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Tenure Track Faculty Positions


Place/Institution (alphabetical) People (in boldface if accepted)
University of Massachusetts Lowell Tenure-track assistant professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ad)

Expertise in:

  • Space weather modeling
  • Space weather instrumentation and experimentation
  • Effects of space weather on the ionosphere and on critical space and terrestrial infrastructure such as communication, navigation, and power systems

Job posted 4/10/24

Central Michigan University. Tenure-track assistant professor in Astronomy (ad) Application deadline, January 2nd, 2024. Some zoom interview invites sent (mid Jan) Some in-person invites sent (late Feb)

Rice University, Tenure-track assistant professor position in Planetary Science (ad)

Application deadline Nov 1, 2023

In-person interviews underway.

Offer made.

American University, Assistant/Associate Professor of Physics (ad)

Application deadline October 15, 2023

Zoom interview requests sent Dec 11th. Some rejection emails sent Dec 19.

Offer made and accepted (Johannes Lange).

Arizona State University, Open-Rank Planetary Science Professor (open to all related subfields in the natural sciences or engineering) (ad)

Initial application deadline October 19, 2023. See ad for full details and application requirements. Letter requested Nov 17th.  Some Zoom interviews requested 1/15.  Campus visits scheduled.

Offer made

U of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Open-Rank position in Observational Astronomy (ad) Review of applications begins Nov 1st. Online interviews request sent (Dec 12). In-person interviews invitation sent (Jan 09).
U of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Open-Rank position in AI/ML in any area of Physics or Astronomy (ad) Review of applications begins Jan 2nd.
University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Assistant Professor of Physics/Space Physics (ad) Application deadline February 4, 2024.
Appalachian State University. Assistant Professor in Physics and Astronomy (ad) Application deadline Dec 1, 2023. Some invites for Zoom interviews sent (early Jan). Short list interviews being scheduled for mid-Feb - early March.
University of Arkansas. Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in Astrophysics (ad) Due Nov 1, 2023. Shortlist contacted (Dec 14). Some requests for campus visits sent out on Jan 17.
Bard College, Assistant Professor of Computational Physics (ad) Due Oct 2, 2023. Zoom interview requested Oct 13.
Bates College, Assistant Professor of Physics (ad)

Due 11/1/2023.  Zoom interview requested Nov 8.

On-campus interviews? Offers? (2/8)

Benedictine College, Assistant Professor of Physics & Astronomy (ad)

Review of applications underway and will continue until the position is filled. No specified deadline.

March 8: any news?

UC Berkeley, Assistant Professor – Gravitational Waves – Department of Physics (ad)

Application due Nov. 26, 2023. Interview invitation(s) sent Dec 19.

Shortlist includes Sylvia Biscoveanu, Tom Callister, Francisco Carcoba, Max Isi, Victoria Xu. 

Offer made

Boston University, Assistant Professor of Physics (ad)

Experimental or observational cosmology. Review of applications officially begins 11/1/2023, but applications are still being accepted. 

Some Zoom interview invitations sent 1/30.

Boston University, Assistant Professor of Astronomy (ad)

Due 11/1.

Some zoom interviews requested early Jan.

Rejections sent 1/24.

Offer made and accepted.

Bowling Green State University. Tenure-track Assistant Professor of Astronomy (ad) Due 1/8. Some remote interview requests sent (mid Feb)
Brookhaven National Laboratory, two junior tenure-track positions (ad) Broad search for two (2) new Cosmology & Astrophysics Group members. Review of applications will begin 18 December, 2023. Recommendation letters were requested.
Brown University, Assistant Professor of Planetary Science (ad)

Application due Sept 25, 2023. Letter requested. DEEPS Colloquium schedule suggests in-person interviews may be happening.

Offer made.

Carleton College, Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy (ad)

Application due Sep 15, 2023. First round of rejects sent Oct 5. Finalists identified.

Offer made and accepted (Dreia Carrillo).

Carnegie Observatories, Staff Astronomer (ad)

Applications due Nov 3 2023. References will be contacted only for applicants who made the first cut. Meeting to be held Dec 15. Some rejection emails sent.

Received over 180 applications. Letters requested for second-round applicants on Dec 19. Letters due Jan 11.

Any idea when interview requests will go out? (Jan. 12)

Meetings to be held Jan 19, 22, 23.

Some Zoom interview requests sent out (Jan. 19)

Some in-person interview requests sent (Feb 7)

Offers and rejections have gone out (April 25)

Who were the offers made to?

