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Postdoc or term positions

Place/Institution (alphabetical) People (in boldface if accepted)
AAO (John Stocker Fellow) (ad)  
Academia Sinica (ASIAA), Taipei (ad) Some offers made, including Tsz Yan Lam, Freeke van de Voort (declined), Emily Freeland (declined).
AIP (LBT support) (ad)  
American Museum of Natural History Astrophysics Fellowship rejection emails sent (11/28), >90 applicants, short list of 6 made including Eli Bressert. Offer made.
American Museum of Natural History Astrophysics Teaching Fellowship (ad) rejection emails sent (2/1), shortlist made, offer made to Cameron Hummels, Ashley Pagnotta.
Amsterdam GRAPPA Fellowships Offer made
APC Paris (INTEGRAL Postdoc, second position) (ad) applications due September 15.
APC Paris (INTEGRAL Postdoc) (ad) 4 candidates short-listed. Interviews February 22. Offer made to Karsten Kretschmer, accepted.
Arizona (Theory w/ Robertson) (ad) due Jan 3, 2012, shortlist includes Gabriel Altay, Colin DeGraf.  Offer made to Cameron Hummels (2/10).
Arizona (w/ Fan) (ad) Some interviews conducted. Offer made to Benny Trakhtenbrot. Search canceled??
Arizona (w/ Marrone) (ad) Short pool made.   Any further news ? 
Arizona State U. - Exploration Postdoctoral Fellowship (ad) Offer made to Yi Mao (declined 2/8)
Arizona State University (turbulence in cosmic structure formation w/ Scannapieco) (ad)  
Arizona State University (w/ Butler) Offer made (3/8)
Australian National University (w/ Asplund) (ad, ad, ad) >80 applicants (Dec. 4), shortlist made, letters requested (Dec. 12) rejection letters sent, some interviews arranged, some offers made (Jan. 29), including David Nataf, Katie Schlesinger, Anna Marino, Aaron Dotter
Australian Research Council DECRA Fellowship (ad) Offers made, including Katherine Mack (to U. Melbourne), Remo Collet (to ANU)
Bonn (Argelander fellowship) Offer made to Francesca Valsecchi
Bolton Fellowship (ad) Offer made to Eli Bressert
Brookhaven National Laboratory (w/ Slosar) (ad) Interviews conducted including Shahab Joudaki, Joseph Smidt, Nico Hamaus, Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine, Kwan Chuen Chan.  Offers include: Joseph Smidt (1/31)
Brookhaven National Laboratory (w/ Sheldon) (ad) Interviews conducted. Offer made.
Caltech (Theory Prize Fellowships) (ad)  
Caltech Millikan Prize Fellowship Offer made to Vivien Raymond (2/3)
Caltech/MIT LIGO Postdoctoral Fellowship Interviews conducted. Shortlist includes: Bulent Kiziltan
Caltech/JPL — W. M. Keck Institute for Space Studies Postdoctoral Fellowship Offers made, including Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine, Sasha Hinkley
Cambridge, Cavendish Lab/ Astrophysics (Extragalactic) (ad) Phone interviews conducted. One offer made and accepted. Offer made to Hakim Atek. 
Cardiff University PDRA Herschel Star Formation (ad) Some candidates invited for interview
Cardiff University LIGO group Offer made to Vivien Raymond (declined 2/3)
Carnegie Mellon University McWilliams Fellowship (ad) ~300 applicants.  Shortlist made.  Offered to Dustin Lang (Jan 13). 
Carnegie Mellon University Cosmology Postdoc (w/ Ho) (ad) 1 offer made, short list includes: Xiaoying Xu (McWilliams), Florian Beutler, Mariana Vargas, Nico Hamaus. Another offer to Wenjuan Fang, Mariana Vargas
Carnegie Mellon University WL Postdoc (w/ Mandelbaum) (ad) Offer made to Michael Mortonson (declined); another offer made and accepted
Carnegie Mellon University UES Fellowship (w/ Di Matteo) (ad) Offer made to KwangHo Park.  Shortlist includes Jorge Moreno (withdrawn)
Carnegie DTM Fellowship (ad) due Dec 1, 2011. Shortlist made; some rejections sent (2/8)
Carnegie Research Fellowship (ad) Some interviews scheduled for AAS. Shortlist made including David Nidever, Avi Shporer, Alaina Henry, David Nataf, Erik Tollerud, Jean-Michel Desert. Offer made and accepted.
Carnegie Princeton Fellowship (ad) Offer made to Michele Fumagalli
Case Western Reserve University (ad, ad) Offer made and accepted on Jan 7th
CEA Saclay (Galaxy Formation) (ad)  
CEA Saclay (XXL) (ad) Any news ?
