial interviews conducted (Jun. 20th). Offer made (Jun. 21st) and accepted (Jun. 27th).
University of Sydney (ARC Super Science Fellows) (ad) Offers made and accepted.
University of Sydney (ARC Super Science Fellows w/Bland - Hawthorne) (ad) Reference letters requested. Some candidates contacted for interviews including: Michael McDonald. Offer made to Michael McDonald (declined). Offer made to Luke Barnes.
University of Sydney (Cosmic magnetic fields) (ad) Offers made and accepted
Texas A&M University (w/Papovich&Tran) (ad) Phone interviews are being conducted and include: David Atlee
Texas A&M University (w/Wang) (ad)  
University of Texas-Arlington (w/Park) (ad) Some interviews underway
University of Texas-Austin (Planet Formation) (ad) Shortlist made, includes Erin Ryan, Anna Hughes, Augusto Carballido.
University of Texas-Austin (Harlan J. Smith Fellowship) (ad) Shortlist made (12/28), including Brad Barlow, Laura Lopez, David Sobral, John Tobin, Jonelle Walsh, and Dan Milisavljevic. Rejection letters sent. Offer made (12/28): Mansi Kasliwal (declined). Offer made (1/24) to John Tobin (declined). Offer made (1/31) to Dan Milisavljevic (declined). Offer made and accepted (2/16).
University of Texas at Austin (w/Shapiro)(ad) Shortlist includes Craig Booth (withdrawn), Ji-hoon Kim; Offer made to Anson D'Aloisio and accepted (2/12)
University of Texas-Austin (McDonald Observatory) (ad)  
University of Texas-Austin (Prize Fellowship) (ad) Offer made (12/20) to Linda Strubbe (declined). New offer made:Roderik Overzier
University of Toronto (w/ Jayawardhana) Ernst de Mooij
University of Toronto (w/Van Kerkwijk) (ad)  
University of Toronto (w/Wu) (ad) Rejection emails sent (Dec. 17)
Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics of University Tuebingen (X-ray Astronomy) (ad)  
University of Vienna (w/Alves) (ad)  
University of Vienna (Kepler program) (ad)  
University of Virginia (w/ Arras) (ad) Shortlist made.
University of Virginia (Extragalactic Star Formation) (ad) Offer made to Kyle Willett
University of Washington (M31 Star Clusters) (ad) Letters of recommendation requested, shortlist made, e-mails sent about interviews on 12/29. Offer made 1/29. Position filled.
Washington University in St. Louis (gravitation) Offer made to Ryan Lang (2/21)
Weizmann Institute of Science (ad) Offer made: Fabio Antonini (1/23; declined)
University of the Western Cape (ad) Offers made, including Lucas Lombriser (declined), Alvise Raccanelli (declined). Further interviews scheduled, including Adam Christopherson (withdrawn). Elodie Giovannoli, Daniele Bertacca, Andreas Faltenbacher accepted.
University of Western Ontario (ad) Offer made and accepted.
University of Wisconsin-Madison (Grainger Fellowship) (ad) Shortlist made. Offer made and accepted.
University of Wisconsin-Madison (Observational cosmology) (ad)  
Wuerzburg (non-tenure W2 Space Astrophysics, ongoing from 2009-2010)  long short list made (Dec. 14, 2009, interviews to be held in Jan/Feb 2010). Long short list: E. Koerding, M. Kadler, C. Helling, J. P. Rachen. offer made to M. Kadler
Yale University (YCAA Fellowship) (ad) More than 280 applications. Offer made: Shin'ichiro Ando. Position filled.
Yale University (w/ Urry) (ad) Some interviews were conducted at the Seattle AAS meeting. Offer made and accepted (2/9)
York University (Observational/Theoretical Studies of Quasars) (ad) Shortlist made; offer made to Paola Rodriguez Hidalgo
University of Zurich (ITP) (ad)  