Caltech, Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Solar System Geophysics & Atmospheres or Solid Earth Geology & Geophysics (ad)

Applications due Oct 1st, 2023. Zoom interview requested Oct 31st. Received over 100 applications; 10 contacted for Zoom interviews. Six shortlist candidates invited for on-campus interview Dec 9th.

Some longlisted candidates sent rejections Dec 9.

Shortlist based on seminar series includes Zhongtian Zhang, Jonathan Wolf, Roger Fu.

University of California, Los Angeles, Assistant Professor in Exoplanet Characterization (ad

Review of applications begins February 1, 2024.

Some invitations sent for in-person interviews (April 4)

Who is in the shortlist? (Apr 8)

Based on colloquium schedule: Luis Welbanks, Shang-Min Tsai, Matt Nixon, Bjorn Benneke

University of California, Santa Cruz, Assistant Professor of Observational Astronomy and Astrophysics (ad)

Application review begins February 20, 2024.

Some rejections sent 4/8.

CalPoly Humboldt, Tenure-track Faculty position in Astronomy (ad)

Applications due Jan 31, 2024. Some invitations for Zoom interviews sent out on February 23.  Candidates on shortlist includes: Roseanne Cheng?, others?


They ever make an offer? They ghosting everyone?

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (ad) Applications due Jan 2, 2024. Some invitations for Zoom interviews sent out on January 22.
University of Central Florida, Assistant or Associate Professor in Planetary Science (2 positions) (ad Open until filled.
University of Colorado Boulder, Assistant Professor of Astrophysical & Planetary Sciences (ad)

Applications due Dec 4, 2023. Any news? Short list wasn't notified until mid-January last year.

Reference letters requested for some candidates (mid Dec.) References were also requested at time of submission. 

Some invitations sent for in-person interviews. From colloquium schedule: Anowar Shajib, Emma Beasor, Megan Mansfield, Taeho Ryu

Offer made and accepted

Colorado College, Assistant Professor of Physics (ad)

Two positions (computational, experimentalist), due Oct 13, 2023. 

Zoom interview for computational position requested, Dec.

Experimental position search has been cancelled (1/24)

Columbia University Assistant professor in astronomy (ad)

Due Dec 3.  Some requests for zoom interviews sent (12/23). Some short list notifications sent (1/18). Shortlist from colloquium schedule: Joel Ong, Boryana Hadzhiyska, Max Isi, Megan Mansfield, Kishalay De, Shreyas Vissapragada

Offers made to Kishalay De and Boryana Hadzhiyska

University of Connecticut. Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in Astrophysics (ad) Due Nov 15, 2023. Any updates (1/3)? Some requests for video interviews sent (1/4). Rejections sent (1/24).

Offer made and accepted (4/26).
Cornell University, Assistant Professor in observational astronomy, especially extragalactic (ad)

Review of applications will begin Nov 15, 2023. Some applicants invited for zoom interview (early/mid-Dec). Short list includes (from colloquium schedule): Jed McKinney, Abhi Maniyar, Sedona Price, Ruby Byrne, Dongwoo Chung, Seiji Fujimoto.

Offer made

Eastern Kentucky University, Assistant Professor in Physics (ad) Review of applications will begin Nov 1, 2023. On-campus interviews scheduled.
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Assistant Professor in Astrophysics (ad) Due Nov 14, 2023. Longlist notified. Some candidates invited for in-person interviews.
Harvard University, Assistant Professor in Astronomy (ad)

Due Nov 13, 2023. Short list notified (12/19).

Liam Connor

Illinois Institute of Technology, Assistant Professor (ad)

Review of applications will begin Jan 1, 2024. Zoom interviews completed (01/26). Short list interviews starting (2/24).

Offer made and accepted

University of Florida, Assistant Professor in Time-domain Astronomy (ad) Due Dec 5, 2023. Long-list contacted (01/08).Some invitations sent for in-person interviews. 

University of Florida, Associate or Full Professor in technology development or instrumentation (ad)

Due Jan 15, 2024
Georgia State, extragalactic (ad) Due Nov 3, 2023. Zoom interviews conducted. Campus visits scheduled.
Any update?
Georgia Tech, AI+Physics (ad) Due Dec 1, 2023. Longlist contacted for interviews. Any news on the shortlist?
University of Hawai'i Tenure-track assistant astronomer (Manoa) (ad)

Due November 17, 2023. Long list contacted for interviews (December 7-11).  Short list contacted for in-person interviews (12/18) Short list includes (from colloquium schedule): Kamber Schwarz, Luke Bouma, Adina Feinstein, Seth Siegel, Taeho Ryu, Megan Mansfield, Darryl Seligman, Anowar Shajib, Luis Welbanks, Ian Wong.