CEA Saclay (SN and Hot ISM) (ad)  
CFP postdoc position (Lancaster, Manchester, Sheffield Consortium for Fundamental Physics) (ad) Offered to Amjad Ashoorioon (12/19)
CITA postdoctoral fellowship (ad) Some offers made, including Evan O'Connor, Emmanuel Jacquet, Adrian Liu (declined), Stella Offner (declined), Ian Parrish, Laura Book, Thiem Hoang
CITA research associate (ad) Offers made, including Joel Meyers, Xuening Bai (declined)
CITA National Fellowship (ad) Some offers made (1/6), including Tim Johannsen (-> Waterloo; 2yrs + 2yrs PI Fellowship), Stephen Green (-> Guelph, 1/20), and Jorge Moreno (-> Victoria, 2/9)
Columbia University - Prize Postdoctoral Fellowship (ad) Rejection emails sent. Offer made: Surhud More (declined)
Columbia University (w/ Beloborodov) (ad)  
Columbia University Science Fellows (ad) Skype interviews conducted, including Delphine Perrodin
Cornell (w/ Sloan) (ad) due Dec. 15, 2011
CPPM postdoctoral position in cosmology (Centre des Physique des Particules de Marseille)(ad) Some interviews conducted, including Cosimo Fedeli
Crete University (postdoc in  infrared extragalactic w/ Charmandaris) (ad) Offer made to Laure Ciesla.
Crete University (postdoc in optical polarimetry of blazars and the ISM) (ad)  
DAMTP, Cambridge (w/ Baumann) (ad)  
Dark Cosmology Centre (DARK), Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen - DARK Fellows, Brahe Fellow (joint with Max Planck/Komatsu) and Brahe Fellow (joint with Stanford/Allen) (ad)
Some rejection e-mails sent (1/31). Shortlist includes: Marios Chatzikos, Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine, Cosimo Fedeli, Matteo Barnabe, Rafael S. de Souza, Shahab Joudaki, Francisco Villaescusa-Navarro, Marco Castellano, Andrew Hearin, Laura Marian, Colin DeGraf, Hakim Atek, Adam Becker. Some offers made, including Florian Beutler,  Michele Fumagalli, Nicola C. Amorisco, Matteo Barnabe (joint with NBIA), Anja von der Linden (1/30, Brahe/Stanford), Tomo Goto, Kristian Finlator, Moire Prescott.
Dartmouth College (w/ Hickox) (ad) due Jan. 3, 2012. Shortlist made; offer made.
Detailed Anatomy of GALaxies (Instituto de AstrofIsica de Canarias) (ad)  
DESY theory group, Hamburg (ad) Offer made to Raquel H. Ribeiro (24/12)
Dunlap Postdoctoral Fellowship (ad) Offers made to Sarah Ballard (declined), Tuan Do, Rachel Friesen. Rejection emails sent (Dec 16) and again Jan 30.
Durham University (ad) Several positions available. Shortlist includes: Laura Marian. Some offers made, including Freeke van de Voort, Laura Marian, Ben Hoyle
East Tennessee State University (w/ Ignace) (ad)  
EDECS postdoc (LUTH, Observatoire de Paris) (ad) Search committee wil meet week Feb. 6-10. Some candidates interviewed, including Cosimo Fedeli, Aurel Schneider, offers made to Gabriel Altay (declined), Shankar Agarwal
EPF Lausanne (with Kneib, EPFL, Switzerland) (ad) deadline 1st March 2012.  Offer made to Hakim Atek
EPF Lausanne (EPFL, Switzerland) (ad) deadline 31st January 2012 (not same position as above). Shortlist made for interviews.
ESA Fellowships (ad) Rejection emails sent (Dec 9). Shortlist of 25 made. Some offers made, including Nicholas Wright (declined), Jacobo Ebrero (declined), Margherita Giustini. (any more info than those three names?)
ESO Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme 2011/2012 - Garching Short-listed applicants are invited for interviews (updated on Nov. 28). Offers made (Dec 22), including Michele Fumagalli, Claudia Lagos and Neale Gibson.
ESO Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme 2011/2012 - Chile Short-listed applicants are invited for interviews (updated on Nov. 28). Offers made (Dec 22), including Laura Perez, Koraljka Muzic, Oscar Gonzalez
Einstein Fellowship (ad) 189 applications. Official updates are being posted on the Einstein Fellowship website. Information on specific candidates does not come from the Einstein Program Office. As of 01/20: all offers made, including Justin Vandenbroucke, Meng Su (-> MIT + 1 yr Pappalardo), Smadar Naoz (-> Harvard), Michael McDonald (declined), Ann-Marie Madigan (-> UC Berkeley + 1 yr TAC), Christian Reisswig (-> Caltech), Steven Rodney (withdrawn), Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo (-> Stanford), Laura Blecha (-> U Maryland)Fabian Schmidt (-> Princeton + 1yr Lyman Spitzer), Leo Stein (-> Cornell), Joey Neilsen (-> Boston University), Christian Reisswig (-> Caltech) and Genevieve Graves (declined); all on the wait-list contacted, including Samuel Lee (withdrawn); all rejection emails sent. As of 02/15: 11 offers accepted, 1 uncertain.