Tenure or Tenure TracK Faculty/Permanent positions

Place/Institution (alphabetical) People (in boldface if accepted)
Aarhus University (Associate Professor in Stellar Astrophysics) (ad) 11 applications, Assessment Committee evaluating applications. Offered to Max Stritzinger (1/11)
University of Alabama (ad)  
Amsterdam (5+ tenure track/tenured positions) (ad) Deadline: Jan 15, 2011. Received 240 applications, longlist of ~60 made, no letters yet sent. Update 3/4: shortlist of 19 invited for interviews, rejection letters being sent. Shortlist: Anne Green, Andrew Liddle, Segev Benzv, Martha Volonteri, Stefano Profumo (app. withdrawn), Ben Freivogel, Sarah Shandera (app. withdrawn), Patrick Decowski, Ronald Bruijn, Jonathan Granot, Tesla Jeltema (app. withdrawn), Shin'ichiro Ando, Gianfranco Bertone.  Offers made and accepted:  Shin'ichiro Ando, Patrick Decowski, Ben Freivogel, Stefan Funk, Martha Volonteri
Arizona State University (Extrasolar Planet Studies) (ad) Some letters requested.
Arizona State University (Space Sciences Education) (ad)  
Arizona State University (Experimental Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics) (ad)  
Arizona State University (Observational Cosmology) (ad)  
Universidad Andres Bello (Chile) (ad)  
University of Arizona (ad) Shortlist made (1/17), includes Anna Frebel, Phil Hopkins, Mark Krumholz, Rachel Mandelbaum, Matt McQuinn, Brant Robertson, and Zheng Zheng. Rejections sent (1/25). Offer made to Brant Robertson
University of Arkansas (physics)  
University of Athens, Greece (Department of Physics, Theoretical Astrophysics position) Offer made to Stelios Kazantzidis.
University of Auckland (ad) Interview shortlist made, including John Eldridge, Vardha Nicola Bennert. offer to Tesla Jeltema (declined). Offer made to Vardha Nicola Bennert (declined). Offer made to John Eldridge.
Austin College (physics) phone interviews held
UC Berkeley/LBNL (position 1) (ad) Shortlist made (1/26), including Tommaso Treu, Rachel Mandelbaum, Doug Finkbeiner (based on 2-talk speaker schedule). At least some rejections sent (2/7). No offers made.
UC Berkeley (position 2) (ad) Long Shortlist made (1/26), including Charlie Conroy, Anna Frebel, Phil Hopkins, Mariska Kriek, Mark Krumholz, Aaron Parsons, Dominik Riechers, Dan Stark, Shelley Wright. At least some rejections sent via snail mail(2/7). Offers made to Mariska Kriek and Aaron Parsons (accepted).
UC Riverside (ad) Shortlist made (2/22), including David Sand.  Offers accepted by Brian Siana and Naveen Reddy.
UC Santa Cruz (theoretical cosmology and galaxy formation) (ad) Shortlist made (Dec. 5), including Charlie Conroy, Kristian Finlator, Phil Hopkins, Dusan Keres, Matthew McQuinn and Brant Robertson. Offer made to Charlie Conroy.  Offer accepted by Charlie Conroy (3-31).
UC San Diego (theoretical astrophysics) (ad) Shortlist made including Alyson Brooks, Dusan Keres, Matt McQuinn, Brant Robertson, Hilke Schlichting, and Zheng Zheng.  Offer accepted by Dusan Keres
California Institute of Technology (ad) Gregg Hallinan
California Institute of Technology--Planetary Science (ad since deleted) Bethany Ehlmann
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Offer made to Vardha Nicola Bennert. Other offer made and accepted.
Cambridge IoA (ad) Shortlist: George Becker, Vasily Belokurov, Ed Cackett, Jonathan McKinney, Jonathan Pritchard, Mark Sullivan.  Offer made and accepted by Vasily Belokurov
University of Canterbury (Lecturer) (ad) Some rejection emails sent (Jan. 14). Shortlist made (2/17), including Vardha Nicola Bennert
University of Cape Town (Senior Lecturer) (ad)  
University of Cape Town (South African SKA Research Chair in Multi-wavelenght Extragalactic Astronomy) (ad)  
Carnegie Mellon University (ad) Some interviews scheduled/conducted including Stefano Profumo, Jonathan Pritchard, Shirley Ho, Adam Bolton, Louis Strigari; offers made to Shirley Ho, Tesla Jeltema (declined), Stefano Profumo (declined), Rachel Mandelbaum
Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (Tenure Track Position) (ad) Shortlist made.
CNAP (French permanent astronomer positions)

7 junior level positions, 6 senior level positions open. Interviews schedules for early April. Priorities: Instrumentation for VLT/VLTI and ELT; ALMA; ESA Cosmic Vision M1 missions; data centers for large surveys.

