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  • myADS - sort your daily listing based on keywords (blog post)
  • CosmoCoffee - sort using keywords and can then also make bookmarks and set up or join journal clubs.
  • Arxivsorter - sorts based on author list and friend-of-friend algorithm (blog post)
  • astroph.py - generate a freestanding, maintenance-free web site for listing arXiv.org files (blog post)
  • Vox Charta - sorts based on keywords, authors, and your or your instituion's voting history. 

Social Networking

  • astrobites - Blog by Astronomy grad students intended to be accessible to undergraduate researchers. In addition to a daily posts summarizing a recent paper, there are also posts on the astronomy profession in general.
  • CosmoCoffee - Discussion board for cosmology papers
  • Facebook app

iPhone Apps

Institutional Discussion Pages

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