Offers made.

1 offer accepted 

Search stopped, will be advertising for multiple positions next year.

University of Hawai'i Tenure-track assistant astronomer (Hilo) (ad)

Due November 17, 2023

Offer made.

Search stopped, will be advertising next year.

University of Hawai'i Tenure-track assistant professor (Hilo) (application) Advertisement 15 April 2024. Applications under continuous review.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, assistant/associate professor in observational/experimental astrophysics (ad)

Due Feburary 21, 2024

Some requests for zoom interviews sent Mar 1.

Two offers made, both accepted

Open Area, Open Rank, Tenure-Line Professor of Astronomy at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (ad)

Application deadline Nov 8, 2023.

Some requests for zoom interviews sent Jan 7.

Offer accepted: Jiayin Dong

Lehman College of the City University of New York. Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy (ad) Due 28 Dec. 2023.  Any news (2/28)??
University of Maryland. Assistant Professor - UMD Astronomy (ad)

Application deadline Dec 15, 2023. Any News (Jan 15)?

Short list notified Jan 24

Based on colloquium schedule: Igor Andreoni, Jinyi Yang, Feige Wang, Adina Feinstein, Michael Koss, Kishalay De, Megan Mansfield

Last interview finished today (March 28)

Offers made and accepted (Megan Mansfield) (April 5)

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Tenure-track assistant professor in Theory: time domain, multi-messanger astrophysics or related fields (ad)

Applications due December 31, 2023. Long-list contacted Jan 18. Rejections sent 2/14/24. 

Any news? Yes, but somebody keeps deleting any info posted about this listing.

Michigan State University, Assistant Professor in Astronomy (ad) Due Nov 15, 2023. Long list notified 12/1. Short list invited for in-person interviews. 

Some rejections sent Jan 6. 

Offers accepted - Adina Feinstein & Darryl Seligman.
Middlebury College, Faculty Fellow in Astronomy & Astrophysics (ad)

Due 11/1. Some people contacted for Zoom interviews on Dec 8. In-person visits took place in January. Any news (Candidate A, 2/8)? I have not heard anything (Candidate B). What about you, Candidate C? 

Offer made (week of 2/12) and accepted.

University of Missouri. Tenure-Track Assistant Professorship in Astronomy/Astrophysics (ad)

Review of applications will begin on December 1, 2023, and will continue until the position is filled.
Letters of reference are requested

On-campus interviews scheduled

Offer made

United States Naval Academy, Tenure-Track Assistant Professor, open to all physics subfields but astrophysics or nuclear physics are of greater interest (ad)

Application review begins October 1, 2023. Some video call interview requests sent last week of October. Some campus visits scheduled.

Astrophysics offer made and accepted.

Nuclear physics position still in consideration.

Providence College, Assistant Professor of Physics (ad)

Due Oct 6, 2023. Zoom interview requests sent Oct 16, some rejects Nov 6. 

Offer made and accepted.

University of Iowa, Assistant Professor in Space-Based Particle Experiments (ad)

The Department of Physics and Astronomy seeks a high energy particle physicist with involvement in space-based experiments. This is a tenure-track position at the rank of Assistant Professor scheduled to begin in the Fall of 2024. Due Nov. 28, 2023

University of Iowa, Assistant Professor in Observational Astronomy (ad)

Application review begins Nov 28, 2023. Some on-campus inteviews scheduled.

Offer made

W.M. Keck Science Department, Assistant Professor (ad) Application deadline October 1st, 2023. Any news?
University of Oklahoma, two Assistant or Associate Professor positions in Astronomy/Astrophysics (ad)

Application review begins December 9, 2023; positions open until filled.

On-campus interviews scheduled (1/29).

Offers made and accepted - Nikole Nielsen, Michael Hayden

Oregon State University, Tenure Track in Astrophysics (ad)

All materials by Dec 4, 2023

Some invitations for phone interviews sent out 1/15.

Rejections sent 2/16

Offer accepted - Sanjana Curtis.