Junior positions: Benisty Myriam, Di Folco Emmanuel, Di Matteo Paola, Epinat Benoît, Lasue Jérémie,
Leyrat Cédric, Meliani Zakaria

Senior positions: De Laverny Patrick, Hestroffer Daniel, Meunier Nadège, Mouillet David, Ollivier Marc, Theureau Gilles

CNRS (French permanent research positions) (ad,ad,ad) CR1:
  • Nicolas BOUCHE
  • Nicolas MARTIN
  • Pierre VERNAZZA (under the threshold)


  • Kevin BELKACEM
  • Dimitra KOUTROUMPA
  • Alexis ROUILLARD
  • Kumiko KOTERA
  • Guilhem LAVAUX (under the threshold)
U. of Chicago (ad) Shortlist: Cynthia Chiang, Bradford Benson, Akito Kusaka, Sam Waldman
U. of Chicago (Astro/Geophysics) (ad) All finalists notified and scheduled for visits in early 2011. Shortlist: Jacob Bean, Lucas Cieza, Thayne Currie, Dan Fabrycky, and Diana Valencia.  Offers to Jacob Bean and Dan Fabrycky.
U. of Chicago (physics) Offer to Daniel Holz
U. of Chicago KICP (ad) applications due Mar. 7
Columbia (ad) some invited interviews including: Bradley Johnson, Dimitrios Giannios, Shin'ichiro Ando, Neal Dalal, Jonathan Sievers, Jonathan McKinney. Offer made.
Cornell University (senior planetary/exoplanets) (ad) Offer made to Jonathan Lunine
Cornell University (junior planetary/exoplanets) (ad) Shortlist is Sally Dodson-Robinson, Bethany Ehlmann, Cullen Blake, Alex Hayes, Diana Valencia, Dan Fabrycky, Kevin Lewis, and one other. Offers made to Bethany Ehlmann (declined) and Dan Fabrycky (declined). Offer made to Alex Hayes.
University of Crete, Department of Physics (two Theoretical Astrophysics positions) offers made to Vasiliki Pavlidou, Konstantinos Tassis
Dartmouth College (ad) Some reference letter requests sent. Some rejections sent (1/17). Shortlist made (1/21). From colloqium schedule: Anil Seth, Carlos Badenes, Alison Crocker, Ryan Hickox, Sebastian Lepine, Daniel Stern. Offer made to Ryan Hickox.
DESY(particle cosmology) (ad) Shortlist made (2/10) including Sarah Shandera (withdrawn), Alexander Vikman.  Offer made to Thomas Konstandin.
Durham (ad) Shortlist: Kris Beckwith
Elon University (ad) Campus visits including Angelle Tanner
ESO (Operations Staff astronomer) (ad) Dimitri Mawet
ETH Zurich - Chair in Observational/Experimental Astrophysics (ad) Short-listed candidates invited for interviews, including Gaspar Bakos, Stefan Funk and Edo Berger. Offer made: Alexandre Refregier
U. of Exeter (exoplanets/star formation) (ad) Shortlist made. Applicants notified and scheduled for interview. Offer made to Matthew Browning.
Georgia Southern University (Assistant Professor in Physics)(ad) Position filled.
Georgia Tech (computational astrophysics and cosmology) (ad) Shortlist: Marcelo Alvarez, Tamara Bogdanovic, Michael Kuhlen, John Wise.  Offers made to John Wise and Tamara Bogdanovic
Georgia Tech (particle astrophysics) (ad) Shortlist: Paolo Desiati, Luis Reyes (withdrawn), Nepomuk Otte, Simona Murgia
University of Groningen — RFF tenure track Karina Caputi (-> Kapteyn Astronomical Institute)
Hamburg University / Hamburger Sternwarte (W2 Associate Professorship, Theoretical Astrophysics, ongoing from 2008-2009) Shortlist: A. Johansen, M. Stute, R. Banerjee, C. Helling, S. Wedemayer-Boehm, F. Kupka. Offer made to R. Banerjee
Hamburg University / Hamburger Sternwarte (W3 Full Professorship) Shortlist made (May 6) with Silke Britzen, Niv Drory, Thomas Reiprich, Lutz Wisotzki, Eva Schinnerer, Cristiano Porciani, Marcus Brüggen
Hawaii IfA (director) Guenther Hasinger
Helsinki (Assistant Professor,Tenure Track) Peter Johansson
University of Illinois (cosmology) (ad) Telephone interviews scheduled; Short list made, including Brant Robertson, Zheng Zheng, Nathaniel Butler, Elena D'Onghia, Neal Dalal
Imperial College (Chair in astrostatistics) (ad) Shortlist: Asantha Cooray, Andrew Liddle
Imperial College (Lectureship in astrostatistics) (ad)  Shortlist made. Vasily Belokurov, Martin Kilbinger, Daniel Mortlock, offer made to Jonathan Pritchard
Imperial College (Lectureship in astrostatistics, joint with Statistics dept.) (ad)  Shortlist made.  Farhan Feroz, Daniel Mortlock, David Parkinson, Pavlos Protopapas
