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Tenure Track Faculty Positions

Even if you find disappointing news here, please remember that you still do good work and are probably absolutely crushing it in your current position. Your research is cool!

Place/Institution (alphabetical) People (in boldface if accepted)
Amherst College (ad) Due Nov 15, 2021. tenure track assistant professor faculty position. any specialty. Some candidates invited for video interviews (Dec 16). Short-list notified and additional rejections sent (12/22). Further rejections (to non-longlisted applicants) sent on Jan. 11.
Appalachian State University (ad) Due Dec 1, 2021. Applications under review


Boston University, Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in Space and Planetary Science (ad)

Due Dec. 1, 2021. Long-list made (Jan 16).
Bowdoin College, Assistant Professor of Physics (ad) Due Oct. 8, 2021. Offer accepted.
Brown University, Assistant Professor, Planetary Science (ad) Due Oct. 1, 2021.  "encourage candidates from all fields of planetary science to apply." Long-list made. Short-list made (in-person interviews starting 01/17 week).
Bucknell University (ad) Due Nov. 1, 2021.
California State University Long Beach, Assistant Professor of Astronomy (Job Ad) Due Nov. 1, 2021. Some rejections sent Nov 19. Long-list made. 
Caltech, Assistant Professor in Experimental or Theoretical Physics (including Astro). (ad) Due Nov. 15, 2021. Experimental and/or theoretical physics, astrophysics and cosmology. Any updates?
Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (CITA), Assistant Professor in Theoretical Astrophysics (ad) Due Nov. 29, 2021. Any updates?
Carnegie Mellon University, Assistant Professor in Astrophysics/Cosmology (ad) Due Dec. 15, 2021. Any updates?
University College Cork, Lectureship in Theoretical Astrophysics (ad)

Due Nov. 11, 2021.

Shortlisted candidates invited for online interviews, including Giacomo Fragione, Michael Tremmel.

University College Cork, Professorship in Astrophysics (ad) Due Dec. 17, 2021.
College of Wooster, Assistant Professor of Physics Due Oct. 1, 2021. Candidates invited for in-person interviews.
Columbia University, Assistant Professor in Astronomy. (ad) Due Dec. 15, 2021. The position is imagined to include any research area and methodology broadly related to exoplanets, including but not limited to, observational, theoretical, and laboratory studies of exoplanets, planet formation, sub-stellar objects and the signatures of life. Long-list made (letter request sent).
Cornell University, Tenure-track Faculty Position in Theoretical Astrophysics (ad) Due Nov. 15, 2021. Physics search. Shortlist made, candidates include Julian Muñoz. 

Cornell University, Tenure-track Faculty Position in Multi-Messenger Astronomy and/or Relativistic Astrophysics (ad)

Due Dec. 15, 2021. Astro search. Shortlisted candidates invited for in-person interviews, including Maria Charisi
CUNY City Tech, Assistant or Associate Professor, Physics (including Astrophysics) (ad) Soft deadline January 3rd (please ignore the Dec 15 date in the ad). Open to all fields, computational spin will be a strength. Request for supplementary docs is murky in the ad; statements of research interests and of teaching experience/philosophy would be welcome.
Dartmouth College (ad) Due Nov 18, 2021. Open search in astro, letters requested after initial round of review. (Letters requested). Additional letters request (12/3). Longlist interview notifications (12/15). Shortlist notified (Jan 7).
Drexel University, Assistant Professor in topics related to Big Data Physics (ad) Due Dec. 1, 2021.  First set of longlist candidate phone interviews scheduled, including Josh Dillon, Michela Negro, Maria Charisi.  More expected after AAS (12/22).
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, non-TT (ad) Due Sept. 23, 2021. Some candidates invited for video interviews.
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Assistant/Associate Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics (ad)

Due Dec. 01, 2021.

Updates? (01/19/2022)

Florida Institute of Technology, assistant or associate professor in Astrophysics (ad) Due Feb. 1, 2022.
Florida International University, Open-rank tenure-track faculty position in the Department of Physics (ad)

Due Nov. 22, 2021.

Shortlisted candidates invited for online interviews, including Giacomo Fragione.

George Mason University (ad) Due Nov 29, 2021. TT Asst professor faculty position in Astronomy. Longlist interview notifications (12/15). Candidates selected for 1st round of in-depth interviews (01/05). ...does anyone know how many candidates made it to each stage?
Georgia Institute of Technology (ad)

Due Nov. 8, 2021. Shortlisted candidates invited for in person interviews, including Antonella Palmese.

