Ride Share to/from AAS225 Seattle

If you're looking to share a cab from SEA to Seattle or to return, contact people below or add a new row with your arrival day and time and your contact info. Once you find someone with a similar arrival time, get in touch directly to work out the details.

Please note that the light rail between SEA and downtown Seattle, where the conferences hotels are, is quite good. Details are at the bottom of this page.

If you are driving in the area and can pick up people or are looking to share, please use the second table.

There is another table below for SEA departures.

You can add new rows by right clicking within the table (after entering edit mode on this page).

For last minute arrangements let's use the hashtag #AASride

SEA Arrivals
Arrival Day and Time Contact Info Name
2:55 pm, AA2311 kevin dot gullikson at gmail.com Kevin Gullikson
8:21pm, AS461
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Katey Alatalo

3:30 PM, UA357

alice dot allen1 at verizon.net

Alice Allen

8:38 PM, AA joseph dot h dot catanzarite at nasa dot gov Joseph Catanzarite
9:46 PM, AS03 astro dot chun at gmail dot com Chun Ly


Rides Wanted/Offered within Seattle (for locals)
Route to Seattle Contact Info Name




SEA Departures
Departure Day and Time Contact Info Name
11:50 pm, AA1230 kevin dot gullikson at gmail.com Kevin Gullikson
8:05 AM, UA alice dot allen1 at verizon.net Alice Allen
02:10PM AS02 astro dot chun at gmail dot com Chun Ly

8:35 PM AA

joseph dot h dot catanzarite at nasa dot gov

Joseph Catanzarite

SEA-Seattle options:

Please see the wikitravel page for information.


Shared Van:

Public transport: Central Link Light Rail goes from the Seattle airport to downtown Seattle for $2.75 (one-way, adult fare).  The train runs approximately every 10 minutes.  The University Station stop is only a few blocks from the convention center and most of the AAS hotels.  


Details on light rail: To ride the light rail, follow the signs to "Link Light Rail" at baggage claim. Much of the walk is outside. If you see a train stopped on the platform as you approach, you don't necessarily have to hurry; it's the end of the line so the train waits there. Buy your ticket at the machines straight ahead as you approach the train, then head up either of the escalators. If the train is stopped on the platform, you can push the big red button to open the doors and get aboard. 

The ride is about 40 minutes. You want the University Station or Westlake stop depending on your hotel location (map), but they are very close to each other. The tickets are an honor system - usually no one will check it, but there's a fine if you are aboard without one when the conductor swings by. For Seattle bus and train arrival times (updated in real time) use pugetsound.onebusaway.org.

Rental car:  If you rent a car, consider arranging a ride-share above.  If you wait until the last minute, consider offering rides using the Twitter hashtag #AASride.  Seattle has zipcar and car2go for car rentals (find nearby cars with your phone and rent with the tap of a smartcard).

Map of Convention Center area with hotels and metro stops very clearly labeled

Google map

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