INAF (Italy, Galaxies and Cosmology, permanent research staff) Rossella Cassano, Michela Mapelli, Ruben Salvaterra, Daniela Vergani, Stefano Zibetti
INAF (Italy, Relativistic and Particle Astrophysics, permanent research staff) Roberto Aloisio, Niccolo' Bucciantini, Valentina Braito, Piergiorgio Casella, Andrea De Luca, Vito Sguera
Indiana U. (ad) Shortlist includes Shin'ichiro Ando
IPMU, U. of Tokyo (ad) Offer made to Kevin Bundy
Johns Hopkins University Marc Kamionkowski (rumor is true)
Juniata College (physics) offer made and accepted
KIAA at Peking University (Faculty Positions) (ad) Shortlist made; including Jens Chluba (offer made 02/04), Ching-Wa Yip. Marcel Zemp, Gregory Herczeg.
Associate Director for KPNO - NOAO (ad) Timothy Beers
Leiden, Instituut-Lorentz (Theoretical Cosmology)ad(from 2009–2010) Shortlist includes Andrew Tolley, Mark Jackson, Eugene Lim, Aleksey Boyarsky, Sarah Shandera. Offer made to Alexey Boyarsky.
LANL ad Offer made: Casey Meakin
LSST Data Management System Scientist (ad)  
Lehman College - City University of New York (ad) Shortlist includes Jackie Faherty, Sebastien Lepine, David Pooley. Offer made to David Pooley (declined). Offer made to Matt O'Dowd (accepted)
Lowell Observatory ad Short list made. Some candidates contacted.  Two offers made and accepted: Gerard van Belle and Kevin Covey.
Macquarie University/Anglo-Australian Observatory (lecturer) (ad) Michael Ireland
University of Manchester: Director of Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics Short-list made. Interviews on 8/9 September 2010. Shortlist: Robert Nichol (offer declined), Robert Laing, Ian Smail (offer declined), Mark Birkinshaw (offer declined), (Tom Hartquist withdrawn). Job split (Director JBO/Director JBCA) and internal candidates Lucio Piccirillo and Albert Zijlstra appointed, respectively.
University of Maryland, College Park (Joint Space-Science Institute) (ad) Shortlist includes Avery Broderick, Stefano Profumo, Louis Strigari. Offered to Stefano Profumo (declined) and Jonathan McKinney.
Heidelberg, MPIA (Galaxies & Cosmology, Instrumentation) (ad) Shortlist made, interviews scheduled including Sebastian Egner, Jorg-Uwe Pott. Offer made: Jorg-Uwe Pott
Max-Planck-Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics (Staff Positions in High Energy Astrophysics) (ad) Shortlist made including Tesla Jeltema, Marco Ajello, Jeremy Sanders, Andrea Merloni, Megan Eckart, Mara Salvato, Alexis Finoguenov, Marcella Brusa, Jennifer Donley. Interviews ongoing. Offers made, including Andrea Merloni, Antonis Georgakakis and Tesla Jeltema (declined).
Max-Planck-Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics (Senior Staff Position in High Energy Astrophysics) (ad) Shortlist made, interviews scheduled.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (ad) Some candidates contacted for interviews (1/8), including Jacob Bean, Bradford Benson, Anna Frebel, Rachel Mandelbaum, and Brant Robertson. Offers made (4/7) to Aaron Parsons, Anna Frebel
University of Michigan (Physics Department) (ad) Shortlist: Sudeep Das and several non-astros
University of Missouri (Columbia) (ad) Haojing Yan
University of Missouri - Kansas City (ad) Letters of reference requested (Dec 14th); Phone interviews scheduled (2/7). Shortlist made, including Vardha Nicola Bennert. First offer made and later rescinded. Offer made to Vardha Nicola Bennert (declined). Offer made to Mark Brodwin.
Mississippi State University Phone interviews conducted (2/16), some on campus interviews scheduled including John Debes (2/23), Angelle Tanner (2/23).  Offer made to John Debes (4/5), offer made to Angelle Tanner (4/20).
Université de Montréal (ad) Rejection letters sent by snail mail (1/29). Shortlist made, and interviews on-going: Patrick Dufour, Sonja Schuh, Amelie Saintonge, David Lafreniere, Mukremin Kilic. Offer made and accepted: David Lafrenier.
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Astrophysics Division (from 2009 – 2010) (ad) Michael McElwain (exoplanets), Tonia Venters (astroparticle), Amber Straughn (obs. cosmology)
Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station (ad)  