Penn State University tenure-track faculty position in astronomy & astrophysics (ad)

Due December 6, 2023. Some rejections sent and long list contacted for interviews Jan 11. Shortlist rejections sent out on Feb 2. In-person interviews scheduled Feb 5.

​​Rejections sent to some short listed candidates (3/25)

Offer made

Princeton Assistant Professor in Gravitational/High-Energy physics (ad)

Due Nov 15. Shortlist notified 12/21, includes Sylvia Biscoveanu, Tom Callister, Jordan Cotler, Henry Lin.

Offer made

University of South Carolina, Open-rank Professor in observational astronomy (ad)

Application deadline: December 1, 2023. Some invitations for Zoom interview (1/26). Zoom interviews were conducted (2/1). Shortlist contacted for on-campus visit. Some rejections sent. 
Some candidates from the colloquia list:
Nikole Nielsen, Andrey Vayner

Offer accepted

University of Rochester. Tenure-track faculty position in astrophysics (ad)

Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis until the position is filled, beginning 1 December 2023.

At least one person was invited for a short-list interview (Feb 14). Faculty meeting scheduled for April 2.

Shortlist from the colloquium schedule: Jake Turner, Dominique Segura-Cox, Anowar Shajib, Zhoujian "ZJ" Zhang, Laetitia Allibert, Ioana Zelko

Offer made and accepted (Dominique Segura-Cox, Zhoujian "ZJ" Zhang).

Rochester Institute of Technology, Assistant Professor in Astrophysical Instrumentation and Technology (ad)

Application deadline: Dec 15, 2023

Some phone interview invites were sent (1/16)

Any news? (2/13)? Short list to be finalized soon.

Any news on shortlist? (2/22)

Skidmore College, Assistant Professor of Physics (scientific computation/data science) (ad)

Due 10/31

Offer accepted

Southern Methodist University (ad) Due Oct 22. Zoom interviews conducted. Some on-campus interviews scheduled (12/21). On-campus interviews scheduled for late Jan / early Feb.
Stanford University, Assistant Professor of Earth & Planetary Sciences

Application deadline, Oct 30th, 2023. Zoom interview request Nov 17th.  Some rejection emails sent December 1st.

Offer made

Stanford University, Assistant Professor of Geophysics Application deadline, Oct 30th, 2023.
SUNY Oswego, Assistant Professor of Physics (ad) Any news?
SUNY New Paltz, Assistant Professor of Physics (ad)

Application deadline: December 1st, 2023. Video interview emails sent out 12/19, scheduled for early Jan. Any news?

Stanford University, Assistant Professor of Theoretical Physics/Theoretical Astrophysics  (ad)

Application deadline: Nov 1st, 2023. Some candidates invited for zoom interviews, early Jan. Any news on the shortlist? (1/26)
University of Tampa. Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy (ad)

Application deadline: Jan 1, 2024. Some candidates invited for zoom interviews, early Jan. Shortlist notified (01/29).

Offer made and accepted.

University of Texas at Austin. Tenure-Track Assistant Professor Position in Astronomy (ad)

Application deadline Dec 1, 2023. Longlist contacted (Jan 3).  Some rejections sent (Jan 4). Shortlist contacted (Jan 22).

Some candidates from the colloquia list:
Kishalay De, ChangHoon Hahn, Sebastian Gomez, Erini Lambrides, Megan Mansfield, Jiayi Sun, Feige Wang

Offer made and accepted.

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy (ad) Due Nov 30, 2023. Some zoom interviews requested (mid/late Jan). Some candidates invited for in-person interviews.
Texas Christian University. Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy (ad)

Due 1/19. Some zoom interviews requested (mid/late Feb)

On-campus interviews scheduled

Texas Tech University. One position in astronomy and one position in gravitational wave astrophysics (ad)

Application deadline Dec 15, 2023. Longlist contacted for zoom interviews on Jan 17 (at least the astronomy position). Invitations for in-person interviews sent out around 2/12/24.

Offers made for both positions.

Thomas More University, Assistant Professor of Physics (ad) Applications reviewed on rolling basis. Applications before 27-Mar-2024 will receive full consideration.
Union College, Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy (ad)

Application deadline October 1, 2023.  Zoom interviews conducted October 11-13, 2023. On campus interviews conducted and finished.

Offer made and accepted

University of British Columbia, Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy (ad)

Application deadline November 30, 2023

Some Zoom interview requests sent (Jan 5)
-Were any rejection emails sent? (Jan 6) I have found rejection emails aren't sent until they have a shortlist.