Hillsdale College Physics, Tenure-Track Position (ad) Due Dec. 1, 2021. Some candidates invited for video interviews.
Hofstra University (ad) Due Dec. 1, 2021. Long list contacted 19 January. Some candidates invited for online interviews.
LMU Munich, W2 = Associate Professor (tenure-track) Broad search for candidates at an early stage of their scientific career whose experimental / data-driven research extends and complement the current profile of LMU Astrophysics. Review begins Dec 20, 2021, interviews early 2022, offers to be made in April/May, start dates fall 2022 or, at the latest, spring 2023.
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Assistant Professor (ad)

Due Sep. 15, 2021.

Shortlisted candidates invited for online interviews, including Giacomo Fragione, Jose M. Ezquiaga, and Stephen Green.

The Institute of Science and Technology Austria, Assistant Professor (tenure-track) and Professor positions in Astrosciences (ad) Due Oct. 29, 2021. Reference letters requested, interview invitations sent. Interviews in March. 
LPL, Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Exoplanet Science (ad) Due Oct. 8, 2021. Short-listed candidates invited for onsite interviews (10/25-10/29), include Joshua Krissansen-Totton, Xinting Yu, Sukrit Ranjan (based on colloquium schedule).
Lycoming College (ad) Due Nov. 15, 2021. Long-list made. 
McMaster University, tenure track position in Observational Exoplanet Astronomy (ad) Due Nov. 15, 2021. Requests for letters sent (12/1). Longlist notified (1/7).
MIT Center for Theoretical Physics

Due Nov 15, 2021. Longlist candidates include Julian Muñoz.

Minnesota Duluth  (ad)  Tenure-track assistant professor. Due Nov. 10, 2021.  Longlist interviews were conducted Jan 3-Jan14. References being contacted now; udates expected at the end of January.
Montana State University - Bozeman, Tenure track position in Gravitational Physics (ad) Screening of applications begins on Jan. 15, 2022.
Montana State University – Bozeman, Assistant Professor in Experimental Space Sciences (ad) Due Jan. 10, 2022.
NSF's NOIRLab - Astronomer (Tenure-track) and Scientist (ad) Due Jan. 16, 2022. Six or more Astronomer (tenure-track -  50% research) and Scientist (20% research) positions
Oberlin College (ad) Due Dec. 15, 2021. Longlist made
Oregon State University – Faculty position in astrophysics (ad) Due Jan. 3, 2022.
Peking University - two faculty positions at Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics and the Department of Astronomy  (ad) Due Nov. 15, 2021. Some rejections sent Dec 10. Interviews done by Jan 5, 2022.
Pennsylvania State University Open Rank (Tenure/Tenure-track) faculty position in Astronomy & Astrophysics (ad)

Due November 19, 2021. "Applicants in all areas of astronomy and astrophysics are encouraged to apply." Short list has been made, and interview invitations will be sent out soon. 

Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Institute of Astrophysics (ad) Due Nov 15th, 2021. Up to two positions. "Applicants in all areas of astronomy and astrophysics are encouraged to apply." Review is ongoing. Letter have been requested.
Purdue University, Tenure-Track Cluster Hire in Origins (ad) Due Nov 1. 2021. Up to 3 positions in Bio/Chem/EAPS, Origins of Life/Astrobiology. Long-list made (video interviews).
Rice University, Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Planetary Science (ad) Due Oct 31, 2021. Long-list made (letter requested). Short-list made. Have interview invitations gone out?

Rutgers University, Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Planetary Science. (ad)

Due Nov 1st, 2021. Short-list made. 
SLAC Particle Physics & Astrophysics (ad) Due Nov. 15th, 2021. Short-list made. Some candidates invited for in-person interviews, including Julian Muñoz.
Stony Brook University, Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Observational Astronomy (ad) Due Jan. 5th, 2022. Some candidates invited for online interviews.
SUNY Oswego, Assistant Professor of Physics (ad)

Posted Nov. 9th, 2021, open until filled.

Any update?

Trinity College Dublin, 

Assistant Professor in Astrophysics (ad)

Due July 16th, 2021. Shortlisted candidates invited for interview. 
Tsinghua University  (ad)

Due Nov. 30, 2021.  Rejections sent and interviews concluded.  (Previous update of "Offers made and accepted" is NOT true).