University of North Carolina (ad)


NRAO Tenure Track Astronomer (ad)

Rejection letters emailed (3/28).  Shortlist made (4/15) and interviews ongoing:  Dominik Riechers, Desika Narayanan, Jin Koda, Tzu-Ching Chang, Eric Murphy and Andrea Isella.
North-West University (South Africa) (ad)  
Penn State (ad) Shortlist made (2/16) includes Sarah Shandera, Alexander Vikman. Offer made to Sarah Shandera.
Perimeter Institute - Waterloo (cosmology) Shortlist made (1/14) includes Aristotle Socrates, Louis Strigari, Avery Broderick and Zheng Zheng.  Offer accepted by Avery Broderick.
University of Pittsburgh (ad) Shortlist made and all interviews scheduled. Includes Carles Badenes, Avery Broderick, Tesla Jeltema, Brant Robertson, Eduardo Rozo, and David Sand. Offer made to Carles Badenes.
Princeton University (ad) Jenny Greene, Gaspar Bakos
University of Oklahoma (ad) (1/8) Some interviews requested at AAS. Shortlist made (2/1) Offer made to Mukremin Kilic (3/24) and Xinyu Dai.
Observatoire de Paris (President) (ad) Officially registered candidates: J.-M. Alimi, C. Catala, F. Hammer, N. Sanchez, P. Tuckey. Elected: Claude Catala (1/28)
Rhodes University (Chair in Radio Astronomical image processing) (ad)  
Rutgers University (ad) Shortlist includes T. J. Cox (withdrawn), Elena D'Onghia, Dusan Keres, Ian McCarthy.  Offer made to Dusan Keres
Saclay (Cosmology/Euclid position) Candidate list being made, interviews scheduled after 3/11. Offer made to Martin Kilbinger.
Sam Houston State University (physics) Shortlist includes David Pooley and four non-astros. Offer made to David Pooley.
CfA - Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, astronomer at the Optical and Infrared Astronomy Division Igor Chilingarian (4/4)
Space Telescope Science Institute ESA/AURA astronomer (ad) (some?) rejection e-mails sent 2/11. Some phone interviews scheduled (2/14).  Shortlist made, including John Debes.
College of Staten Island - City University of New York Emily Rice
Stockholm University, Dept of Astronomy & Oskar Klein Centre (extragalactic or high energy) (ad) Deadline passed (Jan 31), approx. 40 applicants. Some people have been asked to submit papers (3/23). All applicants have been asked to submit papers (according to request email). Shortlist made (Jun 9). Applicants notified, shortlist includes Mark Dijkstra, Patrik Jonsson and Stephan Rosswog (6/15). Offer made to Stephan Rosswog (8/30).
Stockholm University, Dept of Astronomy (Star formation & exo-planets) (ad) Deadline passed (May 31), approx. 15 applicants. Short list made (Nov 11) includes Alexis Brandeker, Martin Dominik, Markus Janson, Sijme-Jan Paardekooper.

Stony Brook University

Offer made to Neelima Sehgal (5/19) (starting fall 2012)