ETH Zurich (Extragalactic A & C) (ad) Interviews requested
ETH Zurich (Zwicky Fellowship) (ad) Interviews scheduled. Offer made to David Nataf (declined), Fulai Guo.
ETH Zurich (w/ Refregier) (ad)  
Exeter (w/ Dobbs) (ad) Shortlist made including Shigeki Inoue.
Exeter (exoplanets w/ Sing) (ad) Shortlist includes Jaemin Lee, Dimitris Mislis, Nikolay Nikolov, Alexis Smith. Offer made: Nikolay Nikolov
Exeter (w/ Baraffe) (ad)  
George Mason University (w/Rosenberg) (ad) Review deadline extended to April 30
Georgia Tech (w/ Wise) (ad) Offer made to Cameron Hummels (Jan 18) (declined), shortlist includes KwangHo Park, Gabriel Altay, Colin DeGraf, offer made to Gabriel Altay
Giacconi Fellowship (STScI) (ao) Committee meeting week of Jan 23; offer made to Jacqueline Radigan. Rejections sent. 
Gliese Fellowship (Heidelberg, ad) Shortlist made, including Cosimo Fedeli, Simon Murphy and Matteo Barnabe. Offer made (Jan 13), rejections sent.
Goettingen (CRC 963) (ad)  
Harvard CfA Fellowship (ad) Offers made, including Michele Fumagalli (Dec 14); rejection letters sent.
Harvard, Exoplanets (w/Charbonneau) Sara Gettel
Harvard Clay Fellowship (ad) Offers made: Genevieve Graves (declined), Adam Kraus (Dec 14), and Evan Kirby (declined); rejection letters sent; some on the shortlist notified including Thayne Currie, Tim Johannsen
Harvard ITC Offers made: Xuening Bai, Konstantin Batygin, Thomas Greif
Harvard Origins of Life Initiative (ad) due Jan 10, 2012 — Offer made.
Harvard Society of Fellows Offer made to Sayan Chakraborti (with ITC) (Dec 12)
Harvard, Transients (w/ Berger) (ad) Peter Williams
Harvard Supernova Studies (w/Soderberg) Offer made to Chris Williams (declined), Atish Kamble
Hebrew University of Jerusalem (ad) due Dec 31, 2011. Shortlist made including Shigeki Inoue. Offers made including Colin DeGraf.
Heidelberg ZAH (w/ Wambsganss) (ad) Offer made to Matteo Barnabe (declined)
Heidelberg HITS (w/ Springel) (ad)  
Hubble Fellowship (ad) 278 Applications. Committee met on Jan 19 and 20, 2012. All offers made and accepted, including Xuening Bai (-> Harvard SAO, +2yr ITC), Alis Deason (-> UC Santa Cruz), Jennifer Donley (-> LANL), Robert Feldmann (-> UC Berkeley, +1yr TAC), Michele Fumagalli (-> Carnegie), Kaitlin Kratter (-> Boulder), Xin Liu (-> UCLA), Michael McDonald (-> MIT), Matt McQuinn (-> UC Berkeley), Kohta Murase (-> IAS), Stella Offner (->Yale), Steven Rodney (-> JHU), Leslie Rogers (-> Caltech), Yue Shen (-> Carnegie), Jack Steiner (-> Harvard SAO), Erik Tollerud ( -> Yale), Mark Vogelsberger (-> Harvard), David Nataf (declined), Surhud More (declined), Konstantin Batygin (declined), Fabian Schmidt (declined), Genevieve Graves (declined), Smadar Naoz (declined); http://hubblesite.org/newscenter/archive/releases/2012/15/full/
ICTP South American Institute for Fundamental Research (ad)  
Imperial College London Junior Research Fellowship (ad)  
Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris: Initiative in Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (w/ Silk) Offer made: Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine (declined), Offers made and accepted.
Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris/University of Michigan (w/ Volonteri) Offer made to Pedro Capelo
Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale (w/Boulanger) (ad) due Jan 16, 2012
Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale/CITA (w/Boulanger and Miville-Deschenes) (ad) some interviews conducted; offer made to Thiem Hoang (declined), Gonzalo Aniano Porcile
Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawai'i (ad) due Nov 30 and Dec 30, 2011
Institute for Advanced Study Rejection letters sent in mail; shortlist includes Thiem Hoang
Institute for the Early Universe (w/ Linder) (ad Alireza Hojjati
Institute for Theoretical Physics (IFT-UAM/CSIC) (ad) Offer made to Chia-Hsun Chuang
IoA, Cambridge (w/ Wyatt) (ad) Shortlist made
IoA, Cambridge (Galaxy Formation (ad) Rejections sent. Offer made and accepted.