Tsung-Dao Lee Institute (TDLI), several Fellow positions available, jointly with a tenure-track Associate Professor position at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Areas of interest: experimental physics, theoretical particle and nuclear physics, cosmology (ad)

TDLI-astro due Nov. 15, initial interview talks conducted

Due January 10th, 2022

DoA at SJTU due Dec 13. Preliminary offer made (Dec 30, 2021). 

Universidad de Antofagasta (Chile), faculty position in astroinformatics (ad) Due December 1st. Shortlist made and reference letters requested.
University of Alabama, Assistant Professor in Astronomy & Astrophysics (ad) Due Dec. 1, 2021. Long-list made.
University of Alabama in Huntsville, tenure-track faculty position (including Astronomy) (ad) Due Jan. 1, 2022. Long-list made. Have 1st round invitations gone out yet? Yes, some people have had online interviews.
University of Alabama in Huntsville, Pei-Ling Chan Chair of Physics (ad) Due Jan. 15, 2022.
University of Arizona, Endowed Chair in Optical Sciences (ad) Review begins Jan 1, 2022. "...interests in advanced optical technologies for space systems in astronomy and remote sensing."
University of British Columbia, tenure-track Assistant Professor position (ad)

Due Nov 15, 2021. Any news? (Dec 15). Jan 10: still nothing?

University of California - Berkeley (ad) Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Due Oct 15, 2021. Long-list made.
University of California - Berkeley (ad) Department of Astronomy. Due Nov 19, 2021.
University of California - Berkeley (ad)

Data Science, Departments of Astronomy & Earth and Planetary Science. Due Nov 30, 2021.

University of Cape Town, Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics (ad) Closes 31 Jan 2022; applicants must have experience in theoretical high enery physics, cosmology, astrophysics or gravity
University of Chicago, Assistant Professor, Geophysical Sciences (ad) (1 of 2)

Due Nov. 1, 2021. "any area within the field of Earth and Planetary Sciences and related interdisciplinary research"

Update: E-mails sent for in person interviews (12/14).

University of Chicago, Associate Professor, Geophysical Sciences (ad) (2 of 2) Due Nov. 1, 2021. "any area within the field of Earth and Planetary Sciences and related interdisciplinary research"
UCLA, Open Rank (Tenure-Track/Tenured) Faculty Position in Space Physics (ad)

Due Nov. 1, 2021. Rejections sent Jan 13.

UCLA, Open Rank (Tenure-Track/Tenured) Faculty Position in Planetary Geochemistry (ad)

Due Oct. 29, 2021. Letters requested (Jan 17).

The University of Kansas, Assistant Professor (ad) in Astroparticle Physics Due August 20, 2021. The longlist includes Yu-Dai Tsai, who did not make the final shortlist.
The University of Leicester, Lecturer in Astrophysics, Planetary Science or Space Instrumentation (ad was removed from the web),  Due September 5th 2021. Shortlisted candidates invited for interview, including Mariangela Bonavita. Rejections sent. Offers made and accepted. 
The University of Massachusetts Lowell - Assistant Professor in Medical Physics (ad) Candidates who study impact of space radiation on humans are welcome to apply. Due on January 1 2022 
University of Memphis, Faculty position in Astronomy/Astrophysics (ad)

Review of applications will begin in Dec. 2021 and may continue until the position is filled. Letters requested (12/16/2021). Any updates (1/20)? 

The University of Minnesota, Assistant Professor in Experimental Space Physics (ad) Due Dec. 3, 2021.  Any area in or related to space sciences, including stars and exoplanets. Any updates (1/20)?
University of Oklahoma (ad) Due Dec 15, 2021, Endowed chair, open rank full, associate, or assistant professor, all field of astronomy and astrophysics.
UTSA, Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Exoplanets (ad) Due Nov. 1, 2021. Long-listed made (video interviews). Short-list made (in-person interview).
University of Tennessee, Knoxville Due Dec. 1, 2021. Any updates (1/20)?
The University of Texas at Austin, Assistant Professor, Statistics and Data Science (ad) Due Nov. 30th 2021. Strong applicants whose primary degree is not in statistics, biostatistics, machine learning, data science, or a related area will also be considered, as long as their research exhibits independence and excellence in one of these areas. Last year, they hired a TT Asst. professor with astronomy background.
The University of Texas at Austin, Assistant Professor, Experimental and/or Data Driven Cosmology (ad)

Due Dec. 6th 2021. Consider data driven to be very broadly defined. Possible consideration in related areas. Shortlisted candiates contacted for zoom interviews, including Josh Dillon, Steve Choi, Julian Muñoz, Tanvi Karwal.