Rejection emails sent (Feb 2nd)

Any shortlist invites received? (Feb 4)

University of California, Riverside, Assistant Professor in

Neutrino Physics, Particle Astrophysics, Cosmology, and Gravitational Waves (ad)

Application deadline, Nov. 19.

Offer made

University of California San Diego, Assistant Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics (ad)

Application deadline October 20, 2023. Some candidates contacted for Zoom interviews.

Some candidates contacted for in-person interviews 12/1.

Rejections sent 1/24.

Offers made to Samantha Trumbo (accepted), Kyle Kremer (accepted)

University of California San Diego, Associate or Full Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics (ad)

Application deadline November 30, 2023. Some rejections sent 1/31.

Offers made.

University of Cincinnati (ad), Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Astrophysics

Some reference letter requests sent (12/22). Some candidates contacted for Zoom interviews 1/10.

Shortlist contacted 1/31.

Any news? Reply: I was told at the in-person interview that the selection committee was set to make a final decision the week of March 4, but I haven't heard back as of March 15. I'm not sure if they're delayed or if it was offered to someone else. Reply: That makes two of us, I also haven't heard anything by the deadline of March 4 that was mentioned to me.

Offer made and accepted

University of Michigan, Assistant Professor of Astronomy (ad)

Application deadline October 15, 2023. Some candidates contacted (via email) for reference letters.

Some rejection emails sent out on November 15 and November 16. Short list emails sent (Dec 15)

Shortlist from Colloquim list: Megan Mansfield, Jinyi Yang, Peter Senchyna, Shreyas Vissapragada

Offer made and accepted - Jinyi Yang

University of Michigan, Assistant Professor of Physics (open search) About 400 applicants. Short list of 8 contains one hep-th person, three hep-exp, and two cosmo-exp. 
University of Toronto, Assistant Professor in Astrophysics (ad)

Application deadline November 6, 2023.

Shortlist contacted (Jan 26)

Offer made.

University of Toronto (CITA), Associate Professor in Cosmology (ad) Application deadline November 14, 2023. Shortlist invited for interviews. Offer made.
Weber State University, Two Assistant Professors of Astronomy/Astrophysics (ad) Application review begins January 16, 2024. Some Zoom interview requests sent (end Jan.) Some in-person interview requests sent (early Feb)
Williams College, Assistant Professor of Physics (ad)

Due Oct. 15, 2023.

Offer made and accepted

rejections sent

University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy (ad) Due 11/1. Any news? (Mar 1)
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Assistant Professor or Associate Professor of Astronomy (ad)

Due Tuesday, January 16, 2024. Interviews underway (mid March). Last interview was early April.

Has an offer been accepted? (Jun 3)

Yes (June 5)

Occidental College, Assistant Professor of Physics

Deadline 11/1. Some contacted for zoom interview to be conducted in January 2024

Short list notified for on campus interviews (1/24)

some rejections sent 1/29

Offer made and accepted.

Tufts University, Faculty in Cosmology (ad)

Application deadline Nov 15, 2023. Some rejections sent (1/23).

Offer made and accepted: Soubhik Kumar

University of Waterloo, Assistant Professors in Astrophysics (ad)

Application deadline December 1, 2023. Some candidates contacted for online interviews (Jan 23)

Offer made and accepted: Lisa Dang

Vassar College, Assistant Professor of Physics (ad)

Due November 6th 2023. Zoom interviews week of Nov 27.
Possible campus visits week of Dec 11.
Committee's goal is to make first offer before xmas.

Offer made and accepted

Yale University, Assistant/Associate Professor, Planetary Science (ad)

Due November 5, 2023.  In-person interviews scheduled.

Offer made.

Los Alamos National Lab, Theoretical and Computational Astrophysics Scientist (ad)

Deadline Jan 14 2024.

Some applicants received instructions for letter upload (Feb 13) with deadline Feb 21.

Applicant invited for onsite interview April 2 (Feb 29).

Offer made over an informal communication with T2 astro group - you sure? a T2 committee member denied this...

2 hires planned: 1 in astrophysics and 1 in heliophysics, 13 candidates total. Final interview day April 4. Expected outcome May-Jun depending on bureaucratic efficiency of approval process.

Search committee members: Anna Hayes-Sterbenz, Joe Carlson, Hui Li, Fan Guo, Jerret Johnson, Ben Ryan and Chris Malone. Closed search and no emails to the rest of the T2 staff. 