University of Southampton (ad) Shortlist made: Gianni Bernardi,  Ian Heywood, Karen Masters, Anna Scaife, Rhaana Starling and Katrien Steenbrugge. Offer made to Anna Scaife (22/06/11)
Swinburne University (Centre Director) (ad) Shortlist includes Warrick Couch, Karl Glazebrook, Duncan Forbes, Jeremy Mould. Offer made and accepted (25 Jan.): Warrick Couch. Additional Professorial appointment offered to and accepted by Jeremy Mould (9 Feb).
University of Hertfordshire (ad) Shortlist include: Chiaki Kobayashi, Chris Power, Jonathan Pritchard, Francesco Shankar, Rhaana Starling, Aprajita Verma. Offer made (11/01) and declined. New offer made: Chiaki Kobayashi
University of Texas at Dallas (ad) Shortlist made. Candidates invited for interviews. Offer made to Lindsay King (accepted).
University of Toledo (ad) (1/8) Some informal meetings at AAS, (2/1) Some phone interviews scheduled. Shortlist includes Kevin Covey, Michael Cushing, Felipe Menanteau, David Pooley, John Wisniewski.  Offer accepted by Michael Cushing.
University of Toronto (ad) Shortlist made (Dec 16), including Nick Konidaris, Nicholas Law, David Sand, Karin Oberg, Shelley Wright. Two offers made: Karin Oberg (declined) and Shelley Wright (accepted).
University of Utah (ad) Shortlist made (Dec. 20), including Stelios Kazantzidis, Anil Seth, Louis Strigari, Elena D'Onghia. Offers made including Elena D'Onghia, Zheng Zheng and Anil Seth.
Washington State University (William Band Chair of Theoretical Physics) (ad)  
U. of Waterloo (Math. Dept.) (Math./Theor. Physics: gravity, quantum gravity or cosmology) (ad) Shortlist made (2/4), including Sarah Shandera, Alexander Vikman
Wayne State University (ad) Ed Cackett
Wellesley College (ad) Wes Watters
Wesleyan University (ad) 130 applicants; some candidates contacted for interviews (2/4); offer made and accepted: Meredith Hughes
West Virginia University (ad) Shortlist includes Casey Law, Loren Anderson
University of Wisconsin–Madison (ad) Shortlist in progress, includes (based on talk schedule): Beth Biller, Alyson Brooks, Elena D'Onghia, Cynthia Froning, Dusan Keres, Dave Spiegel. Offer made to Elena D'Onghia
University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (Gravitational Physics/Cosmology) (ad) Shortlist includes Shin’ichiro Ando, Neal Dalal, Jonathan Sievers and Phil Chang. Offer accepted by Phil Chang.
University of the Witwatersrand (Chair in Radio Astronomy) (ad) Shortlist made.
W. M. Keck Observatory (Support Astronomer) (ad) Some on-site interviews scheduled. Shortlist includes Felipe Menanteau and Michelle Edwards. Offers made and accepted.
Wuerzburg (W2 Theoretical Astrophysics, ongoing from 2009-2010)  long short list made (Dec. 14, 2009, interviews to be held in Jan/Feb 2010): T. Kneiske, T. Reiprich, M. van Putten, E. Koerding, S. Rosswog, E. Schnetter, F. Roepke, C. Pfrommer; offer made (Aug. 19, 2010) to F. Roepke
University of Wyoming (ad) Shortlist includes: Hannah Jang-Condell, John Debes, John Wisniewski (Phone interviews scheduled, including John Debes, Hannah Jang-Condell) Offer made and accepted (12/9). Second offer made and accepted (2/24): Hannah Jang-Condell
York University & Perimeter Institute(ad)  

Staff Positions


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Place/Institution (alphabetical)

People (in boldface if accepted)
NASA GSFC / UMBC (GEMS Research Scientist) (ad) Offer made to Wayne Baumgartner



Non-academic Jobs

Place/Institution (alphabetical) People (in boldface if accepted)

Faculty Shuffle

People (alphabetical) Old Institution New Institution
Daniel Apai STScI Steward Observatory, Arizona
Gerard van Belle ESO Lowell Observatory
Maria-Rosa Cioni Hertfordshire Hertfordshire and University Observatory Munich
Drake Deming NASA GSFC University of Maryland
Salman Habib Los Alamos National Laboratory Argonne National Laboratory
Guenther Hasinger IPP Garching IfA Hawaii (director)
Katrin Heitmann Los Alamos National Laboratory Argonne National Laboratory
Daniel Holz Los Alamos Lab University of Chicago
Matt Jarvis
Hertfordshire and University of the Western Cape
Jonathan Lunine Lunar and Planetary Lab, Arizona Cornell University
Jeremy Mould University of Melbourne Swinburne University of Technology
Keith Noll STScI NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Maulik Parikh IUCAA, Pune Arizona State University
Ilaria Pascucci STScI Lunar and Planetary Lab, Arizona
Alexandre Refregier Saclay ETH Zurich
Joe Silk Oxford Institute for Astrophysics, Paris
Rachel Somerville STScI Rutgers (Endowed Chair)
Karl Stapelfeldt JPL NASA GSFC (Head of Exoplanets & Stellar Astro)
Stephen Thorsett UC Santa Cruz Willamette U. (president)

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