The University of Texas at Austin, Tenure-track assistant professor position in astronomy (ad)

Due Dec. 7th, 2021. Longlist includes Julian Muñoz, Josh Dillon.
The University of Texas at El Paso, Assistant Professor, any specialty (ad Due Dec. 15, 2021. Open search in astro, letters requested after initial round of review.  Some rejections sent (1/3).  Interviews conducted week of 1/10-14.
University of Toronto Mississauga, tenure stream position in the area of Exoplanet or Planetary Astronomy (ad) Due Nov 15, 2021. Long-list made (video interviews, 12/17)

University of Western Ontario, tenure-track Assistant Professor in Physics & Astronomy (ad)

Application review begins 20 Jan 2022. Open search.
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Astronomy (ad) Seeking candidates with an active research program in exoplanets. Due Dec. 6 2021. Any news?

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Planetary Astrochemistry (ad)

This position is the second in a campus-wide cluster hiring initiative on Origins of Life, Artificial Life, and Astrobiology. Due Nov. 1, 2021. Long-list notified. Short-list notified.
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Observational Exoplanet Spectroscopy (ad) This position is the third in a campus-wide cluster hiring initiative on Origins of Life, Artificial Life, and Astrobiology. Due Nov. 1, 2021.  Long-list notified. Short-list notified.
Vassar College (ad) Due Oct 10, 2021. Rejections sent (1/18). Offer made.
Virginia Tech (ad) Due Nov 29, 2021. Shortlist notified.
Washington University in St. Louis. Astromaterials, Solar System, and Planetary System Formation (ad)

Due Jan 14, 2022. Long-list notified (Jan 21).

Wayne State University, Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Astronomy/Astrophysics (ad) Due December 15, 2021. Updates expected by the end of January.
Wellesley College, Tenure-track faculty position in Physics (ad) Due Oct 1, 2021. Shortlist notified.
Worcester State University (ad) Due Nov 15, 2021. Long list contacted 10 January.
York University, Assistant Professor (tenure-track) in computational extragalactic astronomy (ad) Due November 22, 2021. longlist notified (12/30)
Yale University, Asst. Prof. Exoplanets Due Nov 1. Longlist notified and some rejections sent. Shortlist: Malena Rice, Gudmundur Stefansson, David Martin, Marta Bryan, Heather Cegla, Fei Dai, Jennifer Bergner
Apex, Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, tenure-track staff (ad), exoplanets Due Nov 15, shortlist notified


Science Staff and Management Positions

Place/Institution (alphabetical) People (in boldface if accepted)
Data Scientist (W/M) at EPFL (ad) Deadline July 30, 2021. Interviews Done. Offer Made - Hariharan Krishnan (declined)
Data Scientist in Astronomical Imaging and Machine Learning, University of Geneva (ad)

Deadline Dec. 12, 2021.

January 13/2022 - Applications are being processed

HIRAX Project Manager, University of KwaZulu-Natal (ad) Deadline November 12, 2021.
MeerKAT Operation Scientist (Senior/Associate), SARAO (ad)

Deadline October 8, 2021. Interview Done for Shortlisted Candidates by Nov. 13/2021.

January 05/2022 - Rejections Sent

NASA Goddard Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope Deputy Project Scientist This is the second part of appliation posted on USA Jobs (the first part was on AAS job register and due over the summer). Deadline is November 12, 2021.
NASA Goddard PCOS Chief Scientist This is the second part of application posted on USA Jobs (the first part was on AAS job register and due 11/30/21). Deadline December 27, 2021. Candidates for interviews notified.
NRAO Assistant Scientist (ad) ALMA/SRDP. Due Oct. 15, 2021. Some candidates contacted for initial interviews.
NRAO Assistant Scientist (ad) ALMA/Telescope Interface and Diagnostics. Due Oct. 15, 2021. Some candidates contacted for initial interviews.
Rubin Observatory Operations Scientists, SLAC (ad) Deadline Nov. 15
SOFIA Instrument Scientist EXES (ad) Deadline November 11
Scientist at the University of Florida Astronomy Observatories (ad) Review begins December 17


Faculty Shuffle

Person (alphabetical) Old Institution New Institution
Bin Yang ESO Universidad Diego Portales
Katie Mack NCSU Perimeter Institute

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