IPMU (U. of Tokyo) Postdoctoral Fellowships (ad) Offers made, including Surhud More, Claire Lackner, Freeke van de Voort. Shortlist includes Nico Hamaus
IPMU (U. of Tokyo) (w/ Bundy) (ad) Shortlist includes Dennis Just, Hakim Atek
IUCAA Vaidya Raychaudhuri fellowship (ad) Offers made, including Sayan Chakraborti, Surhud More (declined)
ITP Zurich (ad) some rejections sent (02/02)
Invisibles European ITN (with Hannestad) (ad) Offer made: Maria Archidiacono
Lagrange Fellowship - Institut Lagrange de Paris (ad) Offers made, including Yi Mao. shortlist including Wenjuan Fang
Liverpool John Moores/Liverpool Telescope, Project Scientist Shortlist includes Chris Copperwheat, Sarah Kendrew, Andrea Kunder, Alexis Smith. Offer made.
Jansky Fellowship (ad) Some offers made, including Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo (declined), Laura Perez and Rachel Friesen (declined); rejection e-mails sent (01/13)
Kapteyn Institute (21cm Cosmology) (ad) Offer made to Pedro Capelo
Kapteyn Institute (w/ van der Hulst, observational) (ad) shortlist includes Steven Warren.  Offer made to Steven Warren (2/22) (declined).  Offer made and accepted.
Kapteyn Institute (w/ van der Hulst, theory) (ad) shortlist includes Gabriel Altay.  Offer made to Cameron Hummels (2/10) (declined). offer made to Gabriel Altay
KASI (Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute) Shortlist made including Shigeki Inoue.
Kavli Fellowship - Kavli Institute, Cambridge UK Finalists contacted for interviews, offers have been made. Offered to Mustafa Amin
KIAA Postdoctoral fellowship (ad) offer made to Yohai Meiron (Jan 20), Freeke van de Voort (declined)
KIAS (Korea Institute for Advanced Study) (ad) Offer made to Cristiano Sabiu (accepted) 
KIPAC (Kavli Fellowships) (ad)  
KIPAC (KIPAC Fellowships) (ad)  
KIPAC (Cluster Cosmology) (ad)  
KITP (theory) (ad)  
KITP (w /Bildsten) (ad)  
Kenyon College (Visiting Faculty) (ad)  
Fermilab Theoretical Astrophysics (ad) offers include Andrew Hearin (accepted)
Johns Hopkins University (Astrophysics & Cosmology) (ad) due Dec 1, 2011 Offers made: Marilena LoVerde, Mubdi Rahman; shortlist includes Michael Mortonson. All offers made and accepted (Feb 24).
Johns Hopkins University (w/ Krolik) (ad)  
JPL/Caltech (Cosmology w/ Doré) (ad) due Dec 31, 2011. Shortlist made, including Tsz Yan Lam, Nico Hamaus, Roland de Putter; offer to Marilena LoVerde (declined); offer to Roland de Putter
University Observatory (Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich) and MPE, Garching (w/ Burkert, Diehl, Preibisch) (ad)  
University Observatory (Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich) and Excellence Cluster Universe, Garching (w/ Weller) (ad) due Dec 15, 2011 Offer made: includes Ben Hoyle, Wenjuan Fang
Laboratoire D'Astrophysique de Marseille (DAGAL EU ITN Network) (ad) Shortlist made, including Shigeki Inoue, Nicola C. Amorisco, Jonathan Bird. Some interviews conducted.
Laboratoire D'Astrophysique de Marseille (with Luc Dessart) (ad) Offer made to Wendy Hawley.
LBNL Chamberlain Fellowship (ad) Offer made to Justin Vandenbroucke.
Lawrence Fellowship (LLNL) (ad) Finalists have been contacted for on-site interviews
Leicester (Theoretical A) (ad) Offer made
Leiden (w/ Miley and Rottgering) Sean McGee; rejections sent
Leiden (w/ Schaye) (ad)  
Leiden (MASCARA w/Snellen) (ad) deadline May 15
Los Alamos Director's Fellowship Offers include Joseph Smidt. (1/24)
Louvain University, two post-docs@CP3 (ad) due Dec 15, 2011. Offers made, including Yuki Watanabe
Lund University (w/ Johansen) (ad) Chao-Chin Yang
Marie Curie - IEF  
Marie Curie - AstroFIt (ad) Committee meets on June 26
McGill Tomlinson Postdoctoral Fellowship (ad)  
McGill CRAQ Fellowship Kostas Gourgouliatos  
McGill University (ad) Offered to Duncan Hanson.  Acceptances include David Tsang, Duncan Hanson.
MIT Pappalardo Fellowship in Physics (ad) Finalists interviewed, rejections sent. Offers made.
MIT Kavli Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship (ad) Due Dec. 15, 2011. 193 applications. Committee meeting Jan 17. Offer made and accepted. Alternates notified, including Manu Linares, Janet Colucci, and Shea Brown
MIT (w/ Frebel) (ad)  
MPA Fellowships in Theoretical Astrophysics (ad) and Cosmology (ad) Ranked shortlist completed 20/1. First set of offers being made, including Tsz Yan Lam, Kyle Parfrey (declined).