Initial offer made for the astrophysics hire.

Perimeter Institute, Cosmology Tenure Track Faculty (ad) Application deadline Jan 1 2024, selection deadline March 1 2024. Interview request sent out as of Jan 26.
Any news?



Place/Institution (alphabetical) People (in boldface if accepted)
University of Bath, UK, Lecturer in Astrophysics (ad)

Application deadline: November 1, 2023.

Interviews held end of November 2023.

Shortlist includes: T. Bakx, J. Matharu, M. Rey, G. Roberts-Borsani, M. Rybak, R. Yates.

Offer made.

University of Birmingham, UK, Assistant Professorship in Stellar and Exoplanetary sciences (ad)

Application deadline: September 17, 2023.

Shortlist invited for in-person interviews (September 21).

Interviews: October 18-19.

Shortlist includes: Warwick Ball, Jasmina Blecic, Nora Eisner, Baptiste Klein, Ryan MacDonald, Anjali Piette

Offer made and accepted (Piette).

University of Bristol, UK, Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in Astrophysics (ad Deadline: June 6, 2024
University of Cambridge, University Assistant/Associate Professor (1 or 2 posts available) (ad Due Jan 3, 2024. Interviews planned for w/c 29th April 2024. In-person invitations sent.

Offers made
University of Cambridge, University Assistant Professor, Planetary Science and Life in the Universe (ad)

Due Feb 2, 2024. Interviews planned for Feb/March.

Rejection received Feb 16. 

Any news since the interviews?

CNRS (France, ad)

Due Feb 9, 2024, 6 junior (209 applicants) and 6 senior positions (47 applicants).

Senior positions shortlist: ACERO Fabio, ANDRE Nicolas, BARUTEAU Clément, BELKACEM Kevin, BONFILS Xavier, BOUCHE Nicolas, BRUNETTO Rosario, BUCHLIN Eric, CAVALIE Thibault, CERUTTI Benoit, CHIAVASSA Andrea, COMMERCON Benoit, CORDIER Daniel, DESSART Luc, DUBOIS Yohan, FABBIAN Giulio, GALLIANO Frédéric, GAVAZZI Raphael, GIACINTI Gwenael, GRAIN Julien, GRANDCLEMENT Philippe, GRATADOUR Damien, GROSSO Nicolas, GUSAKOV Mikhail, HUGOT Emmanuel, LACOUR Sylvestre, MALZAC Julien, MARTIN Nicolas, NARDETTO Nicolas, NEICHEL Benoit, NOTERDAEME Pasquier, PARIAT Etienne, PAUMARD Thibaut, PETITDEMANGE Ludovic, PONTHIEU Nicolas, RINCON François, ROUILLARD Alexis, VERNAZZA Pierre, VIGAN Arthur, VINATIER Sandrine, YSARD Nathalie.

Junior positions shortlist: ALONSO PALICIO Pedro, ASTOUL Aurélie, BONFAND-CALDEIRA Mélisse, BOURDAROT Guillaume, BUGLI Matteo, CADIOU Corentin, CHAMBOULEYRON Vincent, CHIDE Baptiste, CLAEYSSENS--BEAUPERE Adélaïde, COZZANI Giulia, DEAL Morgan, DUCROT Elsa, ELYAJOURI Meriem, FARGETTE Naïs, FICHET DE CLAIRFONTAINE Gaëtan, FONTANIVE Clémence, FRANCO Maximilien, GOUIN Celine, GUSEVA Anna, HARA Nathan, HOCDE Vincent, LAGHI Danny, LECLERCQ Floriane, LEGRAND Louis, LOUIS Corentin, MANIYAR Abhishek Sanjay, MARTINOD Marc Antoine, MIGNON-RISSE Raphaël, MOGAVERO Federico, NIEMIEC Anna, NONY Thomas, NOWAK Mathias, PHAN Vo Hong Minh, SCEPI Nicolas, SHEPPARD Rachel, STAHL Clément, THOMAS Guillaume, TOUBIANA Alexandre, VILLENAVE Marion.


Senior candidates proposed for selection: FABBIAN Giulio, ANDRE Nicolas, CORDIER Daniel, YSARD Nathalie, PONTHIEU Nicolas, NARDETTO Nicolas, MALZAC Julien, PETITDEMANGE Ludovic, MARTIN Nicolas. Final decision, 9th of July.

