Success in Grad School

For students and advisors.

Visiting and Choosing

Once You're In

  • PhD Advice: Part 2 - advisor relationship, Part 3 - read and write, Part 4 - Take risks, make your mark, Part 5 - ask around for help!  
  • An Open Letter to New Graduate Students | ProfHacker - Excellent article that you should consider circulating to the incoming class at your institution.
  • When Tenure Disappears: Walking Away from the Ivory Towers | Inside Higher Ed - "As tenure disappears and PhD enrollments continue to rise, we have to accept the fact that PhD candidates need to be trained to work outside of academia and that our knowledge-based economy needs PhD-trained knowledge workers in all sectors."
  • GradHacker - blog by graduate students dedicated to creating a community of grads who can benefit from hearing the stories, tips, and challenges of others who are experiencing the same things.

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