MPA Fellowships in High Energy Astrophysics (ad) Any news?
MPA (w/ Naab) (ad)  
MPE (5 year Staff Position in X-ray Astrophysics and Galaxy Clusters) (ad) Due Dec 15, 2011 (Deadline and starting date are unclear, please ask asap if interested); letters requested and shortlist to be compiled by the end of February. Some candidates contacted.
MPE (2+1 years postdoc positions in High Energy Astrophysics) (ad) Offers made
MPE (w/ IR Group) (ad) rejections sent. Offers made: Emily Wisnioski, Eva Wuyts, Kaushala Bandara
MPE (w/ Galactic Dynamics Group) (ad)  
MPIA (Galaxies and Cosmology) (ad) Some interviews scheduled
MPIA (Star Formation w/ Robitaille) (ad) At least one offer made (9/14), including Amanda Heiderman.
MPIA (Star and Planet Formation) Fellowship (ad) Some offers made, including Nicholas Wright (declined) and Ian Crossfield. Have rejections been sent?
NAASC (North American ALMA Sci. Ctr.) postdoc (ad) Some interviews scheduled for AAS. Offer made: Jennifer Donovan Meyer.
NASA Exoplanet Science Institute (w/ Kane) (ad) Shortlist made, included Knicole Colón. Offer made: Natalie Hinkel.
NASA Postdoctoral Program (ad) Some offers made, including Sarah Ballard (Ames, declined), Laura Blecha (Goddard, declined), Ian Crossfield (Goddard, declined), Daniel Kocevski (Goddard), Adam Kowalski (Goddard), Erin Ryan (Goddard Solar System Div), Kate Whitaker (Goddard), Michael Mortonson (JPL, declined), Alaina Henry (Goddard), Eva Wuyts (Goddard, declined), Joseph Smidt (JPL). Rejections sent? Waitlist?
National Observatory of Athens, assistanship on automated XMM spectral analysis (ad) 9, applications, 3 persons shortlisted
National Observatory of Athens, Fellowship on X-ray Astronomy  (ad) deadline 15th May 
National Observatory of Athens, Postdoctoral Position on Massive Stars (ad) deadline August 1, 2012
NSF Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellowships (ad) All proposals have been reviewed, and some initial offers and rejections have been sent out (1/27). Some on waitlist notified. Offers include Sarah Ballard (-> U. Washington, declined), Kat Barger (-> Notre Dame), Tuan Do (-> UCSC, declined), Sasha Hinkley (-> Caltech), Jeremy D. Murphy (-> Princeton), and Douglas Watson (-> Chicago). Waitlist includes Aurelien Fraisse, Emily Freeland, Amanda Heiderman, and Jake Simon. Some additional rejections sent (2/1, 2/16).
New Mexico State University Tombaugh Scholar (ad) Shortlist made.
New York Center for Astrobiology (ad) Dec 15, 2011
Nordita Offered to Ian Parrish, Thiem Hoang (declined)
NYU CCPP James Arthur Postdoctoral Fellowship (ad) ~360 applications received. Shortlist made. Interviews conducted at AAS.  Offer made to Federica Bianco.
Niels Bohr International Academy, Niels Bohr Institute (ad) Colin McNally (NBIA), Gareth Murphy (NBIA), Matteo Barnabe (NBIA joint with DARK)
NOAO (w/ Dickinson) (ad) Emails sent for interviews. Offer yet?
Northwestern CIERA Fellowships (ad) More than 170 applications received; some people on the shortlist notified; offers made to Junfeng Wang, Nate Kaib. Rejections sent (2/23). 
Northwestern Astrophysics Postdocs (ad) Short list for a LIGO position with Kalogera includes Ben Lackey, Tyson Littenberg; offer made to Tyson Littenberg (1/31). Exoplanets offer made: Francesca Valsecchi.
NRAO Postdoctoral Fellow, Green Bank (ad) Amanda Kepley
Observatoire de Paris - LERMA (ad)  
Observatory of Brera (INAF) - "DARKLIGHT" ERC Fellowships (ad) (Two positions). Shortlists include Nico Hamaus, Chia-Hsun Chuang, Christian Wagner, Adam Hawken, Graziano Rossi, Julien Bel, Marcello Cacciato
Ohio State Center for Cosmology and Astro-Particle Physics (CCAPP) (ad) ~250 applications received.  CCAPP Senior Fellow offer made to Kohta Murase (accepted for time between JSPS and Hubble Fellowships).  CCAPP Fellow offer made to Eric Huff.
Ohio State, Columbus Fellowship (ad) Finalists invited for seminar talk (1/5), including Tim Johannsen, Bulent Kiziltan. Offers declined. Offer to Sarah Schmidt.
Ohio State, Extragalactic Astronomy Postdoc (w/Pogge) (ad) ~30 applications received, short list made.  Offer made and accepted (2/28)
Oxford, Beecroft fellowship, early universe (ad) Offer made, shortlist including Wenjuan Fang, Mustafa Amin
Oxford, Beecroft fellowship, numerical modelling (ad) Due Dec 1, 2011
Oxford, CMB cosmology (w/Dunkley) (ad) Offer made
Oxford, STFC cosmology Due Dec 1, 2011. any news?