Junior candidates proposed for selection: VILLENAVE Marion, DEAL Morgan, NOWAK Mathias, GOUIN Céline, HARA Nathan, CLAEYSSENS Adélaïde, CHAMBOULEYRON Vincent, DUCROT Elsa, PHAN Vo Hong Minh. Final decision, 26th of June.

CNAP (France, ad)

Due Jan 29, 2024. 4 junior and 3 senior positions.

Senior positions shortlist: BENISTY Myriam, BOT Caroline, CARRY Benoit, CHADID Merieme, CREEVEY Orlagh, DI MATTEO Paola, LAMY Laurent, LASUE Jérémie, OCVIRK Pierre, SALOME Philippe, SIEBERT Arnaud, VAUBAILLON Jérémie.

Junior positions shortlist: AMARD Louis, ASHKAR Halim, ASTOUL Aurélie, BERDEU Anthony, BOURDAROT Guillaume, BRETON Michel-Andres, BRETON Sylvain, CADIOU Corentin, CANAMERAS Raoul, CHALUMEAU Aurélien, CHIDE Baptiste, CIURLO Anna, DEAL Morgan, DUCROT Elsa, EL YAJOURI Meriem, FARGETTE Nais, FRANCO Maximilien, HARA Nathan, KAMMOUN Elias, KIEOKAEW Rungployphan, KLEIN Baptiste, LAGAIN Anthony, LECLERCQ Floriane, LOMBARDO Simona, LOUIS Corentin, MANDON Lucia, MARTINOD Marc-Antoine, MERNIER François, MOGAVERO Federico, MONTARGES Miguel, NOWAK Mathias, POTIER Axel, ROJO Mathias, SABULSKY Dylan, SOULAIN Anthony, THOMAS Guillaume, TREBITSCH Maxime, ULMER-MOLL Solène, VITRAL Eduardo, VOGGEL Karina.

Senior positions: CREEVEY Orlagh, DI MATTEO Paola, SALOME Philippe

Junior positions: CHIDE Baptiste, DUCROT Elsa, VOGGEL Karina, MONTARGES Miguel

Junior professorship - CPJ KIDS4CMB (Grenoble, France, ad) Deadline: March 20, 2024.
Junior professorship - CPJ ASTRO SURVEYS (France, ad in French - see item 4 Deadline: March 20, 2024.
CEA, Permanent position in Cosmology (France, ad) Due Feb 9, 2024. Shortlist made.
University of Oxford, UK, Associate Professor of Physics of Exoplanet Atmospheres (ad)

Application deadline: July 10, 2023.

Shortlist includes: Mark Hammond, Thaddeus Komacek, Sarah Moran, Anjali Piette, Jessica Spake.

Offer made. 

Tenured/Tenure-track positions at ISTA, Klosterneuburg, Austria (ad)

Deadline October 25, 2023. Some (not all) requests for recommendation letters sent (10th nov). On site interviews in Jan/Feb.

Offer made.

University of St Andrews, UK, Lecturer in Extrasolar Planets (ad)

Deadline: May 31, 2024

Any news?

University of Vienna, Austria, Tenure-Track, Data Science Pathways to Galaxy Evolution (ad)

Application deadline: December 22, 2023.

Any news? Shortlist made and shortlisted candidates invited for interviews.

Plumian professorship, cambridge (ad)

Deadline 15th Oct. Any news?

KU Leuven, Belgium, Professor in Asteroseismology, Binary Evolution & Gravitational-Wave Progenitors (ad)

Deadline 15th Nov 2023


Sabanci University, Istanbul, Tenure-track, high energy astrophysics (ad) The evaluation of applications will start on December 1, 2023 and continue until the position is filled.
SISSA Faculty Position in Multi-Messenger Astro and Particle Physics, Trieste, Friuli-VeneziaGiulia 34136, Italy (ad)

Application deadline: 2023/10/15. Shortlist includes: Jieshuang Wang and others

Any news? (May 1)

Professorship (W2 with tenure track to W3, or W3) in experimental physics (observational astronomy), University of Cologne, Germany (ad Application deadline: 15 Dec. 2023. Shortlisted candidates invited for on-site interviews (Jan 9th).
University of Amsterdam, API, tenure-track, stellar astrophysics Deadline 10th Jan

Any news? 
University of Amsterdam, API, tenure-track, high-energy and extreme astrophysics Deadline 10th Jan

Rejection emails were sent on February 12.
University of Amsterdam, API, tenure-track, Data- and Compute-Intensive Science Rejection emails were sent on February 12.
University College London, tenure-track Lecturer in high-redshift astrophysics Deadline 8th April


East Asia

Place/Institution (alphabetical) People (in boldface if accepted)

NAOJ (Tokyo/Kamioka) Associate Professor (senior lecturer) in gravitational wave science (ad)

Application deadline October 31st 2023
Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics (ASIAA), Taiwan, Faculty positions in Observation, Theory, and Instrumentation (ad)

Application deadline January 15, 2024

Shortlist includes: Maciek Wielgus, Tomomi Sunayama, Seamus Clarke, Chun-Hao To.

