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  • Set Latex Bundle preferences: Bundles > LaTeX > Preferences. These options are now set in this dialog box rather than via shell variables.
    • Default engine: pdfTeX. In this day and age, there’s no reason to go through the whole dvi > ps > pdf nonsense. Use pdfTeX to go straight to PDF. pdfTeX can include TIFF, JPG, and PDF figures but to include EPS, add \usepackage{epstopdf} in the preamble.
    • Options: -shell-escape. Need for epstopdf to work.
    • Use latexmk.pl
    • View in: Skim. Must use Skim for PDFSync to work.
  • Set master tex file in project so texify (?R) shortcut will work properly regardless of which file is active.
    • In project drawer, with nothing selected, click ? on the bottom bar of the project drawer.
    • Add variable TM_LATEX_MASTER and set it to the full path of the primary tex file for that project.
  • PDFSync to easily go between PDF and tex: ??-click in PDF to go to source, ^?-?O to go from source to pdf.
    • Must use Skim to use PDfSync.
    • In Skim, Preferences > Sync, Set PDF-Tex sync support to TextMate Preset.
    • No longer need \usepackage{pdfsync} in the preamble.
  • Make sure LaTeX executables are in TextMate’s Path. If TextMate’s PATH variable doesn’t exist or doesn’t include the path to latex, the first time you run tex (?R), TextMate will give you an option to set it to your current PATH: Set PATH and Relaunch. Click that button. Then, go back to Preferences and add the tex path to the end if necessary. Preferences > Advanced > Shell Variables. Add /usr/texbin, /opt/local/bin/latex, or output of which latexto PATH.
  • OPTIONAL: When I upgraded to 10.6, I started getting some error in the LaTeX log about Cannot find executable for CFBundle 0x100121ca0 . Turns out it was some Adobe 32-bit to 64-bit problem. Here’s the fix.

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