Oxford, instrumentation (w/ Thatte)  
Oxford, galaxy evolution and citizen science (w/ Lintott) Offer made and accepted.
Padova, Physics Dept. "G. Galilei" and INFN Padova (ad) Shortlist made; offer made to Frederico Arroja
Peking University, nearby galaxies (w/Peng) (ad) Offer made to Hongxin Zhang
Penn State (w/ HETDEX) (ad) due Jan 1, 2012
Poincare Fellowship, France short list made, including Francesca Valsecchi, Shea Brown, Offer made: includes Ben Hoyle
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (stellar populations w/Puzia) (ad) shortlist includes: Camilla Pacifici, Sibilla Perina, Paul Eigenthaler, Irina Yegorova
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (radio/submm w/ Bauer) (ad) Shortlist made; offer made and accepted.
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (FONDECYT fellowships) (ad) All successful candidates have been contacted for sponsorship; rejection letters sent.
Portsmouth, Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation (Galaxy Evolution) (ad) Shortlist: Diego Capozzi, Violeta Gonzalez-Perez, Mauro Stefanon, Benedetta Vulcani.
Portsmouth, Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation (Observational Cosmology) (ad) Shortlist: includes Nico Hamaus, Chia-Hsun Chuang
Portsmouth, Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation (Theoretical Cosmology) (ad) Offer made
Portsmouth, Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation (Dennis Sciama Research Fellowship) (ad)  
Portsmouth, Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation (two postdoctoral researchers in theoretical cosmology) (ad) offers made, includes Wenjuan Fang, Guido Pettinari
Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics, Potsdam, observational extragalactic astrophysics (ad) >70 applications. Some interviews held.
Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics, Potsdam, cosmology (ad) Some offers made, including Freeke van de Voort (declined), Andreas Pawlik
Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics, Potsdam, galaxy formation (w/ Scannapieco) (ad)  
Princeton University, Lyman Spitzer Fellowship (ad) Some rejections sent (01/27).  Offer made to Michele Fumagalli. Shortlist includes Thiem Hoang
Princeton University, Henry Norris Russell Fellowship Offer made: Genevieve Graves
Princeton University, PCTS Fellowship Offer made to Samuel Lee
Princeton University, plasma astrophysics (ad) Offer made to Kyle Parfrey
Princeton University, plasma theory (w/ Spitkovsky)  
Princeton University, computational galaxy formation (w/ Cen) Offer made to Taysun Kimm
Radboud University, Nijmegen (ad)  
Radboud University, Nijmegen (Event Horizon) (ad)  
Royal Astronomical Society Fellowships (ad) Interviews scheduled (01/16). Rejections sent (02/02). Offers made, including Nicholas Wright (-> Hertfordshire).
Royal Society URF (ad) Shortlist made (03/08). Offers made (04/26). Nate Bastian, Sijme-Jan Paardekooper
Royal Society DH (ad) Shortlist made (04/13). Any names?
Rutgers University (w/ Somerville) (ad) Marcel Haas
Sagan Fellowship (ad) Committee meeting 1/13, announcements expected week of 1/16; All offers made and accepted: Christian Schwab (-> Yale), Jean-Michel Desert (-> Caltech), Konstantin Batygin (declined), Sarah Ballard (-> U. Washington), Rebecca Martin (-> Colorado), Nikole Lewis (-> MIT), Catherine Espaillat (-> CfA).  Waitlist included Knicole Colón.  Rejection emails sent.  
Saint Mary's College, visiting physics professor (term) Due 1/15.
Santa Clara University, lecturer in astrophysics (term) Some phone interviews conducted.
Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa (ad) Shortlist: Aycin Aykutalp, Maria Archidiacono, Marco Baldi, Marco Castellano, Andreas Pawlik, Rafael S. de Souza, Emille E. O. Ishida. Offer made to Aycin Aykutalp
Karl Schwarzschild Fellowship (AIP, Potsdam) Offer made to Stefan Kraus, Tobias Heinemann
SISSA Astrophysics Postdoc (ad) Offer made to Stephen Green (1/20, declined), Tsz Yan Lam (1/20, declined).
SLAC - Panofsky Fellow Eduardo Rozo
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SMA Fellowship) (ad) interviews conducted. Offers made, including Stefan Kraus
SAO/CfA exoplanet postdoc (with Holman) (ad) Shortlist made, included Knicole Colón.  Offer made and accepted.
Southern California Center for Galaxy Evolution (CGE Fellowship) (ad) Offers made (Feb 3), including Valentino Gonzalez(-> Riverside); Evan Kirby (-> Irvine).