City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Chair Professor/Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor positions in the Department of Physics, research field including High-energy physics/Astrophysics/Cosmology (ad) Application open until the position is filled



Place/Institution (alphabetical)

People (in boldface if accepted)

University of Melbourne Particle Physics (ad)

Due July 27, 2023. Shortlist includes Anastasia Sokolenko

University of Melbourne (Astrophysics, any field; ad)

Due February 1, 2024.

Rejections received (Apr 12)

Anyone received an interview invitation (Apr 22)? 

Some Zoom interview invites received Apr 25

The Australian National University (Astrophysics, any field; ad)

Due January 4, 2024. On-site interviews ongoing (mid-March)

Any news? (May 2)


Science Staff and Management Positions

Place/Institution (alphabetical) People (in boldface if accepted)
Astronomy editor, Nature (ad)
Due March 1.  Requests for interviews sent out.
Simons Foundation Scientific Software Research Faculty Award Notifications sent out 3/8/24. 7 offers out of 17 LOIs submitted. If anyone else in astronomy was awarded one I would love to talk to them. 
NRAO Scientist (ad)

Due Feb. 23, 2024. At least one rejection sent out.

Offer made and accepted.

Lead Scientist for Fermi Science Support Center (ad) Due Nov. 19, 2023. Any news (02/07)?
Gemini Observatory, Chief Scientist (ad) Due June 29, 2023. Zoom interviews in late September/early October
Caltech/IPAC, Staff Scientist for Roman Telescope (ad)

Due Oct 6, 2023. Some candidates invited for in-person interviews

Offer made and accepted.

NASA Goddard, Deputy Project Scientist for Communications for Roman Telescope (ad)

Due August 14, 2023.

Offer made and accepted.

NASA Goddard, GS-13 Civil Servant Position to work on JWST Project Scientist for Data, Calibration, Pipeline, and Archive

First part due Nov 22, 2023. Second part will be posted in Dec/Jan and will be on USAJOBS.  Second part (USAJobs) was posted early April and the deadline was April 8. Candidates have been notified if their application was referred to the hiring manager.

Astronomy Research Scientist at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (ad) Due March 16, 2024.
Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Prof. Joaquin Vieira for more information.
Flatiron Institute/CCA, Software Engineer (Astropy) (ad)

Due December 1, 2023.

Received a negative response on Feb 6.

In-person interviews in Feb.

Caltech/IPAC, Staff Scientist - Roman (ad)

Due Jan 19, 2024. Interviews (March 15). Short list made.

Offer made and accepted.

Research Scientist, Radio Astronomy - MIT Haystack (ad)

Due Nov 17, 2023. Long-list interviews (Jan 31). At least one long-list rejection (March 20).

Caltech/IPAC, Staff Scientist for ENSCI (ad)

Due Feburary 1.

Offer made.

STScI ESA/AURA position

Deadline March 15, 2024. Search committe will meet in mid-May. Any updates?

Rejections sent (May 15) - Will there be another round of rejections before interview? Or has the interview process started? - Some candidate talks scheduled as of 6/10


Faculty Shuffle

Person (alphabetical) Old Institution New Institution
Shazrene Mohamed University of Miami University of Virginia
Timothy Brandt University of California Santa Barbara Space Telescope Science Institute
Joshua Lothringer Utah Valley University Space Telescope Science Institute
Michael Lam Rochester Institute of Technology SETI Institute
Angela Olinto University of Chicago Columbia University (as Provost)
Sarah Stewart University of California Davis Arizona State University
Federico Fraschetti University of Arizona Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian
Juna Kollmeier Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics Carnegie Observatories
Roland Young United Arab Emirates University University of Aberdeen
Zoltan Haiman Columbia University Institute of Science and Technology Austria
Chris Ashall Virginia Tech University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Alessandra Corsi Texas Tech University Johns Hopkins University


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