Square Kilometre Array Shortlisted: Australia, South Africa. Rejections to be sent on 4 April. South Africa, Australia (position split)
STFC Rutherford Fellowships (ad) Meeting scheduled for Jan 26 2012.  Interview invitations sent on Jan 27, including Stefan Kraus, Scott Gregory. Rejections sent (1/2).  Offers made (Feb 22), including Scott Gregory, Jay Farihi (-> IoA Cambridge), Nina Hatch (-> Nottingham)
Stockholm University, Oskar Klein fellowships in astronomy & physics (ad) >250 applications. Offers being made, including Kristian Finlator, Moire Prescott, Colin DeGraf, Rudy Gilmore, Emily Freeland, Elena Moretti, Florian Kühnel, Oscar Stål
Stockholm University, Dept of Astronomy (ad) shortlist includes Alexis Smith. Offer made to Suman Majumdar
STScI (w/ Chen) (ad)  
STScI (w/ Tumlinson and Sembach) (ad)  
Sussex University, Astronomy Centre PDRF (ad) due Dec 16, 2011.  Long shortlist made (12/22) including Marios Chatzikos.  Offers made.  
Sussex University (Computational Cosmology) (ad)  
Tel Aviv University + ITC Harvard - Sackler Prize Fellowship (ad) Offer made to Freeke van de Voort
Tennessee State University (w/ Muterspaugh) (ad) Shortlist made, included Knicole Colón.  Offer made and accepted.
Texas A&M (Galaxy Evolution w/ Papovich) (ad) due Dec 9, 2011. Any news? Offer yet?
Joint Technion-Haifa University Fellowship (ad) due Jan 31, 2011, Offer made to Shigeki Inoue (declined)
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (w/ Perets) (ad) due Jan 31, 2011
University of Alberta (ad) Offer made to Adam Van Etten
University of Alabama (high energy, w/Irwin)(ad) Offer made and accepted: Dacheng Lin.  Second offer made to Peter Maksym (w/Irwin and Keel).
University College London Cosmology (ad) Offers made to Sree Balan, Manda Banerji, Aurelien Benoit-Levy, Donnacha Kirk, Alex Merson, and Iftach Sadeh
UC Berkeley Miller Fellowship (ad) Offers made, including Michele Fumagalli, Xuening Bai; rejection letters sent in mail.
UC Berkeley BCCP Fellowship (ad) Offer made. Adrian Liu
UC Berkeley TAC Fellowship (ad) Offers made (Dec 20), including Luke Roberts, Xuening Bai (declined), Kyle Parfrey (declined), rejections sent (2/1)
UC Berkeley TAC + ASIAA Fellowship Offer made to Freeke van de Voort, Phillip Zukin
UC Berkeley Townes Fellowship (ad) Rejection emails sent (Jan 11), offer to Sasha Hinkley (Jan 13), shortlist contacted
UC Berkeley (w/ Seljak) Offer made to Michael Mortonson (2 yrs + 2 yrs at CMU w/ Mandelbaum)
UC Davis (w/ Richter) (ad) Cancelled. Decided to hire programmer.
UC Irvine Shunsaku Horiuchi (with JSPS)
UC Los Angeles (w/ Ghez) (ad) Short list made.
UC Riverside (w/ Reddy) (ad) ~70 applications.  Shortlist made, including Hakim Atek. Offer yet?
UC Riverside (w/ Mobasher,  TMT) (ad) News?
UC Santa Barbara/Las Cumbres Observatory  Offer made to Diana Dragomir (17/2).
UC Santa Barbara (w/ Treu) (ad) >65 applications. Offer made to Hakim Atek.
UC Santa Cruz CANDELS Postdoctoral Scholar (ad) Some rejections sent (Feb 18).
UC Santa Cruz Morrison Fellowship (ad) Some rejections sent (2/6), offer made.
University of Chicago KICP Fellowship (ad) Rejections sent (1/9). Offers to Keith Bechtol, Alvaro Chavarria, and Tongyan Lin. Another offer out to Marilena LoVerde.
University of Chicago (exoplanets w/ Bean) Offer made in mid-January (Ian Crossfield, declined). New offer made to Kevin Stevenson.
University of Colorado (w/ Darling)(ad) Interviews requested at AAS.
University of Geneva (w/ Desjacques) Shortlist made, including Tsz Yan Lam, Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine, Aurel Schneider, Kwan Chuen Chan.
University of Hawaii Beatrice Watson Parrent Fellowship (ad) Offer made to Evan Kirby (declined). Offer made to Jacqueline Radigan (declined).  Offer made to Nicholas McConnell.
University of Hawaii at Manoa (with Gaidos) (ad) Offer made to Knicole Colón.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (International Fellow in Computational/Theoretical Cosmology and Large Scale Structure, w/ Wandelt) (ad) Shortlist made including Tsz Yan Lam, Kwan Chuen Chan, Nico Hamaus, Wenjuan Fang. Offers made and declined.
University of Kentucky (w/ Ferland)  (ad) Offer made to Marios Chatzikos.
University of Maryland (Cometary Science) (ad) Offer made.
University of Maryland / NASA Goddard Joint Space-Science Institute (JSI) Prize Postdoc (ad) >160 applications received, two selection cuts made. Offer made to Laura Blecha. Rejection emails sent (01/27).
University of Maryland Prize Postdoc in Theoretical Astrophysics (Astronomy/CTC) (ad) >110 applications received. Offer made to Sam Leitner.
University of Maryland / NASA GSFC postdoctoral position in gravitational physics Offer made to Vivien Raymond (declined 2/3) 
University of Melbourne (w/ Wyithe) (ad) Some rejections sent (Dec. 20)
University of Melbourne (w/ Wyithe) (ad)  
University of Michigan Prize Fellowship (ad) due Dec 1, 2011. Shortlist includes David Nidever, Eli Bressert, Scott Gregory and Fulai Guo.  Offer made.  David Nidever.
University of Michigan (w/ Gallo) (ad) Offer made, rejections sent. 
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (w/ Mandic) (ad) due Dec 15, 2011
University of Mississippi (Gravitational Wave Theory) (ad) Offer made and accepted: Michael Horbatsch
University of Missouri (w/ Yan) (ad) Offer made and accepted. Rejection letters sent. Mauro Stefanon
University of Montreal, CRAQ Fellowship (ad) 44 applications. Offer made to Jacqueline Radigan (declined), Sasha Hinkley (declined), Noel Richardson
University of North Carolina (w/ Kannappan)(ad) Interviews requested at AAS.  Offer made and accepted: Erik Hoversten
University of Oslo ([http://uio.easycruit.com/vacancy/704641/64278?iso=no ad])  
University of Pittsburgh (w/ Newman) (ad) Shortlist made. Offer made to Benny Trakhtenbrot.
University of Southampton (w/ Croston) (ad) Shortlist made, includes Anthony Rushton, Jennifer Gupta. Rejection emails sent (18 June)
University of Southampton (w/ Fender ) (ad)  
University of St Andrews (w/ Helling) (ad) 2 offers made and accepted
University of Sao Paulo (w/ Abramo and Lima) (ad)  
University of Sydney (w/ Gaensler) (ad) Offer made.
University of Tennessee (w/ Emery) (ad) Shortlist contacted for follow-up
University of Texas at Austin (w/ Jaffe) (ad) due Dec 15, 2011. Shortlist made. Offer Made. Michael Pavel
University of Texas at Austin (w/ Wheeler) (ad) Offer made to Jeffrey Silverman.
University of Texas at Austin, McDonald Fellowship (ad) Rejection letters sent (Jan 19, 2012). Offer made to Stefano Meschiari
University of Toledo (w/ Smith) (ad) Offer made and accepted.
University of Toronto McLean Fellowship (w/ Jayawardhana) (ad) Phone interviews scheduled (Jan 20, 2012). Offer made and accepted: Sebastian Daemgen
University of Toronto (w/ Yee) Offer made to Dennis Just
University of Utah (w/ Seth) (ad) due Jan 31, 2012
University of Utah (w/ Zheng) (ad) due Jan 31, 2012
University of Victoria (w/ Ellison) (ad)  
University of Victoria (w/ Albert & Pritchet: Optical Astrophysics / Cosmology / Photometry) (ad)  due Oct 1, 2012
University of Virginia (w/ Johnson) (ad)  
University of Waterloo (ad) Offer made to Tim Johannsen (1/6; 2yrs CITA National Fellowship + 2yrs PI Fellowship)
University of Waterloo(w/ Afshordi) Offer made to Wenjuan Fang
University of Wisconsin, Madison (w/ D'Onghia) (ad) Offer made and accepted (02/25).
University of Wisconsin, Madison (w/Heinz) (ad) Shortlist made.
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (w/ Chang) (ad) Offer made to Kyle Parfrey (declined).
University of Wyoming (w/ Jang-Condell) (ad)  
University of Wyoming (w/ Myers) Shortlist made. Offer (1 of 2) made to Mike DiPompeo (2/1/12). One more offer made (1/31/12)
US Naval Academy - Lensed Quasar Physics (w/ Morgan)(ad) Offer made to Chelsea MacLeod.
Vanderbilt University (VIDA Fellowship) (ad) >100 applications. Shortlist includes Colin DeGraf and Jorge Moreno (withdrawn). Rejection emails sent (02/09/2012). Offer made to Jonathan Bird.
Vanderbilt University (Bridge Fellowship) Offer Made (3/2): accepted
Wayne State University (w/ Cackett) (ad) Offer made and accepted
Weizmann Institute - Benoziyo Fellowship (ad) Shortlist made. Offer made to Stephen Green (1/19, declined), Matteo Barnabe (declined).
Yale University YCAA Fellowship (ad) >300 applications. Offer made and accepted: Jonathan Foster. Rejections sent 2/17.
Yonsei University (ad) Offer made to Shigeki Inoue (declined)


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